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As expected, Whacking Day ended without a countdown or fanfare – just an App Store/Google Play update that hit at about 4pm Central. By 5pm Central, the whacking was at an end. Here’s a summary of what happened to the Whacking Day characters, tasks and decorations at the end of Whacking Day:

  • The Snake Rocks, Snake Logs and Hollow Snake Trunks still have the snake appearing out of them, but no longer produce snakes. Instead, the bonus that has always been there is now clearly identified (when you store them) as 2%, 2.5% and 2.75% respectively, all adding to your bonus multiplier. (By the way, if there is still a handshake icon over any of these and the game crashes when you tap on them, just store them and replace them, then everything should be fine),
  • Characters doing Whacking Day tasks just stopped doing them and the tasks disappeared.
  • All the snakes and eggs simply disappeared, too.
  • Lumpy the School Snake is no longer available.
  • The Duff Stadium, Tatum and the Coliseum, and Miss Springfield and the Sleep-Eazy Motel are now available in the premium store for 90 donuts, 190 donuts, and 225 donuts respectively. They are permanent items, not limited time. However, the tasks for Tatum and Miss Springfield pay the regular rate rather than the premium rate.
  • Ninja Homer can still do all his tasks, but they now pay out in game dollars at the premium rate, rather than in snakes.
  • Bare-chested Willie can still wrestle snakes, but now earns cash for it!

And if you’re having trouble updating the game because your device is telling you that the App is “not available in your country”, don’t believe a word it says. Try deleting and reinstalling – but remember to go and check that that your “Confirm Donut Spend” option is turned on if you’ve had to do this.

Now to go and relax my Whacking finger.



I’m getting this question a lot, so here’s a repost of the answer to the burning question of the day…

With the end of Whacking Day so close, a lot of people want to know what will happen to the snakes and eggs at the end of the event. Before I answer that, here’s a recap on what’s happened in the three previous events:

1. Halloween: you collected Candy to buy treats (the prizes) and you vandalized your friends’ towns with eggs and toilet paper. At the end of the event, the candy and the eggs simply disappeared.

2. Christmas: you collected Santa Coins and used them to buy prizes. For the last few days of the event, you could trade your excess Santa Coins for Mystery Stockings that contained reindeer or donuts.

3. Valentine’s Day: you collected hearts primarily through Valentines from friends and used them to buy Valentines buildings and decorations. These were priced so low that most players had hundreds and hundreds of hearts left over – so for the last few days of the event, a Heart Grinder was introduced to turn all those excess hearts into cash (but not donuts).

My guess is that this event will end a little like the Halloween one, and that the snakes and snake eggs will simply be there one day and gone the next. The Whack Boxes already work as a kind of snakes for cash or donuts trade and, after all, the eggs are supposed to be given away rather than and hung onto. And those hidden eggs that you just can’t find should disappear, too.

And, really, a Snake Grinder is just too gruesome to event think about.

I originally posted this at the beginning of May, but here’s a pre-emptive repost. It’s slightly revised and contains a small amount of new information…

Whacking Day is the fourth of the Tapped Out events (following Halloween, Christmas and Valentine’s Day) – and it’s only following the Christmas event that the prizes have been transferred to the premium store. During that event, you were able to win Barney’s Bowlarama, Try ‘n’ Save, two of the three Funzos, the Mapple Store, and Santa’s Little Helper. All of these appeared in the premium store once the event concluded on January 11 (although the Mapple Store disappeared from the store very early on in the Android launch, possibly as part of an arrangement with Google). Now, this didn’t happen for either the Halloween or the Valentine’s event, so it’s difficult to say whether we can expect the post-Christmas experience to be repeated following Whacking Day.

But there’s one thing that’s very different about this event compared to any of the others which makes it more of a possibility that they’ll be premium purchases following Whacking Day – and that’s being able to use donuts to accelerate towards a prize. In fact, with the exception of Fort Sensible, all the buildings are coded in the files with a donut price (the number of donuts it takes you to buy the prize when you’re at the right level):

  • Duff Stadium – 90 donuts
  • Springfield Coliseum – 190 donuts
  • Sleep-Eazy Motel – 225 donuts

So, it’s possible that the buildings may be available after the event as premium items, either for a limited time or permanently. I have to stress, though, that this only a guess. There’s really nothing to indicate that they will continue to be available other than the fact that it would make really good business sense for EA. But the post-Christmas experience and the donut price on the prizes certainly makes it a possibility.


It shouldn’t be long before our towns are snake-free. It’s already the 16th, the last day of Whacking Day, in many parts of the world – but the event is scheduled to end when it’s Thursday 16th in the US.

So, what time exactly will it end? I’ve scanned the files, and there’s no time given – the information still includes false end dates (that are clearly identified as false). But 8am and midnight appear to have been the most popular end times for past events and promotions, with the major events (Valentines, Christmas and Haloween) all showing a midnight finish time, and everything since the beginning of March, including St. Patrick’s Day, showing an 8am finish time.

Looking back over the posts on this blog following updates to the game, I have a suspicion that this means that the game is running on Central time US – and if that’s the case, Whacking Day could finish at any time between 8am Central on the 16th and 8am Central on the 17th. I’ll be watching carefully to try and get a fix on the timing.

And finally, Happyhoney27 sent this comment through today:
Well, it’s 16th May tomorrow T, do you get a feeling of déjà vu coming on?

There’s a definite sense of déjà vu.


I just came across something interesting in the files – a correction to the Sideshow Bob script that explains why we are seeing him so much more often in our own towns and in other people’s.

It seems that the chance of seeing Sideshow Bob on any given land visit (including visits to your friends’ town) is now 10%. Just beneath this in the game scripts is a note that the chance of seeing him was previously only 1%. Also of interest is that the Sideshow Bob you’re tapping on in a friend’s town is yours – not your friend’s. There’s something in the scripts that allows him to “spawn” in their towns when you visit them as well as appear in yours.

So, if you’ve been seeing Sideshow Bob more often in the game these days, that’s because the chance of seeing him after his initial visit is now much higher than it has been at any time prior to the Whacking Day update.


This tip, unfortunately, only helps level 29 players who are working through the bonus levels.

For those who aren’t there yet, the bonus levels appear at the end of level 29 and reward regular players by offering the chance to win free donuts. Initially you need to hit 120,000XP to get your first chance at donuts, but each time you pass through the bonus levels, your target increases by 20% (this was how it worked all through February, so it seems there was a glitch in March, when this didn’t happen).

So, free donuts! They’re certainly not be sneezed at – and most people would like to get as many as they could possibly can. Here’s a tip from Mark that makes it just a bit easier:

For anyone who has lots of accumulated in-game cash lying around and you want to get as many donuts by levelling up your pink XP bar before the end of the Whacking Day event on May 16th, you may want to do what I have done.

I purchased a bunch of Wind Socks at $19,000 each. They get you a whopping 2,000 XP for each and with a good multiplier like I have you can easily achieve over 5,000 per sock. I have levelled up quite a few times doing this and cashed a fair number of donuts. And the plus side is that they are actually quite a nice animated decoration. I have used them around the Coliseum, the Open Air Stage, etc. and they look quite cool.

Lastly, if you are spelling out words in your Springfield with the new Cobble Stones, you can add the Wind Socks to give the words a “flaming” feel… It looks surprisingly good.

The Wind Socks will only be available until the end of the Whacking Day event. And it’s worth noting, too, that you can get a nice XP boost from the Weather Stations as well. Thanks Mark.


Even though Whacking Day was extended and the end date changed on the Whacking Guide, the Guide still says that some eggs contain donuts. Not “some Whack Boxes” but “some eggs“. Yet nobody has seen them – or at least produced any evidence that they’ve seen them. I’ve personally whacked about 30,000 snakes and every one has been a snake or an egg. Not one single, solitary donut. And if the poll results are anything to go by, I’m not alone.

Only 2.2% of voters in the poll conducted on this site claim to have found donuts. And, tellingly, only a couple of the donut finders actually left comments – and their comments were to the effect that they’d said “yes” but weren’t really sure.

With the number of readers this blog has, I’m positive that if there were really donuts in the eggs we would have heard about it from someone! So, the bottom line is that they just don’t seem to be there – and that’s almost certainly why EA gave away 12 free donuts for Whacking Day a couple of weeks back.

Unless you’ve found one…


The Whacking Day extension has at least given many people who didn’t think they had a chance at getting all the prizes to lots of people who didn’t think they had a snowlflake’s… and that means we probably need another Egg Buddy post.

I know that not everyone likes the idea and I truly understand why – if everything was working as it should, we would all be dividing our eggs between all our friends and we’d all be moving along at a steady pace. But, honestly, it doesn’t always seem to be the case.

For those coming across the idea for the first time, egg buddies put the social into the snake eggs for friends part of the game. It came about because many players hardly ever saw eggs in their town. They weren’t getting eggs, and when they were, they had no idea where they came from. An egg buddy should be someone that you can count on to regularly deliver you the snake eggs that help boost your snake count. The way it works is that you agree to drop a certain number of eggs in a specific location in each other’s towns each day, either for a certain number of days or throughout the event. That way you’re sure to get eggs from someone and you’ll know who they’re from as well.

Being an egg buddy requires committment and integrity: a committment to helping out another player even if you get to your target first; and the integrity to keep to the deal you’ve agreed to. If you’re prepared to trade equally and fairly and help another player or players to the end, then here’s the place to put your fresh egg buddy requests, and for your post to appear here and here’s the information you’ll need to put in your request:

1. Your origin ID
2. Generally, where you are in the world
3. Your current snake total
4. How many eggs you’d like to exchange each day
5. Where you would like them to be left

And if you’re answering an egg buddy request, please be sure to give the same information at minimum. It doesn’t work if the other person doesn’t know who you are (and if the information isn’t there, I won’t be letting responses to an egg buddy request pass through moderation). It’s also important that, like any relationship, it’s important to build up a bit of trust first – go step-by-step and start small, rather than just delivering all the eggs you have.

So, go on – find yourself an egg buddy so that you can help each other towards those great prizes.

And here’s a little bonus from Mark:

If you have found your egg buddy, I’ve started “attempting” to track them in a Google Doc:

I know a lot of us play when we are nowhere near our computers, but I thought that this might at least help some of us out.

After you find your buddy:
– Put YOUR Name
– Put YOUR Buddy’s Name
– Have your BUDDY put how many eggs they left
– Have your BUDDY put last time they left eggs
– Have your BUDDY say where they left them

Let’s see if we can find who is sharing the most eggs! Are you game?

I’ve left the doc open and publicly editable – will shut it down after Whacking Day is over.


As we said earlier, Whacking Day has indeed been extended by another week until May 16th. There are hundreds and hundreds of comments queuing up on that post, and some have got pretty strong words on expressing their feelings at this move by EA. So, here’s a proper poll so we can see what proportion of players think what. Please vote below, although remember only one is recorded per IP address. Sorry if you can’t spot your comment at the bottom; for this poll most comments will be deleted, especially ones asking for eggs. If you want to do that, go to the egg buddies page – proper woeful stories may be accepted.

Also, it’s a topic I’ll be covering in OMIX – so keep your eyes peeled for that.

20130510-080622 PM.jpg

As most Simpsons fans (and regular readers of this blog) know, Whacking Day proper is May 10. However, there doesn’t appear to be anything in the game files to celebrate the day itself. That doesn’t necessarily mean that there won’t be anything: the 12 free donuts from a couple if weeks back weren’t in the files, either – or it may simply be that I haven’t made the link between something that’s sitting there and Whacking Day.

There’s still some of May 9 left across the US, and on the East Coast the business day continues at the time of posting, so we all still have towns full of snakes. At this stage, though, they’re living on borrowed time.

But, as it’s already Whacking Day (May 10) in many parts of the world (including Japan, where I am until tomorrow), here for one last time is an audio-only version of the Whacking Day song sung by the children of Springfield Elementary:

As I mentioned yesterday, once you’ve whacked your last snake and opened your last Whack Box, there’s nothing special. There’s no fanfare, no special bonus, and the snake trophy that you tap on to see your prizes doesn’t suddenly turn into something you can place in your town. In fact, this is it, really:

I’m still holding out a slim amount of hope for something on Whacking Day itself, May 10. But it’s only a slim, slim slither of hope.

Big thanks to johnnyc for the screenshot.

Just a reminder about this week’s poll, which asks you to indicate where you are in the Whacking Day event.

The results are looking a little better than those from the poll of about two weeks ago – at this stage it looks like about 50% of readers of this blog are on track for Miss Springfield and some or all of the Whack Boxes.

If you haven’t voted, please do so (only one vote per IP address is counted, though). Otherwise, take a look to see where everyone else is.


Once you’ve whacked that last snake and claimed that last Whack Box, nothing happens – or at least nothing much. No sirens, no streamers, no characters breaking out into a victory dance. There’s just a message congratulating you for winning everything there is to be won.

It’s all a bit anti-climactic, actually – although it’s still possible that EA have a reward planned for all this on Whacking Day itself, May 10. (And, before you ask, I really don’t know the answer to that one!)

Personally, like Lee, I want that snake trophy that you tap on to get to the prize screen. I think I earned it! Or perhaps EA can send us each one of these:


Image from:

Here’s the daily update – and just a bit of warning that tomorrow’s is likely to be a bit late as I’ll be spending most of the morning flying to Japan. I’ll probably prepare it in advance and autopost, so there may be a delay in clearing comments through moderation. Apologies in advance.

May 6 is Day 26 of the Whacking Day event and there’s only a few short days to go until May 9, when the snakes leave Springfield. Remember, we don’t know exactly when on May 9 it will end, so try to stay a little ahead of these numbers.

Here’s where you need to be before the end of the day:

If your May 9 target is all the prizes and all 10 Whack Boxes: You’ll need to be whacking 775 snakes a day and have put 20,150 snakes in your inventory by the end of the day US time. That earns you another Whack Box.
If your May 9 target is Miss Springfield and the Sleep-eazy Motel: You’ll need to be whacking snakes at the rate of 431 a day and have put 11,206 snakes in your inventory by the end of the day. You’re so close that you should really try to push that number a little higher. Apologize to your families in advance.
If your May 9 target is Springfield Coliseum and Tatum: You’ll need to be adding about 345 snakes a day to your inventory. By midnight US Central time, you should have collected around 8,970 of them. Really, you can do more – stay up a little later this evening.
If your May 9 target is Bare-chested Willie: You need to be gathering about 259 snakes a day. By the end of the day, you should have around 6,736. Consider avoiding all social contact during your lunch break to push this number a bit higher.
If your May 9 target is the Pet Snake: You’ll need to collect about 190 snakes every day. As of the end of today, you should have 4,940 in your inventory – how are you planning to use your commuting time this evening?
If your May 9 target is Duff Stadium: You need to be collecting about 146 snakes every day. By the end of the day you should have 3,796 of them. How much do you really want that Stadium – because at a push, you can probably get it today?

If you need some help getting to your targets, either add as many friends as your game allows you to, or find an egg buddy. And if you’ve already got there, don’t forget to thank anyone that helped you, here.

If it’s your first time here and you want to read the basis for the calculations, take a look here (for all ten prizes and the Whack Boxes) and here (for everything else).

Just by the way, this is the most I’ve received from any of the Whack Boxes I’ve earned so far – and it also happens to be the least they contain. Oh well.


With only a couple of days to go, this is a question that many people who haven’t managed to whack their way to all the prizes are asking. Before I answer it, though, let’s look at how many donuts you would need to go from the Snake Statue to Miss Springfield):

Prize Level Prize Snakes Donuts
6 Duff Stadium 4250 125
7 Pet Snake 5500 125
8 Bare-chested Willie 7500 200
9 Tatum / Springfield Coliseum 10000 250
10 Miss Springfield / Sleep-Eazy Motel 12500 250

This means that if you only managed to whack your way to the Snake Statue, but you really want Miss Springfield, you’re going to need 950 donuts to get all the way to the end. And if your question is “should you?”, it all really depends on what you can afford, whether it’s actually worth that much to you to get these limited time items – and that means deciding whether they’re really worth 50 real world dollars.

Of course, with an Elite Whacking License, 100 friends, an egg buddy, and some time over the next couple of days, it is possible to bring yourself closer to the top of the prize range. But, really, at this stage, if you’re at the Snake Statue or the Duff Stadium and want Tatum or Miss Springfield, it may be that the only way to get yourself within reach of either of them will be to use some donuts.


This came in from Jon B. and I apologize for taking so long to get to it:

I know you can’t provide tech support, but I was hoping you could help draw attention to a problem some of us Android users are having. I’ve been contacting EA for a week with no response. I have one friend and every time I try to add more I’m told I have the maximum number of friends. Unfortunately this is seriously affecting my ability to participate in whacking day and I’m already past the point of being able to get all 10 prizes, since I can only get at best about 110-130 snakes a day.

Unfortunately, this still seems to be an issue that hasn’t quite been resolved by EA or Origin. Both Android players and Apple players can have up to 100 friends. And while you can never add people who already have 100 friends without getting an error message, what Jon is describing is too common a complaint for this to be the cause of the problem that Android users are facing.

I’m hoping that this will be resolved with the next update, but it will be too late for Whacking Day. So, if you’re an Android user who’s had problems adding friends, please feel free to put your Origin ID in this post describing the problem you’ve been facing. Perhaps other readers can try to add you and, if they can, deliver you some eggs.


Looking at my list of things to write about, I think I may have said just about all there is to say about Whacking Day. There’ll be a repost or two this week and possibly one or two new Whacking Day-related posts, but with only a few days to go, it’s almost time to go back to business as usual. And that makes me a bit happy, because I’ve been dreaming snakes and snakes eggs for a couple of weeks now!

One of the things that’s been missed in the Whacking Day deluge is reporting on poll results, so it’s time to catch up. In a poll a week or so ago, I asked whether you would be buying or had bought Ninja Homer, and the results surprised me a little given how much everyone had been looking forward to this costume for Homer before the event:

73.08% of the readers of this blog decided that the price for Ninja Homer was just too high at 120 donuts – and only 26.92% had made a decision to buy him or had already bought him. While his snake-earning powers were considered useful, there were also many premium items that produced far more snakes per donut spent. Perhaps there are some pricing lessons in this for EA – even Fruit-Bat-Man at 90 donuts had more support than this.

Remember, though, if you’ve been thinking about buying Ninja Homer, you’ll only be able to do so until the end of Whacking Day on May 9. And for those who have him, Ninja Homer’s snake-earning powers will disappear with the snakes. Like Mr. Plow and Santa Homer, Ninja Homer will then become another costume for Homer that lets him earn at a premium rate.


May 5 is Day 25 of the Whacking Day event and it is still scheduled to end at some point on May 9. As we don’t know exactly when on May 9 it will end, it certainly pays to stay a little ahead of these numbers. But there’s still some weekend left in many parts of the world, and that’s the time to get ahead of the game, so on Lugash’s instructions, I’m including some stretch goals today!

Here’s where you need to be by the time the sun goes down across the Americas (and probably a bit before that).

If your May 9 target is all the prizes and all 10 Whack Boxes: You’ll need to be whacking 775 snakes a day and have put 19,375 snakes in your inventory by the end of the day US time.
If your May 9 target is Miss Springfield and the Sleep-eazy Motel: You’ll need to be whacking snakes at the rate of 431 a day and have put 10,775 snakes in your inventory by the end of the day. But try to push it to 11,000 if you can.
If your May 9 target is Springfield Coliseum and Tatum: You’ll need to be adding about 345 snakes a day to your inventory. By midnight US Central time, you should have collected around 8,625 of them. But if it’s Sunday in your part of the world, try to push it to 9,000.
If your May 9 target is Bare-chested Willie: You need to be gathering about 259 snakes a day. By the end of the day, you should have around 6,475. You can probably get to 6,750 with a bit of effort, though.
If your May 9 target is the Pet Snake: You’ll need to collect about 190 snakes every day. As of the end of today, you should have 4,750 in your inventory – but try and get to 5,000.
If your May 9 target is Duff Stadium: You need to be collecting about 146 snakes every day. By the end of the day you should have 3,650 of them. Try and push it as close as you can to 4,000.

If you need some help getting to your targets, either add as many friends as your game allows you to, or find an egg buddy. And see what the weekend brings – with a bit of extra whacking, you may be able to raise your sights.

If it’s your first time here and you want to read the basis for the calculations, take a look here (for all ten prizes and the Whack Boxes) and here (for everything else).

And remember that, if it’s still Sunday in your part of the world, this is the last Sunday you’ll need to spend whacking snakes! Use it wisely!


I’ve known about this Bluestacks for a while, but I haven’t posted on it. But it turns out that there’s good reason to post on it now – and that’s because it’s a helpful solution to the problem faced by many Android players of the game becoming inaccessible following large egg drops. While the problem can usually be resolved by going in on someone’s Apple device, not everyone has access to one. If you’re in that situation, Bluestacks gives you another way of getting things moving again yourself.

Here’s what Torrentninjauk has to say about it:

There is a program that will let you play Tapped Out on a PC and a Mac (and, in fact, play other Android games as well). It’s called Bluestacks and you can download it from Choose the program version that suits you, install it and then Run. You can then Install “The Simpsons Tapped Out”, locating it via the “Search” then install. All you have to do then is play.

Alternatively, if you already have the .apk file on your PC, you can put it into a new “apps folder”, double click, and it installs into Bluestacks. Then, you can play.

On a Mac, the setup is a little different. You won’t be able to install the .apk file from the desktop. You’ll need to run Bluestacks, install the Browser, and then enter the url of the .apk file. It will then download and install.

I play The Simpsons Tapped Out on a 27′ iMac, and I’ve also got it working on my MacBook Pro.

The program simply runs Android apps on a PC or Mac, which is great if your device memeory hasn’t been able to handle a large egg drop. Even though the egg drop crashed your game, going in through Bluestacks should allow you to collect up all your eggs so that you can play it once again on your mobile device. And that’ll mean you’ll be able to stay on track for those prize targets over the last few days of Whacking Day.

You can find a tutorial for it at :, which is where the image below comes from.

To find out more about Bluestacks, see this link:


It looks like around half of the readers of this blog will actually get all 10 prizes based on this weekend’s poll (you can find it here). In most cases, it’s been with a lot of help from friends, egg buddies and donors. And, with that in mind, here’s something suggested by Natalie 29977:

I was wondering if you’d be able to do a ‘Thanks’ post so people can thank others for giving eggs.

I’ve been giving back to those whose initials I could understand but some I haven’t been able to and some people have given anonymously and if there was a proper place for people to write them, everyone would know.

Without a way to communicate your thanks directly through the game, this is where you can thank the people who have helped you to meet your targets. And I’d like to kick things off by thanking one of the most generous egg donors around, johnnyc! I really appreciate all your help!

Just a note: Please don’t make egg requests in the comments to this post – unfortunately, they’ll just be deleted. This is for thanking people only. If you need an egg buddy, this is the pace to go –


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