This page is a work in progress – I’ll be adding more stages of the walkthrough as I complete them.

In the past, all buildings and characters were unlocked in order. Remember, too, that unlocking buildings and characters comes through tasks and quests, and you need to complete them all. You should consider the level indicated in the game for a building to unlock a minimum level and a guide only. If you haven’t unlocked the buildings and characters before it on the list, the building you are looking at won’t unlock simply because you’ve reached the minimum required level (the Post Office and Pimento Grove are the exceptions).

However – there is currently a disruption in the normal progression of quests that you can read about here. It remains to be seen whether this is the “new normal” or whether it’s a side effect of the Whacking Day update.

One more note: each time a new level comes out, the prices of the buildings at the upper levels change. As it may take a while for me to change the details in the walkthroughs, here are links to the posts on the most recent prices:

Building prices (following the level 29 release)
Decoration prices (level 21 and above)

So, here are links to the walkthrough posts:

Walkthrough – part 1 (from Level 1 to Cletus’ Farm)

Walkthrough – part 2 (from Cletus’ Farm to the van Houten House)

Walkthrough – part 3 (from the van Houten House to the White House)

Walkthrough – part 4 (from the White House to the Control Building)

Walkthrough – part 5 (Bart’s Treehouse and Springfield Library)

Walkthrough – part 6 (from the Android’s Dungeon to the First Church of Springfield)

Walkthrough – part 7 (from the First Church of Springfield to Moe’s Tavern)

Walkthrough – part 8 (Jake’s Unisex Hair Palace and Springfield Downs)

Walkthrough – part 9 (Gilded Truffle and King Toot’s)

Walkthrough – part 10 (the Police Station and the Miranda Rights quest)

Walkthrough – part 11 (Skip’s Diner and Luigi’s)

Walkthrough – part 12 (Springfield Penitentiary and Retirement Castle)

Walkthrough – part 13 (Town Hall)

The level 22 walkthrough (Krabappel’s Apartment)

The level 24 walkthrough (Hibbert Family Practice and Springfield General Hospital)

The level 25 walkthrough (Burns Manor)

The level 26 walkthrough (The Wiggum House and El Chemistri)

The Level 27 walkthroughs
Unlocking Springfield Buddhist Temple – Buddha’s Got Back part 1
Unlocking the Adult Education Annex – Buddha’s Got Back parts 2-4
Lenny’s Downfall
Carl’s Rise up the Ladder
True Bromance

The Level 28 walkthroughs
Level 28 walkthrough (part 1)
Level 28 walkthrough (part 2)
Level 28 walkthrough (part 3)

The Level 29 walkthroughs
Level 29 walkthrough – part 1
Level 29 walkthrough – part 2
Level 29 walkthrough – part 3
Level 29 walkthrough – part 4
Level 29 walkthrough – part 5

The Gorgeous Grampa Walkthrough