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It would be great if all the limited time items and characters that newer players missed were made available again. Some of these include:

– Kang
– Witch Marge (with her ability to speed up crops)
– Devil Ned Flanders
– Mr Plow
– Mayan Homer
– Santa Homer
– Cool Homer
– The Cool Brown House
– The Duff Racer
– The Cemetery
– The Pet Cemetery
– The Super Collider and the Black Hole
– The Bad Dream House
– The Mausoleum
– The Ray Gun
– The Heck House skin for the Church
– Shauna
– Howard’s Flowers
– Phineas Q. Butterfat’s
– Sir Putt-a-lot’s
– Tom O’Flanagan
– O’Flanagan’s Pub
– The Leprechaun
– Fruit-Bat-Man
– Gorgeous Grampa
– Respectable Moe

There’s more, but you get the idea (and after Whacking Day, Ninja Homer, Gymnastic Lisa, and Bare-Chested Willie will almost certainly join the list and possibly Miss Springfield and Tatum, too).

The answer, unfortunately, is that no one except EA knows for sure. I hope so, though, and believe that there’s a strong possibility that some, although maybe not all, of these items will be available at a later date – and now that Fat Tony is back and we know that Kang is on the way again later this year, the prospects are certainly rosier than they ever have been.

However, if they do become available, it’s likely that anything that wasn’t free first time round will probably be premium items available for donuts only should they return. And months from now, be patient when people ask how they can get for free all those great prizes you earned through your Whacking Day blood, sweat and tears.



A couple of months ago, I wrote a post highlighting that certain decorations give your characters additional tasks. The limited time Limo available as part of the Respectable Moe episode promotion is a good reason to update it and try to produce a definitive version.

Decorations not only make your town look nice. Like Moe’s Limo, they sometimes give your characters extra tasks to do, as well. So, what are those value-adding decorations, and which of your characters get those extra tasks?

Regular Decorations:

Decoration Character Task Length
Kiddie Pool Homer Lounge in the pool 6 hours
Tree Skinner Go Bird-watching 24 hours
Tree Lisa Read a book 45 seconds
Shrub Moe Spy on Midge 12 hours
Snapdragons Martin Smell the roses 10 minutes
Bench Grampa Simpson Take a nap / Feed the birds 6 hours / 8 hours
Dumpster Cletus Dig through garbage 12 hours
Gazebo Lisa, Martin, Principal Skinner, Comic Book Guy, Sideshow Mel, Professor Frink Attend a Mensa meeting 3 hours
Lawn Chair Kent Brockman Relax 1 hour
Water Shauna (no longer available) Tease the ducks 8 hours
Water Legs and Louie Interrogate a squealer 1 hour

Premium Decorations:

Decoration Character Task Length
Limo (limited-time) Moe Fun in the Limo 1 hour
Hot Tub Fat Tony Relax in the Hot Tub 10 hours
Piece of Crap Car Nelson Shoot B-B gun 30 minutes
Cannon Sideshow Mel Shoot from a cannon 30 minutes

It’s also worth mentioning that the Channel 6 News Van and the Worldwide Satellite Dish give extra tasks for Channel 6.

If there’s anything I missed, let me know.

Update: I haven’t included Gymnastic Lisa’s Balance Beam or Ninja Homer’s Practice Snake as they come as part of a set with the character (although buying more Practice Snakes gices Ninja Homer even more snakes to acrobatically whack).


Now that Android players have joined the social game, they’re experiencing what Apple players have enjoyed for a long time – random and unexplained drops in the Righteousness rating.

The Righteousness rating is the most difficult of all the Conform-o-meter ratings to manage. You can be playing along quite happily at 5 stars on all your ratings, but suddenly your Righteousness rating will plummet – and it’s often difficult to pinpoint exactly why. So here’s some advice on just what has an impact on your Righteousness and what you can do about it:

1. Character behavior: I personally don’t believe that this has an impact (and can’t find anything in the files to support it). Other players feel that it does. In my own game, my characters rarely go to Church and Snake, Fat Tony, Legs and Louie are all constantly engaged in criminal activity, and I haven’t seen a drop in some time. The only criminal that you have to keep off the streets is Sideshow Bob, and his appearance without capture will cause a Righteousness drop (eventually).

2. Grafitti: Graffiti in your town seems to negatively affect your righteousness rating but cleaning it up restores your rating very quickly in your town, and you get 1/2 a point back for each piece of graffiti you clean up in your friends’ towns. Also leaving graffiti in friends’ towns should cause your rating to drop (although some players have reported that it increases the rating, which seems to be a glitch).

3. Visiting friends: If you don’t visit friends for a while and do some cleaning up, and very few friends visit you and leave graffiti for you to clean up, the rating seems to plummet automatically. I’m not sure exactly how long “for a while” is, though.

4. New levels: These often seem to cause a drop in the rating at some point.

5. Random behavior: It may just be that random drops in the rating are built into the game.

So, I hope this helps. And you have any other thought, please keep sending them in.


With Fat Tony now a permanent character, the question of why certain characters are voiced and why others are voiceless has come up again – so he’s a repost from a couple of months ago:

I’m not sure I can answer that exact question of ehy some characters have voices and some don’t (but I’m sure it has a lot to do with royalties and licensing). But I can tell you that the only game characters with voices are those voiced by the 6 lead actors in the series – Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright, Yeardley Smith, Hank Azaria, and Harry Shearer.

So here is a list of the lead actors and some of the characters they play, so you know which characters are likely to have a voice and which will probably be forever silent:

Dan Castellaneta
Homer Simpson
Grampa Simpson
Krusty the Clown
Barney Gumble
Groundskeeper Willie
Mayor Quimby
Hans Moleman
Sideshow Mel
Gil Gunderson
Squeaky Voice Teen
Rich Texan

Julie Kavner
Marge Simpson
Patty Bouvier
Selma Bouvier
Jacqueline Bouvier

Nancy Cartwright
Bart Simpson
Nelson Muntz
Todd Flanders
Ralph Wiggum

Yeardley Smith
Lisa Simpson

Hank Azaria
Apu Nahasapeemapetilon
Moe Szyslak
Chief Wiggum
Comic Book Guy
Carl Carlson
Dr. Nick
Snake Jailbird
Professor Frink
Kirk Van Houten
Luigi Risotto
Bumblebee Man
Captain Horatio McCallister
Superintendent Chalmers
Cletus Spuckler
Disco Stu

Harry Shearer
Mr. Burns
Waylon Smithers
Ned Flanders
Principal Skinner
Otto Mann
Lenny Leonard
Reverend Lovejoy
Dr. Hibbert
Kent Brockman
Rainier Wolfcastle
Dr. Marvin Monroe
Judge Snyder
Sanjay Nahasapeemapetilon

You’ll notice that Milhouse, Edna Krabappel, Hank Scorpio, Fat Tony and Shauna are not on the list – they’re all voiced by a supporting cast member or a guest actor. And for that reason, they don’t talk at all in the game.

You can see a more extensive list of who voices which character here:


When we left Fat Tony and the gang in part 2 of the walkthrough (which you can find here), Marge was protesting against Springfield’s growing Mafia menace, while Fat Tony was busy at the racetrack fixing races. Marge’s protest does little for Fat Tony’s mood, as you’ll soon see:

1. Taking Care of Business Once Marge’s protest is over, Fat Tony expresses his concerns:
Fat Tony: Boys, Marge Simpson is onto us. Someone in our organization squealed. I need you to find out who.
Louie: Wouldn’t it just be easier to “take care” of this Simpson lady?
Fat Tony: Louie, Louie, Louie. Women are for taking care of, not “take care” of. Find some guy to nuts on instead.
And in a joint task, Legs and Louie head off to carry out Fat Tony’s instructions and interrogate a squealer – it will only take an hour to get him to confess. Keep Luigi free as they finish.

2. The Italian Job Luigi is happy to see Fat Tony’s return (and is apparently happy to ignore all the times Fat Tony has eaten at his restaurant in the games of people who’ve had him since November):

Fat Tony: Which I will now collect. Back-dated, of course, to the birth of New Springfield.
Luigi: But I didn’t get unlocked until level 18. It’s-a not fair!
Fat Tony: Then you can file a complaint at the monthly meeting of the Extortionee’s Committee. The system is in place for a reason.
Fat Tony heads into Luigi’s for the dinner special, where he’ll spend the next 4 hours. Keep Legs and Louie free as he finishes.

3. Gangster Paradise Satisfied and full, Fat Tony calls in his boys. Unfortunately, even in the Mafia, it’s hard to get good help. Before getting down to business, Louie needs to spend the next 8 hours performing a hit in the Brown House. Legs, however, goes off to Fat Tony’s Compound to sell smuggled goods while Louie is otherwise engaged. Keep Chief Wiggum and Fat Tony free as they finish.

4. Puff Justice With all his usual speed and deep knowledge of the law, Chief Wiggum is finally on to them:

Fat Tony: Whatever for, Officer?
Chief Wiggum: Impersonating an Ethnic Stereotype. You’re sentenced to 24 years in prison. Oops, this says 24 hours. Must be a typo. You’re lucky I don’t like refilling out forms.
Fat Tony, Legs and Louie all head off to the slammer. Fat Tony goes in for 24 hours, and from there he’ll continue to run his organized crime empire, while Legs and Louie go in for a 4-hour break. Legs and Louie will need to be free to greet Fat Tony when he comes out.

5. Business as Usual On his release from Springfield Penitentiary, Fat Tony has just one instruction to Legs and Louie:

For the next 12 hours, Legs and Louie will be running all over town: Legs will have a baseball bat so that he can effectively “protect” local businesses, while Louie will carry a briefcase to hold all the tributes they pass him.

And that’s where Fat Tony’s quest ends. Which means, if you have the Hot Tub, Fat Tony can take some time off to relax!


Last weekend I asked you to share your screen shots showing what you’ve done with Fat Tony’s Legitimate Businessman’s Club, and you can see some of those here. And here are a few more that came in through Twitter.

From @dannciembor:

From @leenogoy_:

From @scratchrabbit:

If you want to inspire others with your designs, post a link here. And there’s a post coming soon on Fat Tony’s Compound.

When we left Fat Tony, he had just started building his compound (you can read part 1 of the walkthrough here). 36 hours later, his rather palatial residence is complete, and Legs and Louie are back. Read on to see what happens next:

1. Badfellas Legs and Louie return and Fat Tony welcomes them back. Assured that they’ve kept their law-breaking skills sharp, he’s now looking forward to bleeding the town they all love dry. But first, it’s important to toast their touching reunion – so the three of them go off to drink at Moe’s for 8 hours. Keep Bart free as they finish.

2. El-Bartito’s Way With Fat Tony and the gang back, Bart sees an opportunity:

Legs: Maybe. Do you know how to mix a Manhattan?
Bart: Umm…booze, some hooch, and then whiskey?
Legs: That’s pretty close, boss. I’ll vouch for him.
Fat Tony: Congratulations, urchin. You are my new bartender.
Bart spends the next 24 hours at the Businessman’s Club serving Manhattans. Keep Marge and Fat Tony free as he finishes.

3. Casino Racino Marge really isn’t happy about her son’s involvement with the mob. As well as suspending Bart’s TV privileges for a week, she decides to take the matter up with Mayor Quimby:

Marge: There are even reports of unsavory characters down at the dog track. Of all places!
Mayor Quimby: Marge, I promise you – this office will not rest until it looks like we’re doing something about the whatever-you’re-on-about. In fact, I’m so against corruption that many people say “Corruption” is my middle name.
Marge: Hmmmm…
So, Marge spends 24 hours protesting while Fat Tony spends 2 hours at the track fixing races. Keep Luigi free as they finish.

More to come…

A couple of people have asked for some ideas for what to do with the Legitimate Businessman’s Club, which makes it a perfect candidate for a “What have you done with…?” post.

Mine is sitting between Springfield Downs and the Duff Stadium, making it a convenient location for Fat Tony and his gang to monitor two of their major income sources – fixing races and fixing baseball games (although there’s only a task for the first!). It’s next to Lugash’s Gym, to allow for convenient workouts without undue interuption the the business day, and it’s just up the road from Krustylu Studios just in case they want to get involved in the movie business. Both Asia de Cuba and Luigi’s are a short walk away:

What have you done with yours? Send a screenshot through Twitter to @TSTOTips where I’m back to checking in once a day now that the pace of game change has slowed, or upload your screenshot to an image site and post a link in the comments below. And if you can’t do either of those, just tell us all what you’ve done!

Fat Tony returned to the game with level 28 making him the first limited-time character to do so. He has quite a long series of quests, with lots of stages and sub-quests involving a lot of different characters. That means that the level 28 walkthrough will be spread over several parts. And here’s part 1, which takes you from unlocking the Businessman’s Club to unlocking Fat Tony’s Compund. You need to have Mayor Quimby free to get everything started:

1. Legitimate Business This is a rather unusual start to the quest if you don’t already have Fat Tony. Even though many players won’t have Fat Tony until the Businessman’s Club is built, Mayor Quimby begins by giving him his heartfelt (or walletfelt) thanks:

Fat Tony: Will it be satisfactory to secure the reconstruction of my headquarters?
Mayor Quimby: Easily done. The person playing this game builds whatever we ask. And pays us whatever random sum of money we demand!
Fat Tony: There’s one born every minute, I suppose.
This leads to the building of the Businessman’s Club ($189,000 and 24 hours, unlocking Fat Tony for those who don’t already have him – keep Mr. Burns and Smithers free as it finishes).

2. The Cleaner Part 1 Smithers starts off the next part of the quest by relaying to Fat Tony an invitation to dine with Mr. Burns at Burns Manor. Fat Tony asks Smithers to convey his acceptance:

Burns and Fat Tony spend 6 hours dining together (but Burns must be free at the same time for the task to begin – it’s one of those simultaneous tasks!).

3. The Cleaner Part 2 As the dinner concludes, Burns makes the purpose of the meeting clear:

Fat Tony: Just tell me who. My crack team of sociopaths will handle everything.
Burns: It’s not a “who”, it’s a “what”. Some nuclear waste I wish to dispose of.
Fat Tony: We could hide it inside a body bag. People see me burying body bags all the time. It’s kind of my thing.
Burns: Excellent.
Fat Tony then spends the next 12 hours getting rid of Burns’ problem (and keep Chief Wiggum free as he finishes).

4. The Cleaner Part 3 Chief Wiggum is on the case:

Fat Tony: I was gardening. That’s still legal in this state, is it not?
Chief Wiggum: Sure, I think. I’m not really up on what’s legal and what’s not. But if you really WERE gardening, tell me what you were planting.
Fat Tony: Plants.
Chief Wiggum: You’re good, Fat Tony. Very good. And I am correspondingly bad.
While Wiggum heads off to patrol somewhere completely different, Fat Tony spends the next hour innocently playing the violin.

5. The Cleaner Part 4 Fat Tony reports back to Burns (who doesn’t need to be free for this part of the quest):

Burns: Ugh, you Mafiosi and your favors. How come you just can’t accept money as compensation like everyone else in the world?
Fat Tony: Don’t worry – this will require money. I need to rebuild my compound so that my beloved goons will return to me. I’m tired of being a Mafia of one. My gun hasn’t had a night off in weeks.
Burns: Consider it done. Every powerful man needs his sycophantic hangers-on.
Smithers: You called for me, sir?
This starts the build of Fat Tony’s Compound ($255,000 and 36 hours, unlocking Legs and Louie).

The walkthrough will continue…


Since the level 28 update, a number of people have asked how you get Fat Tony into your game. It’s an understandable question, as many players have had Fat Tony since last November, when he first appeared as a free limited-time episode promotion for the episode “Penny Wiseguys“.

Fat Tony appears when you complete the build of the Illegitimate Businessman’s Club as part of the level 28 series of quests, which means that he won’t be joining your game until you get there. To start off the build, you need to have Mayor Quimby free, and you need both Smithers and Burns free to begin the quests that follow (where Fat Tony goes for dinner at Burns Manor).

Normally I’d say that you need to have unlocked all the other buildings and characters that come before the Businessman’s Club for any of this to happen – but, recently, there has been a glitch affecting the normal progression of quests and tasks that may or may not have been resolved with the latest updates. But however you’re progressing, it’s important to remember that even if your XP bar tells you that you’re at level 28, you may not be there for game play yet if there are any buildings and characters at lower levels that need to be unlocked.

So, Fat Tony will come, but if you’re new to the game, he may still be some time away.


As there’s so much going on for Whacking Day, I’m building the Legitimate Businessman’s Club in real time and letting the Rich Texan’s first task take the full 24 hours – but to keep everyone looking for a post on the new level 28 content happy, here’s a brief one on the premium Hot Tub.
And for those with questions in the queue, my apologies. After one of the busiest weeks ever for this game and this blog, I have a little question fatigue, so the responses may be a little slower than usual.

One of the new items for level 28 is the Hot Tub. It’s a premium item and available for a rather pricey 60 donuts – and that price alone might give you reason enough to hold off buying it.

It does exactly three things:
1. It gives you a bonus of 2.5% on all cash and XP you collect.
2. It unlocks Fat Tony’s 10-hour task to relax in the Hot Tub.
3. It looks nice.

It’s one of the most expensive of the premium decorations and it looks nice enough. But if you don’t have Fat Tony or you’re not at game level 28, it’s far from being an essential purchase. And as there’s nothing limited-time about it, it’s something that you can easily put off purchasing for the time being.

I think it’s a shame it’s a donut purchase, particularly as it’s been a couple of levels since the Rabbit Hedge, the last of the regular game decorations that you could buy for game dollars (the Whacking day decorations don’t really count). On the other hand, though, there’s still all of those Whacking Day prizes and we just had Springfield Falls, so we really haven’t done too badly….


EA really didn’t have to give us level 28 right in the middle of Whacking Day, but here it is, with lots of new stuff:

The Legitimate Businessman’s Social Club
Fat Tony’s Compound with Legs and Louie
The Asia de Cuba Restaurant (premium)
The Rich Texan (premium)
A Hot Tub (premium)
And it seems that Lugash is no longer limited time!

And there’s more – those of you who don’t already have Fat Tony will get him as well as soon as you build the Legitimate Businessman’s Social Club! And those of you who already have him will see that he has some new task:

Posts on the new quests, characters and items are on their way – but I still have a lot of whacking to do, but the posts on the level 28 quests will begin to appear over the weekend. Now to go and buy a bit more land and wait for all those non-Whacking Day characters to finish their 12-hour tasks. Mayor Quimby needs to be free to kick things off, though…


Fat Tony first appeared as a limited time episode promotion back in November 2012 and hasn’t been available since – a fact that has since made many players who missed out on him more than a bit unhappy. After all, he appears regularly in the series and is currently the only character in the Wiseguys set.

So, here’s his quest on that first appearance – and once you’ve read it, be sure to click the link just below the picture for more:

1. Wanted: Stereotypical Crime Boss Part 1 Fat Tony arrives.

Fat Tony: I should be able to lay low here for a while. But first I must acquire the necessary low-laying supplies. Fat Tony goes to the Kwik-E-Mart to buy hole up supplies (45 seconds).
2. Wanted: Stereotypical Crime Boss Part 2
Fat Tony: Pasta, sauce, a checkered napkin and a sleeveless t-shirt… just the essentials of life. Now I’ve got to find a place in which I can keep out of sight. Of course it’s everybody’s favorite – the Brown House (3 minutes)
3. Wanted: Stereotypical Crime Boss Part 3 Of course, as it’s the Brown House, it probably won’t be long before someone else turns up there as well..
Homer: All this walking around Springfield is killing me! I need a nice disappear-inside-a building job.
Homer breaks into the Brown House to watch TV (3 minutes).
Fat Tony: Hey, what are you doing here? You a cop? You’ll never take me alive!
Homer: Fat Tony! I didn’t know this was your house. Please don’t kill me! I’m just a lazy guy who likes TV! Fat Tony: Oh no — this is not my abode. I’m just taking an unscheduled vacation of indeterminate length. Please pass the remote.
4. Wanted: Stereotypical Crime Boss Part 4 There’s a problem with holing up in the Brown house, though, as we all know…
Fat Tony: Homer, it would be to our mutual benefit if you did not tell anyone that I am here. Don’t breathe a word if you want to keep breathing in general.
Homer: But if you’re hiding out, you shouldn’t stay here. Half the town drops by here on a regular basis! No need to get your gun out again…
Fat Tony: Then you’ve got to hide me, Homer! Please? Pretty please with a gun to your head on top?
So, Homer lets Fat Tony hole up in his basement (5 hours).
5. Wanted: Stereotypical Crime Boss Part 5 Of course, that doesn’t make all the Sinpsons family happy…
Lisa: Ugh, dad, why was there a Mafia Crime Boss hiding in our basement?
Homer: You know, I didn’t think to ask! Why are you hiding, Fat Tony? Did you off someone, commit tax fraud, drink a large soda in New York City?
Fat Tony: I did all of those things. But that’s not why I’m hiding and I can’t speak about it. It’s too awful.
Lisa: Dad! He’s kind of scaring me. Why don’t you take him to get something to eat? Even if it’s meat, that’s fine with me.
Homer and Fat Tony go to eat at the Krusty Burger (30 minutes).
6. Wanted: Stereotypical Crime Boss Part 6 That was probably not the smartest thing to do if you’re hiding from someone…
Wiggum: Ahh, there you are Fat Tony!
Fat Tony: Uh oh. Is it bribe time already?
Wiggum: No, that’s not til next week. Today, I have an envelope for you!
Lisa: Wait, aren’t you going to arrest him?
Wiggum: What? No. That’s just papers informing him he has to report for jury duty on Sunday, November 18th at 8/7 central.
Homer: Why are you talking like that? What courthouse is open on Sunday nights? And who’s going to run the Mafia while he’s serving jury duty?
Pop up message: Find out in the November 18th episode of The Simpsons!
Homer: D’Oh, I get it – it’s a promo! We still get to keep Fat Tony in our town after the show airs, though.
Fat Tony: You know Homer, my boys are here every week collecting protection money, and I’ve never tried their burgers before.
Homer: What do you think?
Fat Tony: I think the clown who runs this place is the real criminal. We should get back, before somebody sees me.
And Fat Tony goes and holes up in the Simpson’s basement one more time before the quest ends (5 hours).

So, why post this now? You’ll have to follow the link just underneath the picture to find out…

Read the rest of this entry »

Regular readers of this blog have seen posts like this a number of times – but, this time, my answer is a little different. And that’s because, hidden among all the rumors about what’s coming next in the game is one more about something that may or may not happen a little further into the future – and it’s one that I find quite interesting.

At some time in the future (and I seriously doubt it will be very soon), it appears that there are plans for Louie and Legs, two members of Fat Tony’s gang, to enter the game together with the Legitimate Businessman’s Social Club. And it seems that Fat Tony will be involved as an active participant in their quest.

Does this mean that those who missed out on Fat Tony (available as free episode promotion for a few days last November) will finally be able to add him to the game? I hope it does – and that would make him the first limited-time character to return.

Please remember, though, that this is a very much a rumor at this stage. And if Fat Tony returns, it is unlikely to be with the next update or anything that happens in the game in the next month or so. To me, this sounds like the early stages of something that’s been planned for a level or two ahead of where we are now.

If it does happen, though, it will make a lot of newer players very happy.


Gorgeous Grampa is the fourth limited-time episode promotion to appear in the game this season. Like Gorgeous Grampa, all the others arrived and disappeared very quickly. Here’s what we’ve seen so far:

– The Duff Racer (in September 2012 to promote the first episode)
– Fat Tony (in November 2012 to promote the episode “Penny Wiseguys“)
– The Cool Brown House (also in November 2012 to promote the episode “The Day the Earth Stood Cool“)
– Cool Homer costume (also to promote “The Day the Earth Stood Cool“)

None of these characters, buildings, items and costumes is currently available – and there is no news about whether they’ll be available in the future, even as premium items.

There’ll almost certainly be more free limited-time items to promote episodes in the future. So, that means it’s always a good idea to check for updates a couple of days before any new episode appears in the US.


Fat Tony was launched into the game for a brief period in November 2012 to promote the episode Penny Wiseguys. He was only available for a week or two through an in-game update – so if you missed him then, you won’t be able to add him to your game. And, unfortunately, being at level 25 doesn’t help.

During the first half of the current season of The Simpsons, these promotional additions to the game happened a few times. The Duff racer, a free limited time decoration, was added to promote the first episode of the new season. In late November, the Cool Brown House and the Cool Homer costume suddenly appeared as free gifts to promote the episode The Day the Earth Stood Cool. And, of course, there was Fat Tony.

None of these buildings, characters, or decorations are available anymore – even for donuts. Each one appeared in the game for only a week to ten days, essentially as a reward for frequent players – which means that it’s always a good idea to check into your game regularly as it now has a track record of occasionally offering free-but-limited-time updates to promote upcoming new episodes.

So, keep an eye on the Simpsons Wikipedia page at and make sure you check into your game a couple of days before each new episode is scheduled to air in the US – just in case.


First – what’s Pimento Grove? Well, it’s a fine dining restaurant in downtown Springfield owned by Fat Tony. It first appeared in the episode “A Fish Called Selma” and is apparently the restaurant of choice for many local and visiting celebrities, whose pictures line the walls.

In the game, it arrived as part of the level 25 update. What’s special about it from a game perspective is that you can unlock it as soon as you hit level 25 on XP. You don’t need to first unlock the buildings that come before it in the list – all you need to do is save up enough money. Currently, it costs $138,000 but the price is expected to come down to $112,00 when the level 26 update is eventually released.

Which makes it a shame that the answer to the second question is “none”. None of your characters, including the limited-time Fat Tony, ever go and eat there. So, Pimento Grove just sits there just making money and XP ($350 and 30XP every 24 hours). While this is not really a bad thing, it just seems a bit of a waste.

However, it could be that EA have plans for Pimento Grove in future updates. After all, the post office sat unused for a long time until Smithers arrived with his Malibu Stacy newsletter.


In the Simpsons Tapped Out, your Springfield is rated according to a number of factors, which come together to give you an overall rating. The higher your rating the bigger the bonus every time you complete a task or collect rent.

Now, some of these are very easy to work out. The more trees, shrubs and other decorations you have, the higher your vanity rating is. If you build more restaurants, you raise your gluttony rating. And if you wasn’t to boost your consumerism rating, build more shops.

The category that seems to fluctuate the most is righteousness and it seems to rise and drop for no reason. However, if you have a lot of graffiti or you graffiti your friends’ towns, it seems to drop. If you clean up graffiti in your own Springfield and those of your friends, it seems to rise (after a lag). There is also a suggestion that having Mayor Quimby, Fat Tony, Officer Wiggum and Snake all repeatedly carry out corrupt or criminal tasks can make your righteousness rating drop, too.

So, if you want to keep your righteousness rating up, clean up graffiti, send Snake to jail, and make sure the others avoid taking bribes.


Unfortunately, you can’t anymore.

These were very limited time free items to promote an upcoming episode of the Simpsons and were only available for a week or so. They can’t even be bought with donuts.

The lesson is to log on to Tapped Out regularly, particularly on a Thursday or Friday just before a new episode in the US. The items and characters seem to come with no warning – but whenever the game updates it’s a good idea to spend some time looking around your town and check what’s in your inventory. All of these items were introduced into the game by a conversation between characters, so don’t click through these – stop and see what they are saying.


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