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I’m moving the site from to on Friday, May 24, so you may experience a little service disruption (which is why I’m relieved there hasn’t been an update yet). The move is about giving you and me a little more flexibility. While is great and simple to use, I need a little more flexibility (particularly with where things can be found) – and apparently I’ll be able to give regular commenters the ability to have their comments appear automatically without the need for me to manually approve each one.

There’s nothing you need to do and you shouldn’t really notice any difference after the move – all your bookmarks and the web address should still take you where you want to go. And I’m told the move shouldn’t take very long. Any delays will be at this end while I find my way around the admin end of the new home. There may also be a delay in moderating or responding to comments throughout Friday as I have to step away while WordPress’ Happiness Engineers take care of things for me.

Now watch EA release the Squidport expansion! right in the middle of the move!



It’s no secret to most readers of this blog that something new is on the way – an expansion to the water (or on the water – it’s not clear) to include Squidport. Some people had hoped that it would happen today, just before the Memorial Day weekend in the US, which is also seen as marking the start of summer. As you may have read, though, based on file information, my best guess has always been next Thursday (you can see the post where I made that guess here).

The truth is that it could still happen any time before that date or afterwards. Major updates happen most often on Thursdays, but other days of the week have also seen big updates. They never seem to happen over a US weekend, though, and particularly not a long weekend.

The other big question about Squidport is whether it will be a limited-time event or whether it will be a permanent expansion. My guess, based on how much stuff there is, is that it’s very permanent. That doesn’t mean that there won’t be some limited-time items, though. But I would be very surprised if Squidport arrived only to disappear after a few weeks.

So, the waiting continues. And while we wait, here’s another reason why I think it may be permanent – there are more Squiport buildings in the series than we’ve seen in the file information and leaks so far…

And if you’d like to read about the episode of the series where Squidport makes it’s first appearance, take a look here.

My apologies to those who saw this post a moment ago and then found it mysteriously deleted. It wasn’t EA – it was me. I realized that it wasn’t protected by the usual spoiler tags when I reblogged it from the original source. And thanks to neoclassic70 for finding it.

So here it is, after the image. It is very, very, spoilery, so continue at your own risk…

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Honestly, that’s very difficult to say. Just like the anticipation before Whacking Day, we don’t really know when the Squidport expansion will land, but we know there’s exciting stuff on the way. The Yard Sale end date is unclear – it could end this week or it could end next week (while the date in the files says May 29, that doesn’t necessarily mean anything). But because it’s unclear, we really can’t be sure when the next big thing will begin.

So, if you want to join the speculation and you’re on the home page, click or tap on the link below the picture. And if you’re already on the post page, you have until the end of the picture to leave as quickly as you can…

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For a few weeks now, I’ve been telling you about what’s coming next (and if you’d like to read those posts, just type “seashore” in the search bar). But a short time ago, Justeazy sent through a link to some images that may or may not display exactly what I’ve been talking about. If you would like to see some of them, just click or tap on the link after the picture, and if you’d prefer not to, there’s rather a lot of other great things to read (and really, this is very, very spoilery, so if you’d rather not know, please leave now!)…

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The main thing that’s going to happen this week in Tapped Out is, of course, the end of Whacking Day – and that’s still firmly scheduled for Thursday, May 9. The exact time it will end is unknown, but unless EA has a change of heart and decides to extend the event (and based on their announcement last week, it doesn’t look like it will happen) expect your Springfield to be clear of snakes by sometime early on Thursday afternoon US at the latest.

But what else is likely to happen this week? Well, there’ll almost certainly be an App Store/Google Play update to change the splash screen. And there was an episode promotion planned featuring Kang and Kodos and a Rigellian Billboard, but it looks like the episode that was being promoted has now been delayed until season 25, which means that we are unlikely to see it until later in the year.

If you’d like to engage in a little speculation, though, about what may or may not come up, and you’re on the home page, click or tap on the link after the picture. If you’re reading this from the post page and you’d like to avoid reading more, now’s your chance to go and read something else.

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Over the past couple of days, I’ve been reporting on the latest round of file-based game speculation to do with the seashore (that strip between the town and the sea). There’s a bit more today, so if you’re reading this post on the homepage, you’ll have to click the link below the picture to find out more. And if you’ve come straight to the post page, you have until the bottom of the picture to avert your eyes and go and take a look at something else.
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Yesterday I posted on something that may or may not happen with the game, and the seashore in particular, at some time that may or may not be in the next few months.

There’s a little more information just below the picture, but it is very, very spoilery – so if you’re reading this on the home page, you have the opportunity to NOT click or tap on the link below the picture if you DON’T want to know any more than the simple fact that something is coming. And if you’re already on the post page, and you really don’t like spoilers, this is your chance to leave quickly.

Itazura dramas (10)
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That, like a lot of questions, is a very good one. And having just made my first foray into the game scripts since the Whacking Day update came through, there are some very interesting indications that something may or may not happen with the seashore at some point sometime in the next couple of months. Of course it may not mean that the seashore is opening at all – it could just be a whole range of “near the shore” options for us.

If you don’t want to know anything, read the next post (there’s a lot here today as there have been so many questions that needed an answer). But if you’re reading this on the homepage, click or tap on the link below the picture to find out more – because thar be spoilers ahead.

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