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This week, I’ve been posting on the decorations, the level they unlock at, their cost, their XP on placement, the rating they contribute to, and the points they contribute:

  • Part 1, which looks at all the game dollar decorations up to level 14 is here; and
  • Part 2, which looks at all the game dollar decorations from level 15 to level 29 is here.

This post looks at the contribution of the premium decorations. Just a reminder, again, that this post contains the most recent information – I’ll be updating the original posts on Vanity and Tree-hugging soon. The decorations here are set out in the order in which they appear in the files:

Decoration Donut Cost XP Rating Points
Butterfly Tent 20 20 Vanity 200
Springfield Sign 170 170 Vanity 1800
Tire Fire 40 40 Vanity 800
Apple Tree 15 15 Tree-hugging 400
Orange Tree 15 15 Tree-hugging 400
Tree-Swing 20 20 Tree-hugging 400
Burning Bush 20 20 Tree-hugging 400
Bench 6 6 Vanity 200
Dumpster 10 10 Vanity 200
Flower Planter 10 10 Vanity 200
Picket Fence 1 1 Vanity 40
Homer’s Hammock 5 5 Vanity 200
Piece-of-crap car 30 30 Vanity 310
Channel 6 News Van 40 40 Vanity 200
Worldwide Broadcast Dish 30 30 Vanity 200
Ambulance 30 30 Obedience 10
Cannon 20 20 Vanity 200
Burns Limo 40 40 Vanity 200
Tetherball 20 20 Vanity 200
Police Car 40 40 Obedience 200
Mount Carlmore 120 120 Vanity 1200
Hot Tub 60 60 Vanity 600

As you’ll notice, the Police car and the Piece-of-Crap car both make higher contributions to Obedience and Vanity, respectively, than might have been expected. I was a bit surprised, so these have been checked and double-checked. I’ll need to update the Obedience post to reflect this as, initially, I’d read the 200 points for the Police Car as a Vanity contribution. But it looks like buying the Police Car may well solve any Obedience problems you may be having.

Tomorrow – the limited-time decorations…



As longer-term players know, Gil Gunderson, Springfield’s hapless salesman, occasionally appears to offer an unbeatable deal on promotional items. He’s appeared 4 times so, but we haven’t seen him since February (and, for newer players, here’s his deal history.) For months, we’ve all been expecting him to appear again, but he’s resolutely stayed away from New Springfield. If he does appear, though, what might he have up his rather capacious sleeves?

There are 7 deals in the files that we haven’t seen yet. Five of them are for donuts:

The Observatory plus the Tire Firefor 75 donuts
The Aztec Theater, a Homer Buddha, and Lard Lad for 150 donuts
A Broadcast Dish and a Burning Bush for 30 donuts
Otto’s Bus and $5000 for 75 donuts
A News Van and a Mystery Box for 30 donuts

There are also 2 that are a bit odd in that they have cash prices attached to them rather than donut prices:

Squeaky Voice Teen and a Mystery Box for $4.99
The Duff Brewery and the Springfield Sign for $29.99

So, when will he next appear to offer any of these? Honestly, there’s no indication yet of when that might be. The Observatory and Tire Yard is the next deal on the list after the ones that have already appeared, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the next one we’ll see. But I hope he’ll be back soon – and that EA are busily preparing some slightly less resistable deals that include some of the more recent premium items.


There have been a few questions about the Homer Buddha since the Yard Sale update and whether the odds have changed. I’ve checked the files and everything seems to be exactly as it was – nothing seems to have changed. So, here’s a repost on the odds of winning something good (this originally appeared at the end of March).

As the instructions to the Homer Buddha say, your 15 donut spend means that you win a premium item every time. But can you win anything really good, like the Duff Brewery or the Volcano Lair? Well, it turns out you can, although the chances of doing so are actually very, very low.

When you buy the Homer Buddha, your game is doing a little bit of calculating behind the scenes, and generating a random number between 0 and 1 (a bit like a roulette wheel). Each item available through the Homer Buddha has a number assigned to it – a “chance”. You win the item that has the first number that’s greater than the random number the game generates.

So, what are the chances, then, of winning any of those coveted premium characters or a pile of donuts (rather than a fence or a dumpster)? Here’s a list of what you can win and the probability that the Homer Buddha will actually give it to you:

Mystery Box – 9.98%
Bench – 10%
Planter – 10%
Dumpster – 10%
Picket Fence – 10%
Burning Bush – 10%
Orange Tree – 10%
Apple Tree – 10%
Tire Swing – 10%
Squeaky Voice Teen (or 30 donuts if you already have him) – 4%
Hans Moleman (or 60 donuts if you already have him) – 4%
Frink’s Lab (or 150 donuts if you already have it) – 1%
30 donuts – 1%
Tire Fire (or 40 donuts if you already have it) – 0.01%
Springfield Sign (or 170 donuts if you already have it) – 0.004%
Duff Brewery (or 190 donuts if you already have it) – 0.002%
Volcano Lair (or 200 donuts if you already have it) – 0.001%

So, if you’ve been lucky enough to win any of the last 4 items on the list(and I have seen reports), you’ve been very lucky indeed! And if you did, it would certainly justify a bit of Duffman-style partying down!


The Duff-Barney Blimp appears very, very briefly in the opening couple of minutes of “A Tree Grows in Springfield“, the 6th episode of the 24th season of the Simpsons. Like many of the Yard sale items, it’s one of those blink and you’ll miss it appearances, and it’s taken me since the update to acquire an image I can use in this post (which is why it’s the last to appear):

Duff-Barney Blimp 2
In the episode’s opening sequence, Homer dreams of being in the World Series, but his food and beer fixation keeps adding some very strange touches to his dream, including Barney as the Duff-Barney Blimp. In its few-second appearance, the Blimp drifts gently over the stadium, lets out a belch, and shoots backwards. But those few seconds were enough for the Duff-Barney Blimp to make its way into the Yard Sale at a price of 70 donuts.

The question, of course, is this: is it worth 70 donuts? There are a number of arguments in its favor:

1. It gives out the largest bonus multiplier of all the Yard Sale items at 2.75% on cash and XP from all your characters’ jobs and all the rent you earn. As with the Duff Party Bus, there are very few other decorations that will give you a similar return per donut spent. For example, Mount Carlmore, at 120 donuts, only gives you a bonus of 3.5%, and the Springfield Sign at 170 donuts, gives you a bonus of 4.5%.
2. It has animation – it gently wafts in the breeze but looks like it’s belching when you tap on it.
3. It’s a limited-time item.
4. It’s Barney and Duff – what a winning combination!

There are also a couple of arguments against it:

1. No characters interact with it or even acknowledge its existence in any way.
2. It’s a lost opportunity to add sound to a decoration – after all, they already had Barney’s belch! (Or I thought so – it seems that it belches in the Android version but not in the Apple version!)
3. It stays tethered very close to the ground rather than floating upon high (although that could have been both distracting and difficult to position properly).
4. It’s from 2 seconds of a dream sequence and, like the Inflatable Gorilla and Baboons, doesn’t really have anything to do with “real” Springfield” – although all of the Halloween buildings and decorations would also fall into that category.

So, again, The Duff-Barney Blimp is not an essential purchase, but it’s still an interesting addition if you’re decorating your Duff Stadium.


Throughout this week, I’ve been digging into the files to see how the Conform-o-meter works and how you can maximize your conformity bonus. If you missed these posts, or you’d like to re-read them, here;s a list of them:

  • Part 1 of a post on the regular buildings and their ratings contributions (from the beginning of the game up to Moe’s Tavern) is here
  • Part 2 of a post on the regular buildings and their ratings contributions (from Jake’s Unisex Hair Palace up to the Skinner House) is here
  • A post on the premium buildings and their ratings contributions is here
  • A post on the limited-time buildings and their ratings contributions here (Duff Stadium, the Springfield Coliseum, and the Sleep-Eazy Motel can be found here as they were all limited-time at the time – however, their contribution status did not change with the Yard Sale update!)
  • A post on the points needed in each category at each level is here
  • A post on the number of shops you need to maximize your Consumerism rating is here
  • A post on the number of houses you need to maximize your Indolence rating is here

According to your Conform-o-meter, to boost your Obedience rating you need to have public buildings to keep your people docile:

Keeping the Obedience rating high helps move your Conformity Bonus to its 5% maximum, giving you extra cash and XP every time you tap. Every public building, whether it’s regular, premium or limited-time, contributes 10 points towards the rating. But it’s not just buildings that have an impact on your Obedience rating – there are decorations that have an effect as well:

– Stop Sign ($385 and unlocks at level 22) – 1 point
– Hail Ants Sign ($450 and unlocks at level 23) – 1 point
– Ambulance (30 donuts) – 10 points
– Police Car (40 donuts) – 200 points (yes, you read that right!)

So what are the public buildings that contribute towards your Obedience rating? Here’s a list (note that all buildings contribute 10 points except where marked):

Regular Buildings:
– Springfield Elementary
– The Nuclear Power Plant (each element looks like it contributes 10 points)
– Springfield Library
– First Church Of Springfield
– Jake’s Unisex Hair Palace
– Springfield Downs
– Police Station (1 point)
– Springfield Penitentiary (1 point)
– Town Hall
– Channel 6
– Springfield Post Office
– Hibbert’s Family Practice
– Springfield General Hospital
– Springfield Buddhist Temple
– Adult Education Annex

Premium Buildings:
– Aztec Theater
– Springfield Observatory
– Duff Brewery
– Krustylu Studios
– Lugash’s Gym
– Open Air Stage

Limited-time Buildings:
– Fort Sensible (Whacking Day event – no longer available)

So, just how many public buildings and decorations do you need to get that 5-star rating for Obedience at each level?:

Level Points Buildings Notes
1-11 10 1 You should maximize your rating once you unlock the School
12-13 50 5 Each element of the Nuclear Power Plant appears to contribute 10 points
14 60 6 You should be able to maximize your rating with regular buildings alone
15 70 7 You should be able to maximize your rating when you unlock Jake’s Unisex Hair Palace
16-19 80 8 As you unlock the buildings at these levels, you should be able to keep your rating up
20 90 9 You should be able to maximize your rating with regular buildings alone
21 100 10 You should be able to maximize your rating with regular buildings alone
22 110 11 You should be able to maximize your rating with regular buildings alone
23 140 14 You should be able to maximize your rating with regular buildings alone
24 160 16 This number appears in the files, but it looks like it’s a coding error
25 142 14 You’ll also need a couple of signs to maximize your rating
26 152 15 You’ll also need a couple of signs to maximize your rating
27-28 162 16 You’ll also need a couple of signs to maximize your rating
29 200 20 To maximize your rating, you’ll need premium buildings/decorations or lots of signs!


As many of us suspected, the lifting of the 3000 item building and decoration limit that appeared without warning at the beginning of Whacking Day may only have been temporary. The limit was imposed with the Whacking Day update and seemed to disappear about a week later when it became apparent that snake egg deliveries weren’t possible to towns at the limit – and that egg deliveries could, in fact, push your friends’ towns over the edge.

But earlier this week, Shawnatshawn sent in these screenshots:

Throughout the week, Shawnatshawn was the only person reporting this, so I held out a little hope that it was an individual game glitch – and the fact that it was occurring for Shawnatshawn during Whacking Day made me doubt that this was a general issue. That was, until this came in a few hours ago from Mike Shuman:

I’m sure someone has already posted on this but the 3000 building limit is back. I got the message for the first time ever just now… Now I have to go through my town and sell some non-essential decorations because I have a ton more things to rearrange. It’s funny how your inventory has no limit on the amount you can store yet they limit you it does on how much you can use. Makes no sense to me. I’m in deep trouble if they keep the limit when the boardwalk event starts if I’m already at my limit without it. Ugh.

So, if you receive this message, you’ll have no choice but to store some items in your Inventory or sell them – and, as Mike points out, your Inventory has no limit as this stage.

Note: The messages may also be a result of a problem with the Yard Sale update which initially rolled some players back to the start of Whacking Day, or some other random glitch, but that’s unclear at this stage. I’m waiting to see what comments come in.


Just a reminder about the poll on the site this weekend…

As just about everyone reading this blog will know by now, 9 new items were released with the Yard Sale update – they’re all limited time and possibly only available until Monday (although they could be around for a bit longer). 2 of them are available for game dollars, and 7 of them are premium items. And as of Saturday, I’ve now posted on all but 1 of the premium items. Here are the links to those posts:
Should I spend my donuts on Frink’s Robot Dog?
What episode is the Excellence Prize Statue from and should I spend my donuts on it?
What episode is the Inflatable Gorilla and Baboons from and should I spend my donuts on them?
What episode is the Frinkosonic MHV from and should I spend my donuts on it?
What episode is the Giant Grasshopper from and should I spend my donuts on it?
What episode is the Duff Party Bus from and should I spend my donuts on it?
What episode is the Duff-Barney Blimp from and should I spend my donuts on it?

So, here’s the question: imagine that you’re only able to buy 1 of them – which one do you buy? Cast your vote even if you can’t or won’t buy donut items, so that we can help out people making this decision (and that’s why there’s no “None of them” option).

The poll will stay open for the duration of the Yard Sale, but vote early to help others make the right choice.

The Duff Party Bus comes from season 24, episode 6, “A tree Grows in Springfield“. Like all the Yard Sale items, it’s not really a central feature of the episode and only appears outside Moe’s Tavern in one brief scene:

So is it worth your 50 donuts? Here are a few reasons why it is:

1. It gives you a 2.25% bonus on your cash and XP collections, making it one of the highest bonus-earning premium items in the game. Only the Duff-Barney Blimp, Mount Carlmore, and the Springfield Sign pay out more – and two Party Buses at 100 donuts gives a better bonus percentage per donut spent than the Springfield Sign!
2. It really does look good in your town, as you can see in the screenshot at the end of this post.
3. Like all the Yard Sale items, it’s limited-time – so the chances of ever being able to add it to your town again once the sale is over are very slim.
4. It’s a Duff decoration – and goes nicely with Duffman, the Duff Brewery, and Duff Stadium to really Duff out your town.

And here’s a couple of reasons why it might not be:

1. Like all vehicles except the Respectable Moe Limo, there are no tasks that involve it. Not even Duffman gets to party down on the Duff Party Bus.
2. Because you can’t place vehicles on roads (something I’d like to see change in the future), you can’t park it outside Moe’s Tavern, where it was in the episode it’s promoting.

In the interests of full disclosure, though, the Duff Party Bus was an easy purchase for me. And that’s because – if it’s Duff-branded, I’m probably at the head of the queue. Oh yeah!


The Giant Grasshopper is one of the easiest of the Yard Sale premium items for me to reference as it harks back to an episode that premiered only a couple of weeks ago – “Pulpit Friction”, the eighteenth episode of the 24th season and the 526th episode overall. (Or I thought so until I read Matt’s comment – see the update note below – turns out it’s from “Penny Wiseguys“. As I like the videos, though, I’ll leave them here!)

In the episode I thought it was from but stand corrected about, the Simpsons Family get a new couch – but it’s shipped from New York is full of bed bugs:

The bed bugs spread and attract a plague of grasshoppers that eat them. And then there’s the frogs (and I may have appreciated a giant frog a bit more):

So, it it worth 35 donuts? Well, it does give you 0.75% bonus money and XP on all job and XP collections. And it does have a nice animation. And it is big (much bigger than those Whacking Day Practice Snakes). But there are no tasks associated with it and no characters interact with it. And it just sits there – thankfully, it doesn’t hop around your town.

I’ll admit to being a bit lukewarm on it. I’m a completist (and it is a word), so of course I bought it. But if you’re on a donut budget, you probably won’t need to feel that you’re missing out on something special if you don’t buy it.

Update: Actually, it might be from the Penny Wisequys episode (see matt’s comments below). As my views on the Giant Grasshopper still stand and I like the videos, however, I’ll leave the post as it is. By the way, I’m having trouble referencing some of the items, so if anyone wants to send in something for a post, please be my guest!


A couple of people have reported their frustration at selling the Snake Rocks, Snake Stumps and Hollow Logs in the belief that Whacking Day was over and done with. Given that they make great decorations and also earn you a 2%, 2.5% and 3% bonus on tasks and rent that will continue after Whacking Day, this is difficult to understand. And when you consider that they (mostly) cost donuts and the cash return is minimal, this is clearly a mistake.

In the game, limited-time means exactly that in most cases. Characters, buildings and decorations that are available for a limited time are for game dollars or for donuts won’t be available again. And while the Snake Rocks sell for $1000, the Snake stump for $1375, and Hollow Snake Trunk for $1875, this is hardly a return on the real-world cash it cost to buy these things in the first place.

And even for decorations that are free or cost game dollars, it’s worth simply storing any that you don’t want to use right now in your Inventory as they often turn out to be useful at some point in the future – and they’ll be items that newer players won’t have. (My excess Valentine’s roses have come in very useful recently!)

So, think carefully before you sell anything that’s limited-time – if only because you may never be able to get it again. And that’s something you really need to factor into the game dollar return on your sale.


A couple of months ago, I wrote a post highlighting that certain decorations give your characters additional tasks. The limited time Limo available as part of the Respectable Moe episode promotion is a good reason to update it and try to produce a definitive version.

Decorations not only make your town look nice. Like Moe’s Limo, they sometimes give your characters extra tasks to do, as well. So, what are those value-adding decorations, and which of your characters get those extra tasks?

Regular Decorations:

Decoration Character Task Length
Kiddie Pool Homer Lounge in the pool 6 hours
Tree Skinner Go Bird-watching 24 hours
Tree Lisa Read a book 45 seconds
Shrub Moe Spy on Midge 12 hours
Snapdragons Martin Smell the roses 10 minutes
Bench Grampa Simpson Take a nap / Feed the birds 6 hours / 8 hours
Dumpster Cletus Dig through garbage 12 hours
Gazebo Lisa, Martin, Principal Skinner, Comic Book Guy, Sideshow Mel, Professor Frink Attend a Mensa meeting 3 hours
Lawn Chair Kent Brockman Relax 1 hour
Water Shauna (no longer available) Tease the ducks 8 hours
Water Legs and Louie Interrogate a squealer 1 hour

Premium Decorations:

Decoration Character Task Length
Limo (limited-time) Moe Fun in the Limo 1 hour
Hot Tub Fat Tony Relax in the Hot Tub 10 hours
Piece of Crap Car Nelson Shoot B-B gun 30 minutes
Cannon Sideshow Mel Shoot from a cannon 30 minutes

It’s also worth mentioning that the Channel 6 News Van and the Worldwide Satellite Dish give extra tasks for Channel 6.

If there’s anything I missed, let me know.

Update: I haven’t included Gymnastic Lisa’s Balance Beam or Ninja Homer’s Practice Snake as they come as part of a set with the character (although buying more Practice Snakes gices Ninja Homer even more snakes to acrobatically whack).


The Limo is a 40-donut premium item that comes as part of the Respectable Moe episode promotion. As I mentioned in the update post, as with many other decorations, it gives you a 2% bonus on all the cash and XP you collect from rent as well as jobs – and you’ll only be able to add it to your game until Monday US at the latest.

Buying it also gives you a 60 minute task for Moe. A little bit unusually for a task involving a premium item, though, Moe’s “Fun in the Limo” task only pays the standard rate of $70 and 17XP.

It looks great outside Fat Tony’s Compound, though.


And it looks even better when Moe is doing his “Fun in the Limo” task:


The answer to this question is really “yes” – you do get multiple bonuses if you buy multiple bonus-earning decorations such as Limos or Police Cars. The bonuses work cumulatively – buying two Limos means that you get a 4% bonus, and buying 3 of them means you get 6%. And while the information in the game talks about the 2% bonus applying to all jobs, it also applies to the rent you collect from buildings as well.

That all helps to explain just why players with lots of bonus-earning premium items are able to build up cash as quickly as they do…

To find out what your bonus multiplier currently is, take a look here.


Check into your game now – Respectable Moe has arrived as an in-game update!

The best part of it is that Moe’s new costume is free and it also comes with a whole lot of new tasks and a quest for Moe. You’ll find it in your Inventory (the cardboard box in the left-hand corner of your build menu, as shown in the screenshots.)

And there’s a Limo available as a premium item, too. The Limo gives a 2% bonus on the money and XP you collect (just like the Police Car, the Burns Limo, and the Channel 6 News Van).

If you’ve just joined the game and don’t have Moe yet, his Respectable Moe costume (and the quest that comes with it) will stay in your Inventory until you get him. As usual, all you need to do is open his task menu and swipe the picture of Moe to switch between his regular clothes and his new suit.

Respectable Moe and the Limo are limited-time items to promote Sunday night’s new episode of The Simpsons. Both items will only be available for a few days – expect them to be no longer available by the end of Monday.

Of course, now you have them, they’re yours to keep!


This questions comes up several times a day, so it’s probably about time I addressed it in a post.

Whacking Day is the fourth of the Tapped Out events (following Halloween, Christmas and Valentine’s Day) – and it’s only following the Christmas event that the prizes have been transferred to the premium store. During that event, you were able to win Barney’s Bowlarama, Try ‘n’ Save, two of the three Funzos, the Mapple Store, and Santa’s Little Helper. All of these appeared in the premium store once the event concluded on January 11 (although the Mapple Store disappeared from the store very early on in the Android launch, possibly as part of an arrangement with Google). Now, this didn’t happen for either the Halloween or the Valentine’s event, so it’s difficult to say whether we can expect the post-Christmas experience to be repeated following Whacking Day.

But there’s one thing that’s very different about this event compared to any of the others which makes it more of a possibility that they’ll be premium purchases following Whacking Day – and that’s the fact that you can use donuts to accelerate towards a prize. This means that each of these prizes already has a donut price. So, my guess (and it’s only a guess) is that some of the prizes at least will continue to be available after the event as premium items, either for a limited time or permanently. Prime candidates would clearly be Fort Sensible, the Duff Stadium, Tatum and the Coliseum, and Miss Springfield and the Sleep-Eazy Motel.

But I have to stress that this is nothing more than speculation at this stage – there’s nothing to indicate that this will actually happen, other than the fact that it would make really good business sense for EA. But the post-Christmas experience and the donut price on the prizes certainly makes it a possibility.


The Snake Rocks, Snake Stump and the Hollow Snake Trunk do much more than just produce snakes. It’s something a few readers have noticed and while I’ve mentioned it in comments, I hadn’t realized that I’d never done a post on the best-kept secret about the snake-generating premium items until this comment came in from @Landaasen:

The snake rocks, stump and trunk are all 2.5% multipliers (I took them in and out of inventory while collecting white houses, and it seems about right). This is a pretty important detail, especially for those who are a bit behind and getting sweaty, and considering a purchase. The question is why this is “secret”; if it is permanent, or just a bonus effect during the Whacking Days. Considering the cost, this should be permanent, making them attractive multipliers.

I have a feeling that the bonus multiplier effect will be permanent – as they already carry a 2.5% bonus multiple I can’t see them suddenly changing to Vanity-rating decorations once Whacking Day is over. And that means the snake-generating decoration do three things – they generate snakes, they give your friends an extra item to tap on to collect cash (during Whacking Day, at least), and they also earn you an extra 2.5% on money and XP earned through rent and jobs.

Update: It may be that you don’t get this multiplier effect from the free Snake Rocks.


As there’s so much going on for Whacking Day, I’m building the Legitimate Businessman’s Club in real time and letting the Rich Texan’s first task take the full 24 hours – but to keep everyone looking for a post on the new level 28 content happy, here’s a brief one on the premium Hot Tub.
And for those with questions in the queue, my apologies. After one of the busiest weeks ever for this game and this blog, I have a little question fatigue, so the responses may be a little slower than usual.

One of the new items for level 28 is the Hot Tub. It’s a premium item and available for a rather pricey 60 donuts – and that price alone might give you reason enough to hold off buying it.

It does exactly three things:
1. It gives you a bonus of 2.5% on all cash and XP you collect.
2. It unlocks Fat Tony’s 10-hour task to relax in the Hot Tub.
3. It looks nice.

It’s one of the most expensive of the premium decorations and it looks nice enough. But if you don’t have Fat Tony or you’re not at game level 28, it’s far from being an essential purchase. And as there’s nothing limited-time about it, it’s something that you can easily put off purchasing for the time being.

I think it’s a shame it’s a donut purchase, particularly as it’s been a couple of levels since the Rabbit Hedge, the last of the regular game decorations that you could buy for game dollars (the Whacking day decorations don’t really count). On the other hand, though, there’s still all of those Whacking Day prizes and we just had Springfield Falls, so we really haven’t done too badly….


It seems that one positive outcome of yesterday’s updates was the lifting of the 3000 building and decoration cap that was imposed last week. Reports are coming in that this short-lived cap no longer applies.

As you may recall, reaction to the cap was overwhelmingly and just about unanimously negative. It seems that EA actually listened to the response!

Whether the cap is gone completely or now applies at a higher level – or will return once Whacking Day is over – is still an open question, though. I’m cautious on this as it could simply be that someone at EA realized that, in many cases, long-standing players would need to sell or store parts of their town just to receive eggs from friends.

I don’t have time until the weekend to go and take a closer look at the files, so if anyone has any additional information, it would be most appreciated.


For those of you who haven’t bought or won, the Snake Rocks, they’re quite small. You’ll have no problem fitting them almost anywhere in your Springfield.Here’s a screenshot from my game. You can see the Snake Rocks under the tree behind the Church:

And here’s a screenshot of the Snake Stump and Snake Log (Krusty kept wanting to get into the picture, but you get the idea!):

They’ll make really nice decorations when the the Whacking Day event is over, too.

With many premium items so expensive, cheap premium items can be a bit tempting – and the Whacking Day event has given us a range of Practice Snakes in a variety of different colors for only 10 donuts each. So what do they do and are they worth spending your donuts on?

Before you spend your hard-earned or -won donuts on these, there are a few things you should know:
1. They’re really very, very small.
2. They don’t generate or earn you any extra snakes.
3. None of your regular characters ever use them.
4. They’re only really useful if you have Ninja Homer as well – he uses then as part of his 1 hour task.
5. If you have Ninja Homer, a Practice Snake comes with him, anyaway.

If you don’t have Ninja Homer, the only benefit any of the Practice Snakes gives you is a slight boost of 0.25% to the money and XP you collect from your character’s jobs. If this is all you’re looking for, then by all means pick one or two up. But if you’re on a donut budget, there are far better ways to spend them

So, the bottom line – if you don’t have Ninja Homer, the Practice Snakes may not be quite the bargain they seem to be. And even if you do have Ninja Homer, just how many Practice Snakes does he really need?


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