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This came in from Jon B. and I apologize for taking so long to get to it:

I know you can’t provide tech support, but I was hoping you could help draw attention to a problem some of us Android users are having. I’ve been contacting EA for a week with no response. I have one friend and every time I try to add more I’m told I have the maximum number of friends. Unfortunately this is seriously affecting my ability to participate in whacking day and I’m already past the point of being able to get all 10 prizes, since I can only get at best about 110-130 snakes a day.

Unfortunately, this still seems to be an issue that hasn’t quite been resolved by EA or Origin. Both Android players and Apple players can have up to 100 friends. And while you can never add people who already have 100 friends without getting an error message, what Jon is describing is too common a complaint for this to be the cause of the problem that Android users are facing.

I’m hoping that this will be resolved with the next update, but it will be too late for Whacking Day. So, if you’re an Android user who’s had problems adding friends, please feel free to put your Origin ID in this post describing the problem you’ve been facing. Perhaps other readers can try to add you and, if they can, deliver you some eggs.



It looks like around half of the readers of this blog will actually get all 10 prizes based on this weekend’s poll (you can find it here). In most cases, it’s been with a lot of help from friends, egg buddies and donors. And, with that in mind, here’s something suggested by Natalie 29977:

I was wondering if you’d be able to do a ‘Thanks’ post so people can thank others for giving eggs.

I’ve been giving back to those whose initials I could understand but some I haven’t been able to and some people have given anonymously and if there was a proper place for people to write them, everyone would know.

Without a way to communicate your thanks directly through the game, this is where you can thank the people who have helped you to meet your targets. And I’d like to kick things off by thanking one of the most generous egg donors around, johnnyc! I really appreciate all your help!

Just a note: Please don’t make egg requests in the comments to this post – unfortunately, they’ll just be deleted. This is for thanking people only. If you need an egg buddy, this is the pace to go –


So far on this blog, there are places to find friends and egg buddies – but, as Karen pointed out to me a couple of days ago, there probably needs to be a place for egg donation requests as well.

As a single father of two with a very busy job, I can appreciate that there’s not always the time available to go into the game and whack all the snakes and exchange all the eggs you need to get you all the way up the prize ladder. Also, many teenage players in the UK and elsewhere are busily preparing for their exams and really should be studying rather than spending the time it takes every day to whack the snakes you need to be whacking to get ahead.

Karen explained her own situation this way:

We have places on the blog to find friends and to find egg trading partners but what about those of us who don’t have eggs to trade but could use a few generous donations of eggs to help them catch up? I give all my eggs to my daughter and her 2 friends down the street and unfortunately they don’t give that many back. They say they don’t have a lot of time to get eggs to give, claiming things like “homework” and “school” and “eating” and “playing”. They obviously haven’t seen the commercial for Tapped Out. I have about 40 friends and I’m afraid I don’t have time for many more. None of my friends ever leave me any eggs except my daughter and her friends. I currently have 7748 snakes so I know I am not on target for all 10 prizes but will be kind of close. I really want to get the Sleep-Eazy Motel! What’s a Mom to do? Lol. For anyone wanting to help my user name is kdavidner.

So, if you need a donation as well, let us know how many snakes you have and, like Karen, tell us your story – don’t simply say “Add me” or just leave your Origin ID (those belong on the Add Friends page). And if you’re interested in making a donation, just add anyone whose story you connect with and deliver some eggs, either reguarly or as a one-off drop.

Oh – and tell us your name as well!

Playboy Marge Simpson

I’ve been holding on to this comment for a few days now, waiting for the perfect time. And with just a little over a week to go for the Whacking Day event, it’s probably as good a time as any.

This came in from SolGoof a week or so back, and it’s a collection of some very good Whacking Day advice. Some of it’s been covered in passing or in comments, but very few of them have been the subject of their own post:

Here’s a few thoughts/experiences I haven’t seen covered yet (or have simply missed):

  • Reset your daily timers: Don’t have time to visit every friend and tap, whack and lay eggs? Enter a friend’s town and whack one snake or perform one action. This resets the daily timer, so you can take time later to finish up all the tasks but not miss out on an entire day of timer countdowns. 
  • Leave something untapped!: It’s tempting to tap all your building when they become available right away, but remember to leave something untapped for your friends! If you only have Brown houses for them to tap, that’s all they’ll tap; if you leave a White house untapped, they can tap it for you…
  • Do your Whacking Day tasks: if your characters aren’t doing Whacking Day (WD) tasks, I’m less likely to leave any eggs (if it’s not important enough to you to do WD tasks to get snakes, it’s not important to me to leave more eggs either!). The exception would be any tasks that are WD quests, like Apu’s clean-up of the Kwik-E-Mart. Remember, doing those non-snake tasks as part of the quests gives you snakes, too.
  • House Farming: If you House Farm, it is likely I won’t leave eggs (or possibly keep you on my list!). I actually prefer the friends who are lower levels, simply because their Springfield’s are much smaller, simpler, and easier to find snakes in. I don’t mind small or even modertate farms, but not when it’s all blue or white houses packed endlessly together.
  • Whacking Day items/premium items: Same as the above, if you have all the WD rewards or the premium items I’m likely to not leave eggs…because you don’t need them. You either have donuts to spend or have completed the quests already, so there are others who can benefit from my eggs.
  • Keep your streets clean: There are some beautiful Springfield’s out there! I’m amazed at the creativity and effort many people put in to their towns. One suggestion is to keep your streets clean, though. As it has been stated before, snakes tend to stick to the streets (I’ve tracked and on average, I find 4 out of 5 snakes on streets), and having trees or buildings overlap and cover the streets makes finding snakes that much more difficult. Sure, you lose some real estate, but unless you’re farming it’s not a huge loss. Snakes are here for a limited time, so if you’re looking to reach your goals be considerate and make it easier for your friends to find their snakes, too!
  • Take the helmet off your pet snake! I can’t whack him with that silly thing on. 🙂

So that’s the advice from SolGoof. What tips would you like to share with other readers in the final stretch towards the May 9 end to Whacking Day?


About 10 days ago, I posted on the problem of the missing prizes (you can see the post here) – and it seems to be a problem that is still going on. For some people, it’s been a matter of looking in the wrong place for the prize (you should be checking the cardboard box in the left-hand corner of your build screen, as you can see here):

If it’s not in your Inventory, you’ll needs to report it to EA following the procedure just a few posts down. You may get the prize back (and some donuts as well by way of compensation), but be prepared for this to take some time.

None of this helps if your Expert Whacking License has gone missing and you’re no longer able to whack snakes in friends’ towns. Resolving the issue is likely to take a couple of weeks and getting it back after Whacking Day when it will be useless is no help whatsoever. This really only leaves you with three options:

1. Buy an Elite Whacking License for 50 donuts – this will activate your Baton mode again and you’ll be able to whack 10 snakes in each friend’s town.
2. Get an egg buddy by posting here (not in the comments section to this post).
3. Comment on this post with a link to a screenshot of what it looks like when you visit a friend so that other readers can see what’s happened to your game and help you out. The screenshot is important – I won’t be clearing requests for help in the comments to this post without one. (You can upload it to Facebook or an image site and link it here.) Let us know how many snakes you have as well.

The Elite Whacking License is probably the most reliable way to get you back on track, but the egg buddy route has also proven successful for many players who have faced the same problem during the event.


Just a word of advice for generous egg donors – be careful of how many eggs you give away at one time.

A number of players have reported that, following large egg drops from friends, they’ve been unable to get into their games. Here’s one from Michael:

Have an issue that just came up today. Egg buddy left me 500+ eggs and now I cannot get back into my game. Has anyone had this issue or if they know what I may try to get this corrected? I have tried powering off my phone and taking battery out. I am at a loss here and a little addicted to this game.

As I’ve taken a look at a couple of these and have been able to get in for them on an iPhone5 with lots of memory free, it sounds like one side-effect of a very generous egg drop has been to test the limit of the memory on their device. I’d suggest trying to log in on a friend’s device or clearing off some Apps or date you no longer need.

So, with that in mind, here’s some very good advice from Dodo:

Just a little piece of advice, do not make a [very large] egg donation. You may be hoping to help someone, but might end up crashing their Springfield. It looks like the game [may] not be able to load a large amount of eggs at the same time.

I left 500+ eggs for a friend and her Springfield crashed every time she tried to load it. It seems like up to 200 eggs at a time is ok.

So, if you are willing to share a large amount of eggs, do it, but just not in one large drop.


Now that Android players have joined the social game, they’re experiencing what Apple players have enjoyed for a long time – random and unexplained drops in the Righteousness rating.

The Righteousness rating is the most difficult of all the Conform-o-meter ratings to manage. You can be playing along quite happily at 5 stars on all your ratings, but suddenly your Righteousness rating will plummet – and it’s often difficult to pinpoint exactly why. So here’s some advice on just what has an impact on your Righteousness and what you can do about it:

1. Character behavior: I personally don’t believe that this has an impact (and can’t find anything in the files to support it). Other players feel that it does. In my own game, my characters rarely go to Church and Snake, Fat Tony, Legs and Louie are all constantly engaged in criminal activity, and I haven’t seen a drop in some time. The only criminal that you have to keep off the streets is Sideshow Bob, and his appearance without capture will cause a Righteousness drop (eventually).

2. Grafitti: Graffiti in your town seems to negatively affect your righteousness rating but cleaning it up restores your rating very quickly in your town, and you get 1/2 a point back for each piece of graffiti you clean up in your friends’ towns. Also leaving graffiti in friends’ towns should cause your rating to drop (although some players have reported that it increases the rating, which seems to be a glitch).

3. Visiting friends: If you don’t visit friends for a while and do some cleaning up, and very few friends visit you and leave graffiti for you to clean up, the rating seems to plummet automatically. I’m not sure exactly how long “for a while” is, though.

4. New levels: These often seem to cause a drop in the rating at some point.

5. Random behavior: It may just be that random drops in the rating are built into the game.

So, I hope this helps. And you have any other thought, please keep sending them in.


This question keeps coming up and, unfortunately, the answer is that, unlike the Valentine’s event, there’s no way to see who’s thinking of you and leaving eggs and who’s not within the game itself. That means friends have needed to get a bit creative and spell out their names or leave eggs in a designated location.

But that has some important consequences that you need to be aware of when you’re delivering eggs to friends’ towns, as Alex and other players point out (and I apologise to the person who originally suggested this post – I can’t find your original comment):

Alex: I have a deal where I spell my friend spells their name in eggs (normally around 100) and I’ll leave 100 back. But someone is now filling in the letters with other eggs so it’s impossible to see who left the eggs. And I noticed my name blocked out on someone else’s town.

So, as part of the etiquette of Whacking Day, if you’re delivering eggs and you see a design or someone’s else’s name spelt out in eggs, back away slowly and head to another part of town. Don’t mess up the design or try to fill in the gaps as it’s the only way within the game that players have to let each other know who’s given them the gift of snake eggs.

For other advice on how to be a good neighbor during Whacking Day, see this post.


The screenshot above is from ipadpronto 🙂

A lot of great advice has come in from readers this week. Here’s a tip from alainbryden on how to make it easier for your friends to leave you eggs:

I’ve taken earlier posts’ advice to clear up clutter on my streets. In fact, since I noticed snakes tend to head for streets more often than not, I temporarily replaced all my streets with concrete (pretty quick and easy to do since they’re on a fixed grid), and placed just a few blocks of street in an open field in the center of my town.

The result is that friends are leaving way more eggs in my town. I think they are appreciating how much easier it is to hunt down snakes (a few seconds instead of the 5-10 minutes it takes me in some of the biggest most cluttered towns), and they leave eggs as a thanks.

Something to consider. It also makes it easier to hunt down your own snakes, not to mention track down those Springfielders you might have forgotten to put to work.

Here’s some advice from Irnmadn33 for Android players who can see and vist their iOs friends’ towns, but whose iOs friends are seeing tem as not having Tapped Out:

For those of you who have Android whose friends have iOS, if you can see and visit their towns but they either can’t see yours or it says to them that you don’t have TSTO, I found out that you need to make sure that your Origin account privacy setting is set to allow friends to see you. Hope this helps.

For those of you who are experiencing this issue, please let us all know whether this works.


While the Whacking Day event has been a bit glitchy, getting twice the number of snakes from your Snake Rocks (the fourth prize) is no glitch. If this happens to you, it’s because you have great friends who know just how to help you.

The three daily actions in a friend’s town include tapping on buildings, vandalizing or cleaning up graffiti, reviving dead crops, and regenerating the lemon tree. But during Whacking Day, one of the most helpful things you can do is tap on anything you see that generates snakes whenever you can. You get a small cash and XP collection, but the benefit to your friend is much greater.

Just like the buildings, you can only tap on the Snake Rocks, Stumps and Logs because they’re ready to be tapped on and your friend hasn’t done so yet. Your tap restarts the snake-regeneration timer, even if your friend does nothing else. And another tap four hours later starts it yet again.

That’s why you sometimes see the double snake icon above your snake-generators – not because there’s a glitch but because, while you’ve been away from the game, a couple of friends have stopped by and tapped on it. And with the prize targets so high, this is probably one of the most helpful things they could do for you other than leave you piles of eggs!


At the start of Whacking Day, a poll on this site asked what you were doing with your eggs, and these are the results:

Breaking the results down into percentages:

Answer Percentage
Giving some to all my game friends 29.69%
Giving some to my family and real-life friends 23.12%
Giving them all to one person 16.6%
Hoarding them for now 11.37%
Nothing – there’s no incentive 10.44%
Sharing them among a few special game friends 8.77%

But now we’re at Whacking Day’s half way point, so has your strategy changed since the event began? Let us know in the comments.

About 10 days ago, I posted on how you can be a good neighbor during Whacking Day. Here’s an update that includes the advice from readers that came through in the comments:

1. As far as possible, visit your neighbors regularly. While once a day isn’t always possible for busy people, try to cover everyone as regularly as you can.

2. Plan to visit when the town is ready for its 3 daily actions – that way you can help your friend as well as help yourself).

3. Don’t just go into whack snakes and leave. Remember to tap on buildings, leave graffiti, or clean up any graffiti you see. All of these help your friend in some way (although many people hate the graffiti). Give as well as take!

4. If you’re tapping on buildings, tap on the most expensive ones you can see (those highest on the build list). It helps them regenerate faster in your friend’s town.

5. If you see any Snake Stumps, Rocks or Logs, tap on those – it helps them regenerate faster in your friend’s town, and that will help your friend’s whackable snake count.

6. If you’re whacking snakes in someone’s town, consider leaving them, at the very least, the eggs that come from those snakes.

7. Send Lisa to the Other Springfield to release snakes rather than a friend’s town to avoid reducing the number of snakes any of your friends have – after all, it’s so time-consuming to collect them that it’s really disheartening to see those numbers go down.

8. Use Lisa’s task to see which of your friends really need your help – monitor the numbers and see who is struggling and who is on or above the daily targets. Make big egg drops for those who are playing but struggling (if they have won Fort Sensible and Gymnastic Lisa, they probably fall into this category).

9. If you see a friend has all the prizes, don’t bother leaving eggs. They don’t need them, so give them to someone who does.

10. Try not to hide eggs unless you’re sure your neighbor also enjoys combining Whacking Day with an egg hunt! Place the eggs in the open and avoid putting them behind buildings or decorations.

11. If you have made an egg buddy agreement, keep to it. Be honorable about any arrangements you make.

12. If you have a heavily decorated town or a housefarm, clean it up a little (at least temporarily) to make it easier for your friends to find the snakes they’re trying to whack. Those snakes can be really hard to find in crowded towns once they spread out.

13. Make your town look like you’re playing the Whacking Day event – put up a banner or two and consider buying a stall so people know that you’re open for egg drops!

14. Keep your non-Whacking Day characters on indoor tasks as much as possible to de-clutter your town (that said, I find this one very difficult to do as I set tasks to the time I’ll be away from the game and some of those are inevitably outdoors!).

Is there anything else that you think needs adding? Let us know.


The social element of the game is an aspect confuses many people. That’s because there’s a bit more to your 3 daily actions than simply tapping on friends’ buildings and collecting money and XP, vandalizing their towns, and leaving graffiti or helping them clean it up. And, as well as whacking snakes and leaving eggs, Whacking Day has given you one more things to consider in the 3 daily actions you choose.

Let’s talk about vandalizing and cleaning up first. Vandalizing a building hurts your friend’s righteousness rating – and should also hurt yours (although a recent glitch meant that in some cases your rating actually goes up!). In the same way, cleaning up the graffiti helps the righteousness rating of both you and your friend. While many players hate seeing graffiti in their towns, those mops and buckets that appear as a result of your graffiti can actually help them out when their righteousness rating inexplicably drops. It’s not really as straightforward as it seems and any choices you make on leaving grafitti or not are within the spirit of the game.

You can also tap on buildings and collect a small amount of cash and XP for each building. But just which buildings you should tap on requires at least a moment’s thought. If you really want to help your friends, you should tap on the most expensive buildings available. If there is something for you to tap on above the building, then it means that the building has finished its rent regeneration cycle in your friends town and your friend hasn’t collected yet. The simple act of tapping means that the clock starts running again on the rent/earning cycle of those buildings. So, if you usually tap on the Simpsons’ House or the Brown Houses, you’re not really helping your friends as much as you can. You should only really tap on these buildings if you have no other choice (and when you do, a handshake icon will appear over the buildings you tapped on when your friends go into their games.)

And if you see any dead crops, tapping on these may bring them to life again in your friend’s town. Not only that, you also get to collect cash and XP as a reward for doing so (although no more than you usually do!). However, it’s important to know that you don’t help your friend in any way if you tap on Cletus’ Farm if the crops are still alive (and tapping on Chanel 6 doesn’t really help them out, either).

And for Whacking Day, there’s one more set of actions you can choose. Tapping on any of the icons above the snake-generating Rocks, Stumps and Logs will speed up the regeneration cycle of those decorations – and will mean that your friend will get their new set of snakes a little faster. If this happens a couple of times while they’re away from the game, they may even get double the amount of snakes!

One more point about visiting friends – you only need to tap once on each building you want to collect from. This makes the dollars and XP fly out and you don’t need to tap on these to collect. The game automatically scoops them up them for you after a few seconds. And you can even leave before everything is scooped up, and it’ll be automatically added to your total. Beware, though, as this doesn’t seem to be happening with the snakes you whack!

The moral then is think before you tap – although if you have 100 friends and only a little time, sometimes that’s hard to do.

P.S.: Longer term players will recall that there used to be a glitch that let you build up your cash total and collect huge amounts of cash and XP if you visited all your friends sequentially, This has been repaired and now you collect a fixed amount of $16 and 2 XP per action.


Here’s a great tip from Renosis:

Spell out your name in eggs in your friend’s town. I have done this with several of my friends. It takes about 100 eggs to spell out my name, but it is well worth it because several of these friends have come back and spelled out their own names. We are now in a sort of unspoken competition of who can leave the fanciest looking name spelled out in eggs. Great fun and they usually end up becoming an ‘Egg Buddy’ that you wouldn’t have had before.

And here’s some more advice from Robert:

…you can lays eggs anytime you want. You have to wait 24 hrs for the timer to reset buildings and spawn your snakes but you can go in lay snakes any time you want with no penalty. Still testing but this gives you more time to revisit those towns and be creative in your egg drop. I had fun in one town laying 40 or so around the Christmas tree by the church.

Try it out and see what happens!


Just a reminder about this week’s poll, which is running on this site until sometime during the weekend. The question this week is – what exactly are you doing with your eggs? Are you hoarding them, sharing them, or giving them all to a special person in your life?

If you’ve taken the poll already, check in to see what other readers of this blog are doing. And if you haven’t taken it, please vote!


As the post below says, you need 3017 snakes in your inventory by the end of Thursday in the US to be on target to get all 10 prizes. While it does get easier (particularly when you win the Snake Rocks), a number of people are worried whether they’re every going to make it without staying home from work or school until May 9.

Robert has made a brilliant suggestion that I can take absolutely no credit for that involves all of us helping each other to get there. Not only is it so simple, it makes use of the information you get in Lisa’s “Release snakes” task to actually help your friends (particularly the ones you’ve made through here) rather than hurt them!

Here’s what Robert says:

I think we may be missing the point of her releasing egg tasks: KARMA (remember you just got a Buddist Temple). It shows you which of your friends are really struggling be it a glitch of lost eggs whatever. Go through your list and find those who need enough donuts to get a whacking permit or need some more to get the rock. Help them and you help yourself.

So, Lisa’s task lets you see how many snakes your friends have in their inventories. Next time you send her on this task, take a look at the numbers for each town. Jot down the IDs of any of your friends that seem to be playing but also seem to be struggling with hitting snake targets. Then send Lisa to Other Springfield to carry out her task – DO NOT send her to a friend’s town!

When you come to visit your friends, make sure you visit the people who are having trouble hitting their targets and make a generous egg drop. It’s not an egg buddy thing, or anything that you would necessarily expect that friend to return – it’s just something to help out a friend and maybe they’ll pay it forward (if your friend also reads this blog, there’s a good chance they will). And if we’re all doing this, then maybe all the readers of this blog will reach those snake targets and win every prize.

Thanks Robert for suggesting this and coming up with a way to use Lisa’s task positively.

Note: While some people are reporting “Other Springfield” as Lisa’s only option, most people can still see all their friends.


In the last 24 hours, the number of people with this issue has increased. In fact, it’s probably the number one question in the comments on various threads over the last 12 hours.

Honestly, I prefer writing about all the good stuff, but it seems that every time there’s a lot of great new free stuff, there are also a lot of great, new free glitches. The latest one is the game no longer registering that some players have earned their Expert Whacking License or recognizing a whacking ability of any kind when it comes to friends’ towns. In some cases, too, players have reported their Elite License simply returning to the premium store. Please note that most players are unaffected by this.

If this is your situation, please contact EA and let them know (through their help page or EA Answers). But, given that individual game repairs usually take some time, and this is something that will probably need a further game update, it may be best not to expect too much too quickly from this route. If you purchased an Elite License, I would also suggest approaching Apple or Google Play for a refund on an in-app purchase that wasn’t received.

In the meantime, there are two possible solutions. The first is to buy an (or another) Elite License. While this costs donuts, it will have you back and whacking snakes in friends towns immediately. The second route, for those who don’t want to spend (more) real money on something they already have, is to get an egg buddy. That way you don’t need to whack snakes, you can simply exchange eggs.

This is yet another glitch I really hope will be fixed soon.


That’s a very good question. Sometimes very, very quickly and sometimes things take a little longer.

As I’ve pointed out in a number of posts on different parts of the Tapped Out social game, our game is truly global, and involves millions of people across the globe playing in a variety of different time zones in a variety of different languages and across different platforms and providers. Particularly during big events, the servers seems to have a hard time keeping up and this is actually perfectly normal, although it can be frustrating.

Rooster put it this way in a comment on another post:

Think about the MILLIONS of people playing this game. Waiting 3 days for it to sync up is no problem for me. With all of the work they put into this game, and as many people playing, you know their servers are on overdrive. Plus, it is a freemium game, so overall it’s free, we can’t complain too much. Just relax…:)

It’s important to remember that just because you can see them in your friend’s town doesn’t mean that your friend can see them yet. And whether or not the eggs are delivered quickly or appear a day or so later has nothing to do with where that person is in relation to you. Yesterday, for example, I made a drop to my son and only half of them appeared. Today, the rest were there. The day before, the eggs he delivered me all appeared all at once. These are transaction that are made via your local 3/4G or WiFi providers sending messages to servers that are, in many cases, thousands of miles from where you are now, and then sending messages back to the friend sitting right next to you that plant eggs in his or her town. No wonder there are often delays!

So, as Rooster suggests, be patient. Those eggs you sent will show up – as will the eggs that have been sent to you.


A number of Android players have commented that when they try to add friends in Origin, their potential new friends are showing up as not having the game. Others have reported searching for user names of people wanting to be added but not being able to find them. And still others have been unable to add very many people at all. The best advice on this is to relax – it’s, unfortunately, all perfectly normal!

Under normal circumstances, it can take anywhere up to 3 days for a new Origin user to appear and show up as being able to play the game, regardless of where they are in relation to you. With some my real-life friends living nearby (and in my household), my friend was able to see and visit my town days before they even appeared among on my friend list.

Android users, like Apple players, have a 100 friend limit. But the limit isn’t just about how many people you can add – it’s also about what happens when you adtry to add someone. If you try to add a friend who is already at their limit, then you’ll get an error message. Given how fast I’ve seen the Add Friends list move on this page over the past few days, it’s quite possible that some of the people you’re trying to add have reached their limit very quickly, and that means you won’t be able to add them, no matter how many times you try.

So, the bottom line is to be patient – something very similar has happened for Apple players at almost every big event. As the week goes on, things should settle. Just remember – it’s probably not you, it’s the Origin social servers having a hard time keeping up!


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