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Gil is a temporary character in the game and only ever appears for a few days to offer special deals on promotional items that will help him feed his kids. He first appeared in the game back in December last year and, since then, he’s been back only 3 more times. So, in answer to a question from Jess, here’s the history of Gil’s deals:

1. Christmas Special – 19-22 December, 2012
Santa’s Village and Santa Homer for the standard price of 200 donuts, but with a Holiday Tree worth 75 donuts thrown in.

2. Donut Offer – 23-28 December, 2012
Up to a 25% discount on day-old donuts. You can read all about this particular deal here.

3. A Sign and Doom – 11-14 January, 2013
The Volcano Lair and the Springfield Sign for 250 donuts. As the normal price of the two combined is 370 donuts, this was probably one of the best of Gil’s deals to date.

4. The Nerd Farm – 22-25 February, 2013
Frink’s Lab plus a Homer Buddha and $50,000 bonus for 250 donuts, which Gil claimed to be have a 490 donut value. You can see my thoughts on this here.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Gil, and I fully expect him to return before long. (In fact, with no update, this would have been a great weekend for him to return, but I’m sure EA has its reasons.) At the moment, though, there’s no indication of when his next appearance will be or what he will offer. But with an episode promotion possibly on the way next week, though, I don’t expect him to be back very soon.



Long-term players already know the answer to this one, so if you’ve been playing for a while, please skip over this post.

Gil is EA’s salesman and that’s his only role in the game. He’s been popping up about once a month since December 2012 to make Tapped Out players an offer too good to refuse and keep his kids from starving. He usually hangs around for a few days begging you to help out old Gil by buying discounted premium items and then he disappears until the next deal.

Personally, I wish EA could come up with a way for him to hang around between donut sales, although without constantly begging you to hand over your hard-earned real world cash. I really like him as a character and I’m sure that the developers could come up with some great tasks for him.


Buying a Homer Buddha can be confusing if you’ve never bought one before. That’s because it usually works a little differently from other things you buy in the game. (Although, as you’ll see in the comments section below, that doesn’t seem to be the case for Gil’s sale!)

Like the Heart Grinder, the Homer Buddha isn’t a decoration that you can place in your town. It’s really a Mystery Box in disguise – but one for premium items.

You won’t receive a Homer Buddha decoration, which is a bit of a shame because it would make a great item to put on display in your Springfield. Instead, you’ll get the character or object that it contains. You’ll be able to find it in your inventory. If you missed the notification, look out for something that wasn’t there before. (And if you see a Homer Buddha in your inventory, it will transform into something else as soon as you click on it!)


Gil Gunderson, Springfield’s worst salesman, reappeared with yesterday’s update to ask you to buy the “Nerd Farm”. If you already have Frink and his lab, you won’t have seen his latest offer, though – Frink’s Lab, $50,000 cash, and a Homer Buddha for 250 donuts. So, is it worth it and should you do it?


First, Gil claims that you’re getting 490 donuts value for just 250 donuts – and he’s right: Frink’s Lab is 140 donuts, the Homer Buddha is 15 donuts, and $50,000 is 325 donuts when you buy each one separately. So, there’s no question that the deal is what Gil says it is. And while Frink’s Lab is a great addition to the game, the problems with the deal lie in the other elements.

The first problem with the deal is the Homer Buddha. It’s a risky item – and while it sometimes turns out some great characters or items, it can also give you picket fences, dumpsters, and Mystery Boxes containing non-premium items (you can read an earlier post on it here). If you feel lucky, it’s worth a shot – but if you’re risk averse, there are safer bets for your precious donuts.

The second problem is in using donuts to buy cash. At the earlier stages of the game, when it can take days and days to build up even a modest amount of cash, this can seem like a good idea. But why spend real world money on something you can get anyway with a bit of time and patience? And with the Heart Grinder giving everyone a cash boost at the moment, there’s even less reason to exchange donuts for cash.

If you’re very close to finishing the Valentine’s Day quest, though, you might consider Gil’s deal. The extra cash could come in useful if you need to buy the buildings prior to level 15 so that you can also get Sir Putt-a-lot’s before February 28, when the Valentine’s event finishes.


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