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This is just a reminder that the 28th is the last official day of the Valentine’s event. Remember that the event could end at any time on the 28th – it may be midnight, but it could be earlier (or later). The fact it’s a global game makes it difficult to tell.

At the time I’m writing this post, the 28th has arrived in many parts of the world and has almost arrived on the US east coast, so keep your outstanding heart balance low. Grind your hearts or buy decorations – it’s up to you. And that’s because, when the event ends, your hearts will disappear completely. It’s quite likely, too, that the Valentine’s buildings and Shauna will no longer be available either, or only available for donuts (although, if you have them, they’re yours to keep).

It may well be that we score some extra time as happened with the Halloween event. Don’t count on it, though – consider it a bonus if that happens. And if you still need hearts to get Sir Putt-a-lot’s, you’ll need to work quickly. Consider whether you need to add friends to help you boost your heart balance. And make sure you visit your friends, particularly those at lower levels, to help them out with Valentines.

In the meantime, here’s your last chance to take the poll and see what other people are doing with all those hearts.



Your guess is as good as mine. And that’s because, based on previous events, there is no reliable schedule.

The Halloween event finished a few days past the end of October, the Thanksgiving mini-event finished roughly on time, and the Christmas event was extended by more than a week to accommodate those who were unable to buy the various special characters and buildings due to a plethora of bugs and glitches. It finally wound up at a bit before midnight CST on January 10 in the US.

Will the Valentine’s event be extended? Given the low heart value of the buildings, I doubt it – and, honestly, I rather hope not. The end of the Valentine’s event is likely to be followed by an update that will hopefully fix the current set of bugs and glitches once and for all – and maybe add level 27. If Christmas is anything to go by, the update may not come right away, though. Once it comes, your hearts will probably disappear, too (again, based on previous events).

EA are still saying that the event ends on February 28. And there is no indication of what time that will be – which means that it could be in the morning or the late evening or even the next day. My guess, too, is that the subsequent update will be through the App Store for Apple users to remove the Valentine’s Day version – but that’s only a guess.


I seem to have missed covering this in all the Valentine’s posts, although I know it’s been mentioned in the comments section. However, it’s certainly a question worth addressing before the Valentine’s event ends some time on February 28.

Throughout the Valentine’s decoration quest, you received 10XP as a bonus every tine you placed a Valentine’s decoration as part of the quest. But this isn’t the end of the XP story – because XP also comes from the act of placing a decoration whether or not it’s part of the quest.

Valentine’s decorations earn well over the odds for XP. Subject to some variations for people who have a lot of premium items, you earn the same amount of XP as the heart cost. So, rose bushes earn a base of 10XP and the Choo-choo-choose me trains earn an attractive 100XP.

So, what are you going to do? Maximize your XP or grind your hearts for cash? And if you haven’t taken the poll yet, please make your choice so that you can see what everyone else is planning to do.


It’s the weekend, so time for a little variety (and my first go at a poll!)

The Heart Grinder is here – so, what are you going to do with it? Visit friends and grind hearts madly, or save your hearts for Valentines decorations and XP? Go on – vote!


The heart grinder is a really nice idea (the occasional donut would be great, though, but you can’t have everything). And it makes a lot of sense for players at the early stages of the game to grind their hearts into cash, because when you’re first building your town, cash is something you never seem to have enough of.

But what about level 26 players, particularly those who have plenty of cash already and for whom heart grinding would mean even more money than they can feasibly use? For them, heart grinding may not be the best option – and that’s because you hit the bonus level and the chance to win up to 3 donuts every time you fill up your XP bar.

Here are some thoughts from a couple of level 26 players. First, here’s Tine:

I might still go with buying and selling trains, as they offer XP when you place them. Money usually isn’t a problem in my game, so even if the trains sell cheaper – no biggie. XP on the other hand leads to bonus levels and *Hmm, donuts*… Difficult one!

And here’s what Jayneandhalo has to say:

If you buy the Valentines items you get XP in addition to the cash for selling it back… And if you’re in a level 26 grind for donuts… Hearts = donuts (in a very small amount)

You’ve got to agree that for cash-rich players at level 26, this approach makes a lot of sense. The choice is yours – you just need to make it before the event ends on February 28 and your hearts disappear forever!


Now that Tapped Out has launched globally, Android players are looking around and wondering if they, too, will be able to join in the Valentine’s event fun. I know that because, “simpsons tapped out Android Valentines” is one of the most popular searches hitting this blog today.

I’m sorry to say that the answer to this question is “no”. And there are two very good reasons for this:

1. The Valentine’s event ends on February 28, which means that there’s not really enough time to make the most of it.

2. More importantly, because Origin isn’t available for the game on Android devices yet, Android players can’t add friends or take part in the social element of the game. Without being able to give Valentines to your friends, or collect hearts from friends’ Springfields, it would be very difficult to make any kind of progress in the Valentine’s Day version of the game.

Hopefully, Origin will arrive soon for Android players and, by the time the next event rolls around, the game will be in sync across platforms.


EA reminded everyone today through the official Facebook page that the Valentine’s event for iOs players ends sometime on February 28. So, what happens to your hearts then?

Sad to say, they’ll disappear forever, going the way of Halloween Candy and Santa Coins. That means it’s important to use them all up before that happens because if you have any left when the event finishes they will simply disappear.

And what time on the 28th will this happen? Well that’s difficult to say. Based on how past events have finished, it could be any time on the 28th and it might even be a day or so later. The best advice I can give is to get rid of your hearts before you go to bed on the 27th – and regard anything that comes after that as a bonus.


No – sorry. No donuts. Not even one. And believe me, I’ve put enough hearts through the Heart Grinder today so that if there were any donuts, I’m pretty sure I would have seen at least 1 or 2 by now. So, the picture doesn’t lie – hearts in and cash (and only cash) out.

On a brighter note, I’ve made a lot of extra cash – and managed to score $1,000 5 times in a row for my last 100 hearts (although I did get lots of $250’s and $500’s for the 100 hearts before that). It certainly beats buying and selling Choo-choo-choose Me trains, though!

To read more about the Heart Grinder, take a look here.


While today’s update didn’t fix the harp of death, it did introduce the Heart Grinder (I didn’t notice it at first – too busy blogging!)

What’s the Heart Grinder? Well, it turns your hearts into cash. For 20 hearts, you get a random amount of cash – $250, $500, $750, or $1,000. It’s unfortunately not an object that sits in your town, though. Instead, once you’ve paid your 20 hearts, you get a notification telling you how much cash has been ground out and that amount is automatically added to your total.

Where do you find it? Go into your Valentine’s event menu and you’ll see it, as the screenshot below shows:


Donuts would have been nice, but at least there’s a use for the hearts and a reason to visit friends. Now, maybe, I’ll be able to get the Escalator to Nowhere!

It doesn’t seem that way, sadly. I’ve only seen one report of someone getting Shauna this way and I suspect now that the person in question was trolling.

The Mystery Love Boxes only seem to contain Valentine’s decorations or hearts – nothing else. Which means if you want Shauna before the Valentine’s Day event ends, you’ll have to buy her with donuts (as there’s no guarantee she’ll hang around afterwards like Barney or Sideshow Mel did after the Christmas event).

I’ve written a post on this so take a look here if you need some buying advice.


A couple of days ago, I posted about why it was a good idea to continue collecting hearts and leaving Valentines, even if you and your friends have all the Valentines stuff you need. You can see that post at

One person commenting anonymously overnight suggested another reason: you can use your hearts to buy lots and lots of the Choo-choo-choose Me trains and then sell them back for $1000 each. It’s a really good idea and one I hadn’t thought of. And a great idea given that the level 26 update has given you the Wiggum House and El Chemistri to save for.

Hold off spending those hearts until at least the 24th, though. By then we should know if any kind of hearts for donuts deal is on the way.


Good question – after all, there are only so many rose bushes you would seriously want to buy and the hammocks and planters are hardly subtle enough to want more than one or two of each. And you can’t give your hearts away to friends who don’t have enough.

The answer depends on how much you believe the rumors. There’s a suggestion – and I have to stress that it’s only a suggestion – that there will be something at the end of the Valentine’s event that will let you trade in your hearts. Possibly for donuts, but possibly for something else. I stress, too, that nothing has been confirmed by EA as they’re not in the habit of giving these things away in advance. But, based on how the Christmas event ended, the rumors are entirely reasonable.

So, what should you do in the meantime? Keep collecting Be Mine cards, at least in the Springfields of people who send you Valentines. If you have a lot of friends, balance collecting cash and collecting hearts (after all, there are a couple of really expensive things to buy now). And keep your fingers crossed that something special happens before the Valentine’s event is over.


I wish I could answer that one. After all, since the accidental release at the end of January, we know Ralph and level 26 are on the way. As EA traditionally keep things very quiet until launch day, though, the best I can say is that Ralph Wiggum will be with us very, very soon (although one person posting a comment here has suggested that it could be as late as February 24).

So, what can you do until then? Well, keep playing, collecting hearts, and enjoying the game. And you can also take a look at this YouTube video of Ralphisms posted there by alasdairdavidstewart. It’ll make you want Ralph even more.

Update: the Wiggum House and Ralph, together with El Chemistri, were finally released for real on February 14. You can read about it at

No, you don’t – which makes life easier if you have a lot of friends because It greatly reduces the time it takes to collect money, XP and hearts.

You only need to tap once on each building you want to collect from. This makes the dollars and XP fly out (and the hearts, too, during the Valentine’s event). You don’t need to tap on these to collect. The game automatically scoops them up them for you after a few seconds.

This works in your town as well as in your friends’ towns. And in a friend’s town, you can even leave before everything is scooped up, and it’ll be automatically added to your total.


A few people reported overnight that they went into their Springfield and found that all their hearts had disappeared. A similar thing happened to me with the coins during the Christmas event.

Over at the official forums, someone has suggested a solution. You can see the thread at , but the suggested fix is to leave the game, close it in your multitask bar, and then go back in.

Let me know how it goes.


This question has come up a few times in the Google searches that reach this page. So, just a reminder that it all ends on February 28 (US) – and if experience is anything to go by, you can expect it to end at any time on that day.

That means you have until at least February 27 to collect and use your hearts. That also means that you can’t expect any of the limited time buildings or decorations to be available for love, money or donuts on or after that date. Shauna may also become unavailable at that time.

You can see for yourself by tapping on the question mark next to your hearts, as you can see in the screenshot below.


I’ve written a lot of posts over the past week on the Valentine’s Day update. With three weeks still to go, they risk getting pushed off the front page, making them harder for new players to find.

So, I’ve added a new page to the blog, linking the key posts. I’ll be working on it a bit over the next day or so, but even as it is, it’s a good place to start looking for the answers to all your Valentine’s Day questions.

You can access it through the menu bar at the top of the page, or go direct to:


The answer to that question is something only EA knows and they’re unlikely to share it with us until the very end of the Valentine’s event.

The event has been running for a week, but many people have finished the Valentine’s Day quest and bought all the buildings and just about all the rose bushes they need. Which means that there’s very little to spend those hearts on. So, it’s a natural question to ask.

EA seem to have a policy of saying almost nothing about what’s coming next until just before it actually arrives. They really like to maintain the element of surprise.

At the end of the Halloween event, when everyone was gathering candy, nothing happened – instead, the Thanksgiving event arrived. At the end of the Christmas event, we were all able to trade the coins we’d saved for stockings containing either reindeer or donuts. At the end of the Valentines event – well, we won’t know until February 28 when it finishes.

My advice – keep playing and if you have all the limited time decorations you want, save your hearts. They may be worth something at the end of Valentines or they may just disappear (and don’t be disappointed if they do). Prepare yourself either way because, based on previous events, we won’t know what happens until it actually happens.


Look away now if you like your quests to be surprising – there are spoilers ahead….

Here’s a walkthrough of the main Valentine’s quest. It features Lisa, Milhouse, Homer, and Marge:

1. Start the quest by collecting 3 “cards” from neighbors.
2. Lisa delivers a Valentine to Milhouse’s House hoping he won’t take it the wrong way (10 minutes – keep Milhouse free)
3. He does, so Lisa runs home. Milhouse flies a kite (8 hours) Lisa does next week’s homework (24 hours – keep Milhouse free as Lisa finishes)
4. Milhouse goes to Homer for advice, and Homer suggests ice-cream. Milhouse prompts the building of Phineas Q. Butterfat’s (10 hearts and 24 hours – keep Homer free as the building finishes)
5. Homer eats at Phineas Q. Butterfat’s (8 hours)
6. Homer remembers that it’s Valentine’s Day and goes to shop for Marge at Kwik-E Mart (1 hour)
7. Homer plants a rose bush (10 hearts) to cut flowers for Marge but Officer Wiggum tells him he can’t cut them because they’re on public land (instant)
8. Homer prompts the building of Howard’s Flowers (25 hearts and 24 hours to build)
9. The flowers are too expensive, so Homer has to go do a plant shift (16 hours – for new players you’ll need to have reached Level 11 and have built the plant for him to do this)
10. Having earned enough money, Homer shops at Howard’s flowers (12 hours – keep Milhouse free as he finishes)
11. Milhouse starts a task for Lisa to plant flowers (very quick – you can either buy these or use any you have in your inventory)
12. Lisa starts a task for her and Milhouse to go and eat ice cream (8 hours – keep Homer free as they finish)
13. Homer gives his Valentine’s flowers to Marge and suggests dinner at the Gilded Truffle; Marge has a better idea and, in response, Homer prompts the building of Sir Putt-a-lot’s (50 hearts and 24 hours to build, but you need to be at level 15 to build it – keep Homer and Marge free as it finishes)
14. Homer prompts some action on Marge’s idea and Homer and Marge go to the golf castle at Sir Putt-a-lot’s for a “snuggle” (12 hours)

And that’s where the story ends. In my game, though, Homer finished it off nicely by coming out of the golf castle with Marge and saying, “A job mediocrely done.” Marge had nothing substantial to add.


To make it easy for people on mobile devices to find the posts so far on the Valentine’s Day event, I’ve linked them all here:

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There is one more Valentine’s post to come on the Chasing Shauna quest, so keep checking back.


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