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Looking at my list of things to write about, I think I may have said just about all there is to say about Whacking Day. There’ll be a repost or two this week and possibly one or two new Whacking Day-related posts, but with only a few days to go, it’s almost time to go back to business as usual. And that makes me a bit happy, because I’ve been dreaming snakes and snakes eggs for a couple of weeks now!

One of the things that’s been missed in the Whacking Day deluge is reporting on poll results, so it’s time to catch up. In a poll a week or so ago, I asked whether you would be buying or had bought Ninja Homer, and the results surprised me a little given how much everyone had been looking forward to this costume for Homer before the event:

73.08% of the readers of this blog decided that the price for Ninja Homer was just too high at 120 donuts – and only 26.92% had made a decision to buy him or had already bought him. While his snake-earning powers were considered useful, there were also many premium items that produced far more snakes per donut spent. Perhaps there are some pricing lessons in this for EA – even Fruit-Bat-Man at 90 donuts had more support than this.

Remember, though, if you’ve been thinking about buying Ninja Homer, you’ll only be able to do so until the end of Whacking Day on May 9. And for those who have him, Ninja Homer’s snake-earning powers will disappear with the snakes. Like Mr. Plow and Santa Homer, Ninja Homer will then become another costume for Homer that lets him earn at a premium rate.



This is an update of a post from early last month, that also answers the questions about costumes for Carl and Chief Wiggum that keep coming up…

For many players, particularly those that joined the game very recently, Gymnastic Lisa and Bare-Chested Wllie are their first costumes (or “skins”, to use the term that serious gamers prefer). And while they’re Lisa and Willie’s first costume, they’re certainly not the first in the game.

Since October 2012, a few other characters have also been given costumes:

Homer – He’s acquired the most costumes so far with Mayan Homer (from Halloween 2012), Cool Homer (a free costume to promote an episode in November 2012), Santa Homer (from Christmas 2012), Mr Plow (a premium costume from Winter 2013) and now Ninja Homer (his premium Whacking Day costume). When Homer wears his premium costumes, he earns money from his jobs at a premium rate.

Marge – She only has one costume so far and that’s Witch Marge from Halloween 2012. This premium costume gives her the power to speed up crops.

Ned Flanders – He only has one costume, too, and that’s Devil Flanders, also from Halloween 2012.

Grampa Simpson – His Gorgeous Grampa costume came as the free element of a promotion for the Season 24 episode Gorgeous Grampa in early March 2013

Mr. Burns – He acquired his Fruit-Bat-Man costume as a premium purchase with the promotion for the Season 24 episode Dark Night Court in mid-March 2013. When he wears it, he acts like a premium character.

All of these costumes were limited time items and all of them are no longer available. However, like Gymnastic Lisa and Bare-Chested Willie, once you have a costume, it’s yours to keep. And if the information in the files comes to pass, it looks like Moe will have one, too, before the week is out!

But what about Carl’s Viking costume and Chief Wiggum’s female impersonation? They don these outfits for their 24-hour tasks, Carl to celebrate his Icelandic heritage, and Wiggum to go undercover.


Yesterday, I posted a new poll on how long it took you to get to the top level of the game (here). But as only those at the top level can vote on that one, here’s one everyone can play.

With Lugash now apparently a permanent character, Ninja Homer is the only limited time character/costume left. Although he costs a cool 120 donuts, his snake-earning power makes him an atrractive purchase (and there are other reasons too, as you can see in this post).

So have you bought him or will you be buying him before Whacking Day is over on May 9, after which you may never have the chance again? Vote and see whether you’re with the majority or the minority in your donut-using decision-making!


After sitting in the files for many, many months, Ninja Homer finally joins the game as part of the Whacking Day event. Unfortunately, as he’s a premium character, that means some of you won’t be adding him (although you can take a look at this post on the pros and cons of buying him if you’re still thinking about it).

But whether you’ve bought him or not, here’s a walkthrough of his quest. Lisa begins it all by raising some of her deeper concerns over Whacking Day…

1. Wing Chung for Dummies Homer may be her dad, but he’s probably the last one in Springfield that she should share any of her Whacking Day concerns with:

Homer: Yes honey
Lisa: Then what should I do?
Homer: Just squeeze your rage into a bitter little ball and release it an appropriate time. Like I did that day I hit the referee with a whiskey bottle. Remember that?
Lisa: Yeah…
And off Homer goes to spend an hour fake-whacking pretend snakes in preparation for the big day. When he finishes, though, there’s a conversation between Lisa and Homer to prompt you to buy him more practice snakles at 10 donuts each. Resist.

2. Getting Carried Away Part 1 Homer thinks that the time has come to step it up a bit… and so he heads off to smash up Flanders’ House for 4 hours. Unfortunately, as he does all the smashing indoors, so you don’t get to see him do any of it. (The windows on Flander’s House shatter at the start of this task!)

3. Getting Carried Away Part 2 Ned is horrified by all the damage to his house:

Homer: Ummm…no…Although I did see some snakes loitering outside your house. I think they were in a snake gang.
Ned: Looks like those snakes are getting too big for their boots. It’s time to take action.
Homer: Yay! I’ll rally the troops.
Homer goes off to steer the mob in wise directions – although as this takes 8 hours inside the Simpsons’ House, that wise direction is probably the sofa.

4. I am Bruce Lee and the Snakes are my Check Norris Now, convinved that all fake snakes fake fear the power of the ninja, Homer spends the next 12 hours twirling his whacking stick outside his house. However, he doesn’t seem to be in as good a shape as he’ll need to be for all the Whacking Day exertions to come:


5. Oh Whacking Day To finish off the quest, Homer, full of emotion, sings the Whacking Day song, then goes inside to spend 24 hours polishing his whacking stick!

And that’s where his quest ends.

With many premium items so expensive, cheap premium items can be a bit tempting – and the Whacking Day event has given us a range of Practice Snakes in a variety of different colors for only 10 donuts each. So what do they do and are they worth spending your donuts on?

Before you spend your hard-earned or -won donuts on these, there are a few things you should know:
1. They’re really very, very small.
2. They don’t generate or earn you any extra snakes.
3. None of your regular characters ever use them.
4. They’re only really useful if you have Ninja Homer as well – he uses then as part of his 1 hour task.
5. If you have Ninja Homer, a Practice Snake comes with him, anyaway.

If you don’t have Ninja Homer, the only benefit any of the Practice Snakes gives you is a slight boost of 0.25% to the money and XP you collect from your character’s jobs. If this is all you’re looking for, then by all means pick one or two up. But if you’re on a donut budget, there are far better ways to spend them

So, the bottom line – if you don’t have Ninja Homer, the Practice Snakes may not be quite the bargain they seem to be. And even if you do have Ninja Homer, just how many Practice Snakes does he really need?


Yes – absolutely. And that would be the end of the post, except for the fact that I know you want to hear the pros and cons.

Ninja Homer and the Red Practice Snake are available as a bundle for 120 donuts. As the other Practice Snakes go for 10 donuts, this makes Ninja Homer the most expensive character costume we’ve had so far at 110 donuts. But, let’s leave that aside for the moment and take a look at his tasks.

During the Whacking Day event, all of Ninja Homer’s tasks earn you snakes and XP (and after the event, it’s likely that his tasks will earn you the premium character rate of 50% more cash and XP than regular characters for same-length tasks):

Task Length Snakes XP
Fake-Whack Pretend Snakes (outdoors) 60 minutes 1 snakes 26XP
Smash Up Flanders’s House (indoors) 4 hours 4 snakes 70 XP
Steer the Mob in Wise Directions (indoors) 8 hours 8 snakes 105XP
Twirl Whacking Stick (outdoors) 12 hours 10 snakes 150XP
Polish Stick for Whacking Day (indoors) 24 hours 15 snakes 225XP

So, should you spend your donuts on Ninja Homer? Here are some reasons why I think it’s a good idea:

1. He earns snakes and snakes are a path to all of those great buildings and decorations that we may never see again. That’s probably the best reason for buying Ninja Homer. Usually a costume takes a regular character out of the game – but this one gives you a greater variety of snake-earning tasks for Homer to do, and makes him much more useful in achieving your Whacking Day goals.
2. He has a quest (and I’ll be doing a post on that before the weekend is out) that adds nicely to the Whacking Day event. And it ends with the Whacking Day song.
3. The Practice Snake adds to your game, too, by earning you a bonus of 0.25% on all your cash and XP collections.
4. Ninja Homer is a limited-time costume, which means that it won’t be available after the Whacking Day event ends on May 9.
5. In his ninja-wear, Homer gets quite acrobatic, as you can see here:

And some reasons why not:

1. Don’t be fooled by the size of the Practice Snake. The picture in the Whacking Day store may lead you to believe that it’s some kind of mammoth mega-snake, it’s not. It’s really, really small.
2. 120 donuts is quite a lot of donuts for a costume (even if you discount the Practice Snake).
3. If it’s snakes you’re after, the snake-generating decoration are a far better buy.

On balance, though, I think Ninja Homer is worth the outlay – if only for the additional boost he provides in helping you get all that free Whacking Day stuff.


With the Swanky Fish update, there’s also the promise to Milhouse of something bigger coming this Thursday. What exactly is it likely to be?Regular readers of this blog will have already guessed that it’s probably not a promise of a bigger Springfield and that it’s maybe, possibly, perhaps, a Whacking Day event.

After getting the prediction of the Swanky Fish promotion right, I’m feeling a little more confident so, just in case you missed them, here are links to the posts from a couple of weeks back on what’s lurking in the game files for a possible Whacking Day event (as well as a post explaining just what Whacking Day is for people who don’t remember the episode):

What is Whacking day?
Whacking day song
Whacking Day prizes
Whacking day decorations
Ninja Homer
Speculation on Origin for Android

Of course, what happens on Thursday could all be completely different. We won’t really know until then!


At 90 donuts, Dr. Nick is the most expensive stand-alone premium character in the store. Why is he so expensive and is he worth it?

The stand-alone premium characters that were initially available were all relatively cheap. The Squeaky Voice Teen is only 30 donuts and Kearney, Bumblebee Man, and Hans Moleman are only 60 donuts. Since October last year, however, the price of the newer stand-alone characters (as well as costume prices) seems to have increased. Shauna cost 90 donuts, as did Witch Marge, Santa Homer, Mr. Plow and Fruit-Bat-Man.

So, 90 donuts seems to be the price we can expect to pay for stand-alone characters or costumes at the moment (and if Ninja Homer finally comes, that’s probably how much he’ll cost). And is Dr. Nick worth it? I think so – and there’ll be a post coming this week on just why.


Ninja Homer has been around in the game files for some time now. In fact, several months ago, a Ninja Homer image was shared on a number of the forums, and you can see it below:

So will we be seeing Ninja Homer in the game anytime soon and will this costume for Homer be part of a possible Whacking Day event? You’ll have to use the link below to find out more…
Read the rest of this entry »

As some of you have seen, there are rumors around about a very big Whacking Day update for the game scheduled to begin sometime next month.

I’ve been hearing these rumors for a while, and I know that EA had planned a Whacking Day event for last year until they had to withdraw the game from the App store to work on its stability. That’s why there’s been a long-standing reference to a Ninja Homer in the game’s raw files. At this stage, however, the rumors are just that – rumors. There are quite a few things in the files that haven’t happened in the game and may or may not happen in the future.

At this stage there is no confirmation and there are no images that can be pulled from the files (Simpsonswiki qualifies its information by saying that they could be a mix of rumor and fact – however, the original source for the information is usually reliable). Based on the rumors, though, the event seems much bigger than I would expects – bigger, in fact, than Halloween, Christmas and Valentine’s day put together.

But there are four things that are important to know:
– the big events happen every couple of months and we are due for one in April;
– Whacking Day (May 10) is an important enough Springfield event to celebrate in the game and, like Halloween, the celebrations could begin about about a month before;
– when it comes, it will be an App store / Google Play update, as the splash screen will need to change; and
– the friend dimension that’s been suggested could well mean that Android players get Origin in time for both the update and the Samsung Galaxy 4 release.

Does that mean there won’t be anything for Easter? We’ll just have to wait and see what happens this week.


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