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When we last left Agnes and Seymour in Part 3, Agnes was sitting alone on a bench feeding the pigeons and wondering where here son had got to. Meanwhile, Seymour, tied of crashing at willie’s Shack, approaches Edna with an unlikely proposal…

1. Couch Surfin’ USA Part 2 Edna is quick to make her position clear:
Edna: Ha! No way, Seymour.
Principal Skinner: Please let me stay at your apartment, Edna. It’ll be fun. We can do our own version of Silhouette Night!

So it’s back to crashing at Willie’s Shack for Semour Skinner for another 12 hours. Keep Reverend Lovejoy and Agnes free when he wakes up.

2. Couch Surfin’ USA Part 3 Reverend Lovejoy is a little more welcoming:

Principal Skinner: Thank you, Reverend. I haven’t been able to get a decent rest in days.
Reverend Lovejoy: Well, I hope our evening activity night won’t disturb you. It’s Bingo Night.
Principal Skinner: Bingo Night! I must flee before Mother comes to clean you out. I’m sure God won’t mind if I leave the church ducking out through this stained glass window.
Agnes: let’s get ready to roll them balls!
And it’s back to crashing at Willie’s Shack for Seymour for the next 12 hours, while Agnes spends 4 hours hustling at Bingo. Keep Agnes free as he finishes.

3. Mom is the Loneliest Number Part 2 Agnes is missing her son even more:

Reverend Lovejoy: He asked me if he could crash at the church. I had assumed with your approval, of course.
Agnes: I’m sick and tired of his crashing. All he ever does is crash! If he crashes one more time, I’m done with him. DONE!
Reverend Lovejoy: Well … let’s not do something hasty. Why don’t you relax, get the frustration out, and think it over some more.
Agnes: What I should do is exercise. I need to build up strangth, so I can spank the hair off him.
And, with that, Agnes changes clothes and spends 6 hours sweeping up the town.

The walkthrough continues…


With the end of Whacking Day and the start of the Yard Sale, I’ve been running a little behind on the level 29 walkthough. In part 2 (which you can find here), we left Principal Skinner and Mrs. Krabappel hosting detention twice while Lisa, Bart, Nelson, Ralph and Martin all staying back after school 3 times each. When that all winds up, Agnes wants our attention – and Seymour’s.

1. There are Skinners and Winner Part 4 Agnes is as unhappy with the “stay late in detention” Agnes-avoidance strategy as Mrs. Krabappel and the kids are:

Principal Skinner: It’s called a “school”, Mother, and it’s my job.
Agnes: Well, I need your help with my crossword. What’s a five-letter word for “someone who fails”? I tried “Seymour”, but it doesn’t fit.
Principal Skinner: *sigh* L-O-S-E-R
Agnes: Thanks. I knew you’d be an expert.
Agnes spends the next 8 hours doing crossword puzzles – without her son’s help. Keep Bart free as she finishes.

2. The World is my Teacher Part 1 Bart realizes that his plan to make Skinner’s life miserable has backfired…

So, Bart spends 8 hours skipping school. Keep Principal Skinner free as he finishes.

3. The World is my Teacher Part 2 Skinner catches Bart in mid-truancy…

Principal Skinner: Relax, Bart. I’m not going to punish you. I want to learn from you.
Bart: Trying to get away from that old bat?
Principal Skinner: That lives in the school’s heating duct? No. I’m trying to escape my mother. But she always finds me. I know from years of hide-and-seek research.
Bart: I feel bad… that this somehow happened to you. If you need a place to crash, you can use my treehouse. I just have to evict Milhouse for being behind on his rent.
With Milhouse out on the street, Skinner goes to crash at Bart’s Treehouse for 12 hours. Keep Willie free as he finishes, because he doesn’t find waking up very pleasant – he has one hand in a bowl of water and the other filled with un-canned canned chilli. That’s what happens when a prankster lives so close to his prey, apparently.

4. Couch Surfin’ USA Part 1 Skinner decides he needs to explore other options for places to escape Agnes, and approaches Willie:

Principal Skinner: Thanks, Willie. I knew I could count on you to say yes, since you work for me and my request was an order.
Willie: I need this job for me work visa. So make yourself at home, you threatin’-to-call-INS bastard!
Skinner crashes for 12 hours at Willie’s shack (and keep Agnes free as he finishes). He finds the smell overpowering, though. Willie explains it this way:

5. Mom is the Loneliest Number Part 1 Agnes is missing her son…

Agnes: Seymour…? I should talk with my friends. maybe one of them has spotted where he’s gone.
It turns out, just a little poignantly, that Agnes’ friends are the pigeons. She’ll need a bench where she can sit and ply them with food for an hour in return for information on Seymour’s whereabouts. Keep Edna and Seymour free when she finishes.

The walkthrough will continue…

When we left Agnes and Seymour at the end of the first part of the walkthrough (here), Seymour has escaped to the school to spend 12 hours monitoring the halls for a bit of peace and quiet. With Comic Book Guy and Agnes free when he finishes, here’s what happens next:

1. The Odd-Looking Couple Skinner gets home and there’s a knock at the door:

Skinner: Mother, it’s the Harold to your Maude. (Note: See this Wikipedia page for more on this reference.)
Agnes: Comic Book Guy! I can’t believe there’s enough room in this tiny town for your fat behind.
Comic Book Guy: Agnes, is that you skin, or did the Magna Carta loan you its dried up parchment?
Agnes: Don’t wait up for me, Seymour. And don’t come into my room in the morning without knocking first.
In a joint task, Agnes and Comic Book Guy go on a date for two hours.

2. There are Winners and Skinners Part 3 Perhaps the date with Comic Book Guy has mellowed Agnes a bit…

Skinner: I was planning to do one of the many exciting activities I often do, like bird watching or going to the Kwiki-E-Mart or stargazing, if that’s an option for me yet.
Agnes: I guess this new Springfield is just like the old one – full of you disappointing me.
Skinner: *sigh* Fine, Mother. I’ll stay.
Agnes: Pfft, Momma’s boy.
Definitely not mellowed, then. Agnes and Seymour stay in for silhouette night, which is probably 12 hours of torture for him. Keep Martin free to kick off the next stage of the quest – and you’ll need Lisa, Bart, Nelson, Ralph, Milhouse, and Mrs. Krabappel free as well.

3. Mad with Municipally Funded Power The action moves to Martin, who’s has a bit of a shock:

Milhouse: I got one too.
Lisa: It looks like the whole school did.
Skinner: And with the whole school in detention, both Mrs. Krabappel and I will have to stay late to supervise you. Very late.
Edna: You monster! You can’t do this tonight!
Skinner: I’m not. I’m doing this for the next several nights.
And he’s serious. Martin, Lisa, Milhouse, Bart, Ralph, and Nelson all have to serve detention 3 times each at 6 hours a time. Mrs. Krabappel and Principal Skinner will need to host detention twice at 12 hours a piece. Keep Agnes free as he finishes.

The walkthrough continues…

With Fat Tony now a permanent character, the question of why certain characters are voiced and why others are voiceless has come up again – so he’s a repost from a couple of months ago:

I’m not sure I can answer that exact question of ehy some characters have voices and some don’t (but I’m sure it has a lot to do with royalties and licensing). But I can tell you that the only game characters with voices are those voiced by the 6 lead actors in the series – Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright, Yeardley Smith, Hank Azaria, and Harry Shearer.

So here is a list of the lead actors and some of the characters they play, so you know which characters are likely to have a voice and which will probably be forever silent:

Dan Castellaneta
Homer Simpson
Grampa Simpson
Krusty the Clown
Barney Gumble
Groundskeeper Willie
Mayor Quimby
Hans Moleman
Sideshow Mel
Gil Gunderson
Squeaky Voice Teen
Rich Texan

Julie Kavner
Marge Simpson
Patty Bouvier
Selma Bouvier
Jacqueline Bouvier

Nancy Cartwright
Bart Simpson
Nelson Muntz
Todd Flanders
Ralph Wiggum

Yeardley Smith
Lisa Simpson

Hank Azaria
Apu Nahasapeemapetilon
Moe Szyslak
Chief Wiggum
Comic Book Guy
Carl Carlson
Dr. Nick
Snake Jailbird
Professor Frink
Kirk Van Houten
Luigi Risotto
Bumblebee Man
Captain Horatio McCallister
Superintendent Chalmers
Cletus Spuckler
Disco Stu

Harry Shearer
Mr. Burns
Waylon Smithers
Ned Flanders
Principal Skinner
Otto Mann
Lenny Leonard
Reverend Lovejoy
Dr. Hibbert
Kent Brockman
Rainier Wolfcastle
Dr. Marvin Monroe
Judge Snyder
Sanjay Nahasapeemapetilon

You’ll notice that Milhouse, Edna Krabappel, Hank Scorpio, Fat Tony and Shauna are not on the list – they’re all voiced by a supporting cast member or a guest actor. And for that reason, they don’t talk at all in the game.

You can see a more extensive list of who voices which character here:


This post is coming to you by popular demand. It’s the first of a series of guides to your character collections – when are your characters unlocked and who unlocks them. Thanks to schpeen and @EliteLeafHater for suggesting this.

There are 2 important things to remember: premium characters and premium decorations never unlock anything or anyone in your regular game and that means you can’t unlock the Town Hall and get Mayor Quimby early by buying Bumblebee Man, and buying Mount Carlmore won’t unlock Lenny and Carl; and that the levels referred to are the game levels – frequent players often find that while XP bar takes them up through the levels very quickly, they are still at a much lower level in their regular gameplay (you may be at level 27 for XP, but level 20 for gameplay, for example).

So, following the character sets, here’s the first part of who unlocks whom(and when):


Character Unlocked by Unlocked at
Homer Simpson Starting the game Level 1
Marge Simpson Homer Level 15
Bart Simpson Lisa/Milhouse Level 12
Lisa Simpson Homer Level 2
Grampa Simpson Lisa Level 19


Character Unlocked by Unlocked at
Ned Flanders Lisa/Homer Level 5
Reverend Lovejoy Ned Flanders Level 14


Character Unlocked by Unlocked at
Mr. Burns Apu Level 11
Hank Scorpio Donuts Any time
Snake Jailbird Chief Wiggum Level 19


Character Unlocked by Unlocked at
Principal Skinner Lisa Level 9
Groundskeeper Willy Skinner Level 10
Edna Krabappel Skinner Level 22
Otto Mann Donuts Any time

More to come…

A couple of people have written in asking for advice on a problem with a task in the Krabappel quest – Illegitimate Concern Part 2. If you’ve done this already, you’ll know that Edna has to monitor detention while Bart serves detention for skipping school. This is a regular task for Edna, but a hidden task for Bart – it only appears as part of the quest and then disappears from his task list forever.

What’s happened in some cases is this: Bart hasn’t been available, so the player has sent Edna to monitor detention. Bart only becomes available after she has finished – but the task is gone from his task list and, as it’s a hidden task, he can’t be sent to do it. And because Bart can’t do his part of the joint task, game progress stalls, and no further tasks come up.

I’ve suggested every possibility I could find information on – deleting and reinstalling the game, waiting patiently, storing characters and buildings, and selling buildings and re-building. EA has been as helpful as they usually are :-). Nothing seems to have worked.

So, if anyone has experienced this problem and resolved it or has come across a solution to it, please post it here. Hopefully, between all of us, we can find something to help out players who just want to move on with their games.

For the rest of us, though, it’s a good lesson in keeping tasks synchronized and not sending a character to do a joint task until both characters are ready.

Mrs Edna Krabappel

This stage of the quest involves most of your Springfielders. You may have noticed that Homer, Principal Skinner, Edna Krabappel, Apu, Cletus, Comic Book Guy, Willie, Ned Flanders, Grampa Simpson and Barney all have an additional 4-hour task to drink at O’Flanagan’s Pub (that it’s at the top of their task lists probably means it won’t be there after St. Patrick’s Day). Don’t worry if you don’t have some of these characters. You can still get through the quest. In fact the only characters you really need to complete the quest are Homer, Willie and Tom.

So, continuing from part 1 of the walkthrough (which you can find here), Homer and Tom should be free at the end of their pub promotion and jig dancing to open O’Flanagan’s Pub. Before you can get on with that, though, there’s a conversation involving Cletus and Lisa promoting the Wishing Well and Leprechaun that goes something like this (neither Cletus nor Lisa needs to be free for this):

Cletus: Saw me a little green fella this morning – and not a drop if moonshine the night before.
Lisa: That must be a Leprechaun. According to Irish folklore, they’re miniature old men that frequently have pots of gold.
Homer: By “gold” do you mean grind currency or donuts?
Lisa: Neither. I just mean gold.
Homer: But that’s worth nothing in our world!
Lisa: Still, it would be nice to have a leprechaun in our town. We should build a wishing well to entice one.
Leprechaun: Premium character, am I. Ain’t that a fine thing!

After that little promotional diversion, the quest continues:

1. St. Paddy’s Day Part 4 Hoping that Americans have as unhealthy a relationship with alcohol as his countrymen, Tom goes to open his bar and serve drinks (4 hours). At he same time, you need to send your Springfielders in for the full Irish pub experience. It doesn’t matter who goes, you just need to rack up 12 visits in all and you can send the same character in more than once (4 hours per visit – keep Tom free at the end of the 12th visit)
2. St. Paddy’s Day Part 5 After working so hard pouring pints of Guiness for thirsty Springfielders, Tom decides to put his feet up for a while and watch some old horse races (60 minutes – keep Homer free as he finishes)
3. St. Paddy’s Day Part 6 Homer had such a great time that he decides to do it all again, encouraged by Tom. So it’s back to the bar for Tom to serve drinks (4 hours) and time for your other pub-loving characters to enjoy another party (12 more visits by any of the characters and as many times as you need to send them for each character – 4 hours each visit and keep Homer and Willie free as the party winds up)

More to come…


This is a fairly common issue (I went through it too), and it can be quite frustrating. The good news is that there’s nothing wrong with your game – it’s just how it works for frequent players. So, in this post, I’ll give you some background on the inner workings of the game, and a walkthrough of what happens between building Krabappel’s Apartment and the next building, Channel 6.

If you play a lot and visit all your friends every day, your XP builds up very fast – and that can mean that your game level can rise faster than your task level. The problem is that most of the buildings only unlock when the whole series of tasks before them has been completed. For example, Channel 6 won’t unlock until the entire Edna storyline is complete.

So, that means that while your XP might tell you you’re level 25, your real game level is level 22. To unlock those shaded buildings, then, you just have to do what you’ve been doing throughout the game – complete all the tasks in order.

At level 22, however, the tasks can feel like they go on forever – and this walkthrough shows you why. But first, to start off the level, Principal Skinner interacts with Willie to build the Krabappel Apartments after Bart and Lisa have finsihed after being sent to school. The Apartment will cost you $70,000 and will take 24 hours to build, unlocking Edna.

1. Once you’ve built her apartment, Edna teaches school (8 hours)
2. When she’s finished that, she teaches school, again (8 hours – keep Skinner free as she finishes)
3. Edna hosts detention (12 hours) while Skinner goes bird watching (24 hours – keep Edna free as he finishes)
4. Edna relaxes in the teachers’ lounge (1 hour – keep Ned free as she finishes)
5. Edna and Ned dine at Gilded Truffle (2 hours each – they don’t need to do this at the same time, but it’s nice if they do)
6. Edna takes a smoke break (10 minutes – keep Bart free as she finishes)
7. Bart skips school (8 hours – keep Edna free as he finishes)
8. As a result, Bart has to serve detention (6 hours) while Edna hosts detention (12 hours – keep both Bart and Lisa free as she finishes)
9. Edna goes on strike (24 hours) while Bart skateboards (4 hours) and Lisa does next week’s homework (24 hours – keep Bart and Marge free as Lisa and Edna finish)
10. Marge sends Bart and Lisa to Sunday School (12 hours each – keep Milhouse free as both Bart and Lisa finish)
11. Bart, Lisa, and Milhouse go to Sunday School (this is the second time for Bart and Lisa – 12 hours each)
12: Bart, Milhouse, and Martin have a sleep over in Bart’s Treehouse (24 hours each)
13. Bart, Milhouse, and Martin go to Library (24 hours each)
14: Bart breaks into the school’s CPU while Milhouse pulls the fire alarm (10 mins each – keep Chief Wiggum free as they finish)
15: Milhouse has to clean the school (he has to do this twice at 12 hours each – keep Edna free as he finishes for the second time)
16: Edna goes back and teaches class (8 hours – keep Mayor Quimby free as Edna finishes as he prompts the start if the next level)

So, there’s a lot to do at this level and many of the tasks are very long – which is why there can be a very long gap between building Krabappel’s Apartment and finally getting to Kent Brockman and Channel 6.


Here’s how a couple of people have described the problem on EA Answers at :

“I have a problem with the quest Illegitimate Concern Part 2. I completed the task for Krabappel hosting detention but Bart’s task serve detention is not available in Barts list of available tasks. I cannot complete this quest without it. Any ideas? I tried reinstalling the app, closed the game using the multitask bar, sold and rebuilt the school but so far no joy. Has anyone else had a similar problem?”

“I’ve had the same issue. Krabappel is done with her task but Bart can’t start serving detention because it’s not in his task menu. I’ve inventoried my entire Springfield, deleted the game, reinstalled, sold and bought back the school, treehouse, and Krabappel’s apartments, and completed every task within Bart’s task menu but still nothing has worked. I’ve also emailed EA several times but they haven’t provided any useful information. This is extermely frustrating because this has stalled my progression through the entire game. If anyone has some input I would love to hear it.”

The task was generated by Edna Krabappel, who also monitored detention at the same time (bizarrely, Bart’s detention was for 6 hours, and Edna monitored it for 12). When Bart and Edna both finished, it should have disappeared from Bart’s list of tasks as it’s not one of his regular tasks (his regular 6 hour task is “go to school”).

So, if Edna’s task is no longer in the task bar, and you can’t use it to start Bart, try this – the very next task is for Edna to go on strike. Put the school and her apartment into storage to finish the task she’s on, take them out again, give it a few minutes to see whether any exclamation marks come up, then send her on strike and see what happens.

Anyone having this problem, let me know through here how it goes.


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