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Some time ago, Lee sent in this comment (and even further back Schpeen sent in something similar):

How many income-generating characters are there in the game (include all premium characters and those from special events & episode promos)?

Not all characters are income-generating, some are just walking decorations (eg: Mayan God). But I seems to take a much longer time to send everyone to tasks nowadays, with increasing number of characters.

Springfield is certainly getting busy because as of the date of this post there are currently more than 50 playable characters that you need to keep gainfully employed every day (and there are several more on the way). Here’s a list of the characters that have tasks (which means that the Funzos, the Whacking Day snakes, the Leprechaun, some of the Halloween characters, and the Animals and Pets are not included):

The Simpsons: Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Grampa (set full)
Churchy Joes: Ned, Reverend Lovejoy
Villains: Mr. Burns, Hank Scorpio, Snake, the Rich Texan
School Workers: Principal Skinner, Willie, Edna Krabappel, Otto
Civil Servants: Chief Wiggum, Mayor Quimby
Business Owners: Apu, Comic Book Guy, Moe, Luigi, Lugash (set full)
C-List Celebrities: Krusty, Kent Brockman, Bumblebee Man, Sideshow Mel, Miss Springfield (set full)
B-List Celebrities: Duffman, Tatum
Oddballs: Cletus, Frink
Squeaky Voice Teen and Moleman: Squeaky Voice Teen, Moleman
Kids: Milhouse, Martin, Ralph
Toughies: Nelson, Kearney, Shauna
Wiseguys: Fat Tony, Legs, Louie
Barflies: Barney
Doctors: Dr. Hibbert, Dr. Nick
Plant Workers: Smithers, Lenny, Carl
Irishmen: Tom O’Flanagan
Oldies: Agnes Skinner
Halloween: Kang

As you’ll notice, some of the character sets are full. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that there’ll be no new characters for the set. As recently happened during Whacking Day, and with the release of Agnes, all that really means is that the developers may reshuffle the existing sets and create a new one. The bottom line is that’s there are now a lot to characters to organize – which means if you think you’re spending longer on the game than you have been in the past, you’re probably right. You are.

But this is all leading somewhere: who would you like to see added to the existing sets in future updates, and what new sets do you think there should be if they can only go in a set that’s full? We know of at least four main characters and 5 minor ones that are on their way in the Squidport expansion and levels 31 and 32 – so, why not think beyond that to level 32, 33, 34 and 35. Maybe someone from EA will see this and bring your favorite character that not there yet into the game.



A few readers noticed that last week’s update was a rather large one, indicating that it might also contain a few more things of interest yet to come. And they’re right!

There’s at least two characters in the files that weren’t there prior to this update. And there are a few interesting new things that look like they’re coming very soon after the end of Whacking Day to celebrate the end of season 24.

As usual, if you’re reading this on the homepage, click or tap the link below the picture if you don’t mind being spoiled. And if you are already on the post page, you have until the bottom of the picture to leave and go and read something else…

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Here’s the lastest post from RerockerFC

The game as it is now is a lot of fun, but there are few features that could be added and gameplay improvements that could be made to make it even more fun. Here are my suggestions, but let me know your suggestions too and we can add them to the list!

1. The ability to rotate buildings 360 degrees.

2. Faster startup for the game.

3. An option to play most of the features offline and then, once you’re online, to update your Springfield with any changes you made while you were offline.

4. More music for different places.

5. A calendar showing upcoming events.

6. Higher-priced options for Scratch-R tickets to win higher-value prizes.

7. A “change Springfield to night-time” option with some decorations, such as the Street Lamps, giving out light.

8. Allowing more characters to sit on Benches.

9. A greater variety of tasks for different amounts of time.

10. The ability to design the interiors of buildings.

11. Adding more land to the game!

These are just some of the things I think would make the game even more fun. As I mentioned above, let me know your ideas by commenting and we’ll add it to the list!

And I’ll be posting a few interesting videos soon so keep a look out for them!



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