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It doesn’t seem that way, sadly. I’ve only seen one report of someone getting Shauna this way and I suspect now that the person in question was trolling.

The Mystery Love Boxes only seem to contain Valentine’s decorations or hearts – nothing else. Which means if you want Shauna before the Valentine’s Day event ends, you’ll have to buy her with donuts (as there’s no guarantee she’ll hang around afterwards like Barney or Sideshow Mel did after the Christmas event).

I’ve written a post on this so take a look here if you need some buying advice.



A few people have come to this blog by Googling whether Shauna comes in the Mystery Love Boxes.

Unfortunately, the answer seems to be no. I bought a lot of these early on to test this out and all I got were hearts or decorations. I’ve also been checking message boards on the game to see whether anyone has lucked out and got Shauna from a Mystery Love Box, but I haven’t seen any reports of anyone claiming that they did.

So, it seems that the only way to get Shauna is to buy her. And if you really want to add her to your character collection, you’ll need to make your decision before February 28, when she’s currently scheduled to disappear.

To help weigh up whether you should spend 90 donuts on her, why not look at this post:


I’ve written a lot of posts over the past week on the Valentine’s Day update. With three weeks still to go, they risk getting pushed off the front page, making them harder for new players to find.

So, I’ve added a new page to the blog, linking the key posts. I’ll be working on it a bit over the next day or so, but even as it is, it’s a good place to start looking for the answers to all your Valentine’s Day questions.

You can access it through the menu bar at the top of the page, or go direct to:


The Homer Buddha costs 15 donuts but gives you a premium item every time – and that’s what makes it different to the Mystery Box.

You can get some great buildings and characters from the Homer Buddha. People have reported getting Hans Moleman, the Squeaky Voice Teen, and Frink’s Lab. But you’re just as likely to get a picket fence (worth 1 donut), a dumpster (worth 10 donuts), or a burning bush (worth 20 donuts).

You’re also likely to get a Mystery Box (or, currently, a Mystery Love Box). While the Mystery Boxes themselves are premium items, the things they contain aren’t – and they can all be bought with game dollars (or hearts). That means it’s more than a little disappointing when one of these turns up.

Thanks to scotticusofsparta for the question.


Yes, you can (although to get Sir Putt-A-Lot’s you also need to be at Level 15). And there are 3 ways:

1. Have lots of friends and visit them, clicking on any building with a Valentine’s card on it (see for more). This will give you hearts and you will also get hearts when friends visit you. You can use them to buy the buildings even before they come up as part of the Valentine’s storyline.

2. Wait for the Mystery Love Box to come up as your daily reward – it sometimes contains hearts and sometimes Valentines buildings and other decorations.

3. Use some real world cash on donuts and buy some Mystery Love Boxes. While they contain other Valentines stuff as well, you should get hearts often enough to buy one or two of the new buildings.

All the buildings take 24 hours to build – so try and resist the temptation to use donuts to hurry them up. The good news is that with an Ice Cream Parlor, a Crazy Golf Course, and a flier shop, your Consumerism and Gluttony ratings are boosted nicely.


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