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Gil is a temporary character in the game and only ever appears for a few days to offer special deals on promotional items that will help him feed his kids. He first appeared in the game back in December last year and, since then, he’s been back only 3 more times. So, in answer to a question from Jess, here’s the history of Gil’s deals:

1. Christmas Special – 19-22 December, 2012
Santa’s Village and Santa Homer for the standard price of 200 donuts, but with a Holiday Tree worth 75 donuts thrown in.

2. Donut Offer – 23-28 December, 2012
Up to a 25% discount on day-old donuts. You can read all about this particular deal here.

3. A Sign and Doom – 11-14 January, 2013
The Volcano Lair and the Springfield Sign for 250 donuts. As the normal price of the two combined is 370 donuts, this was probably one of the best of Gil’s deals to date.

4. The Nerd Farm – 22-25 February, 2013
Frink’s Lab plus a Homer Buddha and $50,000 bonus for 250 donuts, which Gil claimed to be have a 490 donut value. You can see my thoughts on this here.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Gil, and I fully expect him to return before long. (In fact, with no update, this would have been a great weekend for him to return, but I’m sure EA has its reasons.) At the moment, though, there’s no indication of when his next appearance will be or what he will offer. But with an episode promotion possibly on the way next week, though, I don’t expect him to be back very soon.



Fat Tony was launched into the game for a brief period in November 2012 to promote the episode Penny Wiseguys. He was only available for a week or two through an in-game update – so if you missed him then, you won’t be able to add him to your game. And, unfortunately, being at level 25 doesn’t help.

During the first half of the current season of The Simpsons, these promotional additions to the game happened a few times. The Duff racer, a free limited time decoration, was added to promote the first episode of the new season. In late November, the Cool Brown House and the Cool Homer costume suddenly appeared as free gifts to promote the episode The Day the Earth Stood Cool. And, of course, there was Fat Tony.

None of these buildings, characters, or decorations are available anymore – even for donuts. Each one appeared in the game for only a week to ten days, essentially as a reward for frequent players – which means that it’s always a good idea to check into your game regularly as it now has a track record of occasionally offering free-but-limited-time updates to promote upcoming new episodes.

So, keep an eye on the Simpsons Wikipedia page at and make sure you check into your game a couple of days before each new episode is scheduled to air in the US – just in case.


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