I’ve posted a lot of advice on this blog that’s useful for people just starting out in the game (and there’s more to come). To help you out as you begin playing this highly addictive game, I’ve gathered here the links to questions that people starting out in the game usually have.

General tips

How do I get the Jebediah Springfield statue?

Tasks and Quests

Walkthrough – part 1 (from Level 1 to Cletus’ Farm)

Walkthrough – part 2 (from Cletus’ Farm to the van Houten House)

Walkthrough – part 3 (from the van Houten House to the White House)

Walkthrough – part 4 (from the White House to the Control Building)

How can I cancel a task?

I’m at level 12 and I can’t build the library!

I’m on level 13 but Bart is still not unlocked!

Lisa has a quest to plant a tree. I planted it but it didn’t complete!


How do I get more donuts?

The donuts are too expensive!

Will I ever be able to buy donuts with game money?


How do I get those bridges I see over the rivers in my friends’ towns?

How do I get the Lemon Tree?

How do I get the Duff Racing Car, the Cool Brown House, Fat Tony, etc.?

Adding and deleting friends

How do I add friends?

Is there a maximum number of friends I can have?

I can’t add friends!

How do I delete friends?

Visiting friends

When I’m visiting friends do I need to tap on the dollar and XP symbols to collect the full amount?

Buildings and land

I want to save up. How much are the buildings and how long do they take to build?

How big can my Springfield be and how expensive is the land going to get?

Growing crops

Is it really worth growing corn at Cletus’farm?

How can I cancel growing a crop?

I’m scared about what will happen if I plant triffids!

Mystery Boxes and Homer Buddhas

Should I spend my spare donuts on a Mystery Box?

How does the Homer Buddha work?


Which decorations most improve my vanity rating?

I randomly lost half a star without changing anything in my town! Why?