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Just a quick post before the transfer to begins in a few hours from now…

I’ve covered this question in the most recent post I did on the bonus levels (you can read it here, but be warned that it was written before level 29 came out), but it has never had a post of its own. And it’s important question to address because the release of level 28 changed the way the bonus levels behaved back to the way things were when the bonus levels were introduced at the end of January, a change that remained with the release of level 29.

Once you hit the bonus levels, your pink XP bar maximum increases by 20% each time you pass through a complete bonus level and claim your free donuts. That means:

  • The first time through the bonus round you’re heading for a maximum of 148,896 XP;
  • The second time through, the maximum will is 178,675XP; and
  • The third time through, it’s 226,228Xp…and so on.

This seems to keep going until your XP bar maximum hits 10,000,000XP – something that’s reasonably unlikely while new levels are still being released at a rate of about one every month to six weeks. Once a new level is released, your blue XP bar should return (barring glitches) and once you hit the bonus levels anew, the maximum on your pink XP bar should reset and begin its steady level up all over again.

Throughout March, the pink XP bar maximum stayed at 120,000 each time you passed through a bonus level, but it turns out that this was a glitch. So, this 20% increase in XP per bonus level isn’t really the “new normal” – it simply seems to be a return to the way things were intended to be.



If you’re a level 27 player and your XP bar has been behaving strangely, take comfort in the fact that you’re not alone. Following the update, my XP bar is telling me that I need 169,171 to get to the next bonus level rather than the 120,000 I needed before the update. And here a few more strange numbers from other readers of this blog:

franoccitanes: I had a shock watching my XP bar : 10 million 😦

jake holmes: After the update my XP bar now needs 420,950 XP to hit the bonus level.

thrawn3333: My XP bar keeps resetting to the same 53,848 after I log off and then log back in. It counts up while playing but reverts back to that number after playing.

Graphit: I am on level 27 and my XP keeps disappearing! I collected 4561 XP when I came back to my Springfield the XP bar was set back to 506… And the amount of XP you need to collect to reach the bonus level is set to 203005.

Crunchynutter315: Just been playing around after updating and noticed something really weird with the XP bar. Mine has jumped to 1.8m to the next bonus round. In addition, my XP seems to keep resetting to 604.

Be assured that this is a glitch – although there is unfortunately no way that we can fix it ourselves. No amount of hard-closing the game or re-downloading seems to reliably set things right. But similar problems have happened in the past and they’ve been resolved, although they’ve usually needed an update from EA to set things right.


Regular readers of this blog will know that I experienced the same game glitch that many other players have experienced following the most recent update – an XP bar that refused to move no matter how much XP I collected. This problem seems to have arisen from a glitch in the most recent update which saw the level 27 XP goal reduced to a mere 9,000XP for some players, far below what it should be.

While mine started working again on its own after a few days, other people are still experiencing this issue. A solution that seems to have worked for quite a few people is buying and placing lots of weather stations – and a number of people have confirmed that this seems to have been enough to kickstart their XP bar and get it moving again:

Bruce: Confirmed! XP bar will become unstuck if you buy a ton of weather stations. Took me almost 40 and sadly I didn’t get the XP from all of them but who cares it’s working fine again.

Anonymous: Yay. I bought about 20 weather stations and it totally worked for me.

Jarod: I bought ten weather stations and my XP is moving again.

Three things to note:
1. If you’re short of cash, you may only need to wait until your XP bar catches up with where you should be, as I did.
2. There’s no clear number of weather stations you need to buy – it seems to be anywhere between 10 and 40.
3. The XP you missed out on may be lost forever – probably because there’s a discrepancy between where your screen tells you that you are and where the inner workings of the game register you as being.

But if your XP bar is still stuck and you have some game dollars to spare, this is well worth a try.


With the help of @EliteLeafHater on Twitter and neverthink96, I’ve been putting together some information for some time now on the amount of XP you need to move to each new level and the number of donuts you get each time you do. This has been partly in response to the recent misbehavior of the XP bar. the numbers may be a bit different from the ones you’re seeing or have seen – and that’s the reason for this post.

So, here are the results so far:

Level 1 – 40XP (no donuts)
Level 2 – 75XP (1 donut)
Level 3 – 85XP (1 donut)
Level 4 – 120XP (1 donut)
Level 5 – 250XP (1 donut)
Level 6 – 800XP (1 donut)

Level 7 – 1,800XP (1 donut)
Level 8 – 3,200XP (1 donut)
Level 9 – 5,000XP (1 donut)
Level 10 – 8,000XP (1 donut)
Level 11 – 12,000XP (2 donuts)
Level 12 – 15,500XP (1 donut)
Level 13 – 18,000XP (2 donuts)
Level 14 – 22,000XP (1 donut)
Level 15 – 23,000XP (1 donut)- reports of 21,000XP
Level 16 – 25,000XP (1 donut)- reports of 24,000XP

Level 17 – 25,000XP (1 donut)
Level 18 – 28,000XP (1 donut)- reports of 22,960XP
Level 19 – 34,215XP (1 donut)
Level 20 – 36,400XP (1 donut)- reports of 24,440XP
Level 21 – 44,225XP (1 donut)- reports of 26,000XP
Level 22 – 58,720XP (1 donut)- reports of 35,930XP
Level 23 – 62,310XP (1 donut)- reports of 38,170XP and 40,510XP
Level 24 – 99,120XP (2 donuts)
Level 25 – 105,000XP (1 donut) –
Level 26 – 111,120XP (1 donut) – reports of 56,000XP and 74,080XP
Level 27 – 117,480XP (2 donuts) – reports of 120,000XP

For many players, a glitch in level 27 meant that it maxed out at 9,000XP, resulting in a freeze just after the hitting the bonus levels. As you can see, the XP bar maximum should have been much, much higher!

If your numbers are different, let us all know in the comments below.

Update: Almost 48 hours after the level 27 update, my XP bar started working again of its own accord – at least I didn’t have to buy lots of weather stations. It bypassed the blue level 27 and went straight to the pink bonus level, possibly for reason that Bruce suggested in the comments.

This is a rather unusual post in that it’s my question…

I’ve been searching everywhere for an answer to this one, but none of the tips seems to have worked. I’m stuck on the first bonus level, I think, on 433 out of 120,000 after level 27 after my XP bar filled up all the way through level 27 within seconds of the level being released. And many readers of this blog are experiencing the same thing.

So far I’ve:

– updated i0s to the latest version (released yesterday)
– shut down the device and restarted it
– hard-closed the game and re-started it
– visited friends to push the game into sychronizing
– logged out through the friend page and logging in again
– built 3 mega-XP buildings in the hope of kick-starting the XP bar
– deleted and re-downloaded the game

I haven’t done a factory reset and I’m a little reluctant to do one unless there’s some kind of guarantee that it works.

I know that this problem has rectified itself for some readers of the blog who have had it in the past, but has anyone come across a reliable fix for this? I know that it’s likely that an update will cure it, so if something happens next week, it may not end up being a long-standing problem, but it would be great to resolve it in the meantime.

And there’s another question for readers who’ve experienced this before – what happens to the accumulated XP. Are you credited for it, or is it gone forever? Again, I haven’t seen anything consistent on this.


There have been numerous reports since the update of really strange XP bar behavior, and I haven’t been immune. Since just after the update, my XP bar has been stuck at 433 of the level 27 target of 120,000 XP. Deleting and redownloading the game hasn’t helped, and neither has opening it on an iPhone5.

Now, this is a glitch that has been around for a while. When the harp was at its peak, the saving grace of getting this particular glitch in your game was that you were at zero risk of getting the harp. It has been known to go away on its own – Karen, commenting on another post, has already seen this today. I’m hoping it will do the same in my game (and the games of other readers who are experiencing the same issue).

But that’s not the only thing that’s up with the XP bar for level 27 players. What should have happened is this – once level 27 was released, the bonus level should have stopped automatically, and your XP bar should have changed from its bonus level pink to its regular blue. Then, you should have had a head start of around 10,000XP on level 27, and it would then build towards the level 27 target of 120,00 XP before hitting the bonus levels and turning pink again.

What happened, though, for many players was something completely different. Here’s a selection of comments that have come through here since the update:

MsBenson91: Hi, I just logged on, and for a moment there was the HoD sound, then I got the dialogue box from the Alien, and levelled up to 27, although I wasn’t at the top of level 26. My status bar is odd, it hasn’t changed though, and is the same as when I was on 26, although it says I’m near the top of level 27. Yes, 27. Without doing anything.

Jenny: Filled the XP bar on level 27 and it returned to level 26.

Tailor: I started level 27 with a little more than half of the xp bar full.

XTC: Strangely, got bumped to level 27 even though I hadn’t finished with level 26 yet. Was up to about 70000 XP out of 111000 required for completion of 26. Launched TS:TO, downloaded new content, got an alert that I was on level 27, handed a few donuts, and my XP is already at 7900 out of 117000 for level 27.

And there are many more in the same vein. This will probably be one of those things that we’ll all have to wait for another update to resolve. And updates do seem to resolve these kind of XP bar issues in most cases. Or sometimes they just resolve themselves for no particular reason.

My theory – these glitches are a legacy of the harp fix that was apparently part of the last update and that the fix caused issues in other areas, as these things sometimes do. That may mean, though, that anyone whose XP bar is still working normally should still proceed with caution as they approach a bonus level.


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