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This isn’t a big game issue, but in the lull before Squidport, I thought I’d address something that seems to have come up quite a few times in the comments in the past few weeks – and that’s Kent Brockman’s earnings. Now, I know in the real world it’s rude to delve into how much someone is paid or why someone makes more than someone else, but the Springfielders puts their earning power out there for everyone to see. And, for one of his tasks, Kent Brockman earns more than his fellow Springfielders for one task – but for another, he earns a little less:

Jake: I’ve been curious but how come Kent Brockman makes more on his 4 hour task (and perhaps his others) then the other normal non-premium characters? They make $175 and 25XP and he makes $200 and 50XP.

Mike: This is an odd/pointless question, but all 4 hour tasks give $175 and 45 XP, but ever since the latest update, Kent Brockman’s, and only his as far as I can tell, now gives $200 and 50 XP… any explanation for this? Not that I am complaining…

Juliamhefner: I just noticed that Kent Brockman’s 12 hour task only pays out $400, whereas everyone else’s 12 hour tasks pay out $420. Wonder of there’s any particular reason for that?

Minadequate: Why does Kent Brockman generate more income despite not being premium? I have only just noticed it on his 4 hr task ($200 rather than $175 and 50XP rather than 40) so it might not extend to all his tasks, but I just thought it was strange…

And, for both of these, there’s no particular reason for it. It’s most likely to be a coding error that’s never been fixed. It certainly sets Brockman apart from his fellow Springfielders – which is probably how he likes it.



Some time ago, Lee sent in this comment (and even further back Schpeen sent in something similar):

How many income-generating characters are there in the game (include all premium characters and those from special events & episode promos)?

Not all characters are income-generating, some are just walking decorations (eg: Mayan God). But I seems to take a much longer time to send everyone to tasks nowadays, with increasing number of characters.

Springfield is certainly getting busy because as of the date of this post there are currently more than 50 playable characters that you need to keep gainfully employed every day (and there are several more on the way). Here’s a list of the characters that have tasks (which means that the Funzos, the Whacking Day snakes, the Leprechaun, some of the Halloween characters, and the Animals and Pets are not included):

The Simpsons: Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Grampa (set full)
Churchy Joes: Ned, Reverend Lovejoy
Villains: Mr. Burns, Hank Scorpio, Snake, the Rich Texan
School Workers: Principal Skinner, Willie, Edna Krabappel, Otto
Civil Servants: Chief Wiggum, Mayor Quimby
Business Owners: Apu, Comic Book Guy, Moe, Luigi, Lugash (set full)
C-List Celebrities: Krusty, Kent Brockman, Bumblebee Man, Sideshow Mel, Miss Springfield (set full)
B-List Celebrities: Duffman, Tatum
Oddballs: Cletus, Frink
Squeaky Voice Teen and Moleman: Squeaky Voice Teen, Moleman
Kids: Milhouse, Martin, Ralph
Toughies: Nelson, Kearney, Shauna
Wiseguys: Fat Tony, Legs, Louie
Barflies: Barney
Doctors: Dr. Hibbert, Dr. Nick
Plant Workers: Smithers, Lenny, Carl
Irishmen: Tom O’Flanagan
Oldies: Agnes Skinner
Halloween: Kang

As you’ll notice, some of the character sets are full. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that there’ll be no new characters for the set. As recently happened during Whacking Day, and with the release of Agnes, all that really means is that the developers may reshuffle the existing sets and create a new one. The bottom line is that’s there are now a lot to characters to organize – which means if you think you’re spending longer on the game than you have been in the past, you’re probably right. You are.

But this is all leading somewhere: who would you like to see added to the existing sets in future updates, and what new sets do you think there should be if they can only go in a set that’s full? We know of at least four main characters and 5 minor ones that are on their way in the Squidport expansion and levels 31 and 32 – so, why not think beyond that to level 32, 33, 34 and 35. Maybe someone from EA will see this and bring your favorite character that not there yet into the game.


Each time you level up, you get a message from a character that may or may not already be in the game congratulating you and awarding you donuts (you can see the last post I wrote on leveling up and find out how many free donuts you’re getting at the next level right here). And, the good news is that in amongst all information for the Yard Sale update were level up messages for level 30 and 31.

I’ve listed below the level update messages that appear throughout the game, and included the level 30 and 31 messages that appear in the files and who says them. I’m not treating these as spoilers – it’s no secret that levels 30 and 31 are planned, although we probably won’t see these until June and July, respectively.


Level Message Said by
2 Wow, you put the house down where it told you to. Bart
3 You have been reincarnated to the next level. Thank you, tap again. Apu
4 Woo-hoo! I bet leveling up is always gonna be this easy. Homer
5 It’s always level 5 somewhere! Barney
6 Excellent! You should celebrate by buying donuts with your money. Mr. Burns
7 That’s some fine grinding. Chief Wiggum
8 Now that’s a spicy accomplishment! Luigi
9 If life were a game, leveling up would be birthdays. Happy birthday! Lisa
10 Is it me, or do these levels seem to be taking longer and longer? Otto
11 All that for two freakin donuts?! Krusty
12 I take it you don’t have a family or anything. Marge
13 Congratulations. That was a difficult but insignificant level. Principal Skinner
14 Arr! Ye must be playing this on a long sea voyage. Sea Captain
15 For he’s a jolly good fellow! He’s at level one-five. Lenny and Carl
16 Worst. Level. Ever. Comic Book Guy
17 This game is a lot like life. It stops being fun after a while, but you gotta keep doing it. Grampa Simpson
18 Man, I’d have quit this game long ago… and I got nothing better to do. Moe
19 You’re still playing? You should get a girlfriend… or a rake. Groundskeeper Willie
20 You’ve played further into this game than we thought anyone would. Frink
21 This just in, new content has been added so you don’t have to get a life. Kent Brockman
22 Haw-haw, you just wasted months of your life. Nelson Muntz
23 Even my Elven Mage isn’t level 23! I am green with envy. Martin (thanks Fredie)
24 You’re suffering from video game addiction. Gain two levels and call me in the morning. Dr. Hibbert
25 Duffman has no idea why you’re still playing this game. Oh yeah! Duffman
26 Keep it up. Playing this much of a game is SO attractive to the opposite sex. Edna Krabappel
27 Level 27 humans win a free trip to Rigel IV for a unique dining experience. Kang (or Kodos)
28 Daddy said we’re not allowed to stay up past level 28. Rod and Tod
29 You’ve been playing this game a long time now. I respect that. Fat Tony
30 Ay! Un level est loco! Bumblebee Man
31 There ain’t no number this high in hillbilly math. Cletus (or Brandine)


Sometimes your Tapped Out characters seem to have minds of their own, and end up in combinations that can’t help but raise a smile. Here’s a screenshot sent in by Rood of Shauna tempting Duffman with ducks:

And here’s one from my game, of Kearney and Tom O’Flanagan joining forces in an Irish jig:

And another one from around St. Patrick’s Day (hence the green rivers) of Fruit-Bat-Man completely failing to punch out Snake:

Please feel free to share images of any of your favorite character combinations.

A few readers noticed that last week’s update was a rather large one, indicating that it might also contain a few more things of interest yet to come. And they’re right!

There’s at least two characters in the files that weren’t there prior to this update. And there are a few interesting new things that look like they’re coming very soon after the end of Whacking Day to celebrate the end of season 24.

As usual, if you’re reading this on the homepage, click or tap the link below the picture if you don’t mind being spoiled. And if you are already on the post page, you have until the bottom of the picture to leave and go and read something else…

untitled Read the rest of this entry »

Agnes Skinner is unlocked with the Skinner House at recently-added level 29 – and she’s another unvoiced character. The reason is, of course, because she’s voiced in the series by Tress MacNeille rather than one of the big 6 cast members. You can read about characters and voices and why some have them in the game and others don’t here. And you can find out all about Tress MacNeille and her work here.

And why does Agnes go on a date with Comic Book Guy as one of her tasks? That’s becauses they dated way back in season 12 in an episode entitled “Worst. Episode. Ever.” And you can read about that right here.


It would be great if all the limited time items and characters that newer players missed were made available again. Some of these include:

– Kang
– Witch Marge (with her ability to speed up crops)
– Devil Ned Flanders
– Mr Plow
– Mayan Homer
– Santa Homer
– Cool Homer
– The Cool Brown House
– The Duff Racer
– The Cemetery
– The Pet Cemetery
– The Super Collider and the Black Hole
– The Bad Dream House
– The Mausoleum
– The Ray Gun
– The Heck House skin for the Church
– Shauna
– Howard’s Flowers
– Phineas Q. Butterfat’s
– Sir Putt-a-lot’s
– Tom O’Flanagan
– O’Flanagan’s Pub
– The Leprechaun
– Fruit-Bat-Man
– Gorgeous Grampa
– Respectable Moe

There’s more, but you get the idea (and after Whacking Day, Ninja Homer, Gymnastic Lisa, and Bare-Chested Willie will almost certainly join the list and possibly Miss Springfield and Tatum, too).

The answer, unfortunately, is that no one except EA knows for sure. I hope so, though, and believe that there’s a strong possibility that some, although maybe not all, of these items will be available at a later date – and now that Fat Tony is back and we know that Kang is on the way again later this year, the prospects are certainly rosier than they ever have been.

However, if they do become available, it’s likely that anything that wasn’t free first time round will probably be premium items available for donuts only should they return. And months from now, be patient when people ask how they can get for free all those great prizes you earned through your Whacking Day blood, sweat and tears.


This is an update of a post from early last month, that also answers the questions about costumes for Carl and Chief Wiggum that keep coming up…

For many players, particularly those that joined the game very recently, Gymnastic Lisa and Bare-Chested Wllie are their first costumes (or “skins”, to use the term that serious gamers prefer). And while they’re Lisa and Willie’s first costume, they’re certainly not the first in the game.

Since October 2012, a few other characters have also been given costumes:

Homer – He’s acquired the most costumes so far with Mayan Homer (from Halloween 2012), Cool Homer (a free costume to promote an episode in November 2012), Santa Homer (from Christmas 2012), Mr Plow (a premium costume from Winter 2013) and now Ninja Homer (his premium Whacking Day costume). When Homer wears his premium costumes, he earns money from his jobs at a premium rate.

Marge – She only has one costume so far and that’s Witch Marge from Halloween 2012. This premium costume gives her the power to speed up crops.

Ned Flanders – He only has one costume, too, and that’s Devil Flanders, also from Halloween 2012.

Grampa Simpson – His Gorgeous Grampa costume came as the free element of a promotion for the Season 24 episode Gorgeous Grampa in early March 2013

Mr. Burns – He acquired his Fruit-Bat-Man costume as a premium purchase with the promotion for the Season 24 episode Dark Night Court in mid-March 2013. When he wears it, he acts like a premium character.

All of these costumes were limited time items and all of them are no longer available. However, like Gymnastic Lisa and Bare-Chested Willie, once you have a costume, it’s yours to keep. And if the information in the files comes to pass, it looks like Moe will have one, too, before the week is out!

But what about Carl’s Viking costume and Chief Wiggum’s female impersonation? They don these outfits for their 24-hour tasks, Carl to celebrate his Icelandic heritage, and Wiggum to go undercover.


With Fat Tony now a permanent character, the question of why certain characters are voiced and why others are voiceless has come up again – so he’s a repost from a couple of months ago:

I’m not sure I can answer that exact question of ehy some characters have voices and some don’t (but I’m sure it has a lot to do with royalties and licensing). But I can tell you that the only game characters with voices are those voiced by the 6 lead actors in the series – Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright, Yeardley Smith, Hank Azaria, and Harry Shearer.

So here is a list of the lead actors and some of the characters they play, so you know which characters are likely to have a voice and which will probably be forever silent:

Dan Castellaneta
Homer Simpson
Grampa Simpson
Krusty the Clown
Barney Gumble
Groundskeeper Willie
Mayor Quimby
Hans Moleman
Sideshow Mel
Gil Gunderson
Squeaky Voice Teen
Rich Texan

Julie Kavner
Marge Simpson
Patty Bouvier
Selma Bouvier
Jacqueline Bouvier

Nancy Cartwright
Bart Simpson
Nelson Muntz
Todd Flanders
Ralph Wiggum

Yeardley Smith
Lisa Simpson

Hank Azaria
Apu Nahasapeemapetilon
Moe Szyslak
Chief Wiggum
Comic Book Guy
Carl Carlson
Dr. Nick
Snake Jailbird
Professor Frink
Kirk Van Houten
Luigi Risotto
Bumblebee Man
Captain Horatio McCallister
Superintendent Chalmers
Cletus Spuckler
Disco Stu

Harry Shearer
Mr. Burns
Waylon Smithers
Ned Flanders
Principal Skinner
Otto Mann
Lenny Leonard
Reverend Lovejoy
Dr. Hibbert
Kent Brockman
Rainier Wolfcastle
Dr. Marvin Monroe
Judge Snyder
Sanjay Nahasapeemapetilon

You’ll notice that Milhouse, Edna Krabappel, Hank Scorpio, Fat Tony and Shauna are not on the list – they’re all voiced by a supporting cast member or a guest actor. And for that reason, they don’t talk at all in the game.

You can see a more extensive list of who voices which character here:


A few people have asked this question, and the point is a very, very simple one – it’s all about variety and a bit of fun! The prizes add to that fun by giving you Gymnastics Lisa as the third prize and Bare-Chested Willie as the eighth prize.

In those long gaps between levels and events where nothing much new happens in the game, it’s nice to be able to send characters off on different tasks of the same length rather than sending them on the same ones over and over again. Even after Whacking Day is over, you’ll still be able to make Lisa walk the Balance Beam or Willie wrestle snakes and bring a little bit of variety to their otherwise fairly monotonous routines. They’re not premium costumes because they didn’t cost you donuts – but they do give your characters something a little different to do even after Whacking Day is over.

And as a side note, while Lisa’s costume doesn’t earn you snakes, Willie’s does!

P.S.: Just in case you missed it, there may be one more costume appearing soon – a new suit for Moe for promote the episode Whiskey Business, currently scheduled to air on May 5!


There’s been so much to write about (and answer questions on) with this update that I haven’t had time until now to mention some of the smaller changes. In other posts, I’ve already covered the Confirm Donut Spend and Turn Off Notification buttons and the new ability to move and store characters (you can find the post on these on the Whacking Day page), but here are some of the other improvements and additions that most of you will have noticed long before now!:

1. A little blue timer tells you when a character is doing a task. This is particularly useful when you have a lot going on or characters generating multiple tasks (my Homer has a random task to spend 24 hours watching Monkey Trauma Center Marathon – as he’s such a key Whacking Day character, there’s no way I’m sending him off to do that for now!):

2. You can rewatch all the cut-scenes by tapping the video icon at the top of your build menu:

3. There’s now much more information when you tap on the “i” button in the building or decorations menu. In the building menu and for some decorations, this appears as a checklist showing you exactly what you need to do to unlock the building or decoration:

4. If you go to the Baton mode and tap on your characters, you’ll also find that some of them have some new things to say.

So, lots of small enhancements alongside the huge amount of new content. Now if only EA and Origin can iron out some of those glitches…

Based on some comments today and some changes to the game, this is worth a repost with a few updates!

Canceling a task is now easier than ever!

Where a character is doing a task indoors

If one of your characters is doing something inside a building, all you have to do is put the building they’re inside into storage, and they’ll be thrown out. Then, put the building back into your Springfield and you can give them the task you want to give them. This also works if you accidentally decide to grow corn at Cletus’ Farm and later decide you don’t want to wait 90 days. Just put the farm into storage, take it out again and you can choose a different crop (although you also lose your investment when you do this).

When a character is doing a task outdoors

With the latest update to the game, you can also stop an outside task by storing the character. Go to the move screen, tap on the character and you’ll see something like this (I used Sideshow Mel while in his 24-hour “De-bone his hair” task):

When you tap on the inventory icon, you get a message like this if the character is attached to a building (it won’t appear for a building-less character):

For a character without a building, the message is a little different:

You won’t collect any money or XP for partially completing the task, but that’s really not the point. The real point is that there’s no need for your game to be delayed anymore because a key character is on a long task – and that’s something that makes events like Whacking Day just that little bit easier (and I can finally get rid of the Funzos!).

That’s an interesting question (thanks Johnny) – and it comes about because there are really at least two games going on in your Tapped Out. There’s the regular game, where you progress through the levels, unlocking buildings and characters in order – and there’s the XP game that has frequent players zooming up to the bonus levels faster than the regular game can keep up. And the gap between the two can get a bit disconcerting at times, particularly as it gets larger.

In my case, I was at the top level of the game while I was still building the Retirement Castle, and it took a little Googling to discover that not only was this perfectly okay, it also wasn’t abnormal. For other players the gap may be smaller or larger. It really depends on how frequently you play and how often you visit friends. Of course, using donuts to speed up tasks can exacerbate the gap, too, but regular readers of this blog know that not only is this unnecessary, it’s a terrible waste of donuts!

So if there’s a gap between where your XP bar tells you that you are and your game level, don’t worry. It’s all perfectly normal. And to help people experiencing this feel a bit more comfortable, why not use the comments section below to share where you were in your regular game when your XP bar hit the first bonus level.


This question has been asked a few times. The developers of the game haven’t forgotten about Maggie but, at the moment, she only appears in Marge’s 8-hour task, “Walk Maggie”. She doesn’t appear as a separate character and doesn’t have her own tasks.

Will she be a stand-alone character in the future? I don’t think so – she is, after all, a baby, which limits the number of tasks she can do – and the Simpsons character set is already at what appears to be the maximum number of characters the set can hold.

Personally, I hope they don’t add her simply due to how small she is – I often have a hard enough time finding Ralph! But since the Oscar nomination earlier this year for “The Longest Daycare”, it’s always a possibility.

And for those who haven’t seen Maggie’s short or want to see it again, here it is (it’s from the ANIMATION on FOX YouTube Channel):

Last weekend’s poll focused on the characters you would most like to see in the game. The characters selected were taken from your responses to a question asked by rcsprinter a couple of weeks ago and – strange as it may seem – none of the characters included in the poll are anywhere among the characters that seems to be lined up for the next couple of months. All that really shows, though, is how rich and deep the series is and just how many major, minor and somewhere-in-between characters could possibly enter the game (after all, who would have expected Shauna!).

So who did you want to see? Here’s how the results came through:

And here’s the percentage breakdown:

Patty and Selma – 22.89%
Disco Stu – 14.77%
Crazy Cat Lady – 14.46%
Troy McLure – 10.42%
Captain Horatio McCallister – 7.74%
Rainier Wolfcastle – 7.34%
Rodd and Todd – 7.22%
Lionel Hutz – 6.36%
Eddie and Lou – 5.62%
Bleeding Gums Murphy – 3.2%

I’ll be posting soon on the characters that we may be seeing over the next couple of months (so hold that off from this thread to save spoiling it for people who don’t like to know what’s coming). In the meantime, if you have any ideas for polls that you’d like to see on this site, feel free to post them here!


There are lots of rumors flying around at the moment about new events levels and characters. As well as the Whacking Day rumors, I’ve been picking up information from usually reliable sources that levels 28 and 29 have already been planned and that a number of new characters will be appearing in the game in the next month or two, including:
– Miss Springfield
– the Rich Texan
– Louie (a Wise Guy) and
– Agnes Skinner

Now, whether or not the rumors are true, none of these characters appear in this week’s poll. And this may be some indication of just how much life the game has.

So, who would you like EA to add to the game this year? If you haven’t done so already, choose your top 3 from list (and I’m suggesting that like Dr. Nick, even dead characters can come back), then see how others are voting.


Last weekend, rcsprinter asked you for your comments on which characters you’d most like to see in the game – and there were lots of comments. So, that makes a perfect topic for this weekend’s poll.

I’ve taken the top 10 most characters mentioned in your comments, and now I’d like you to narrow them down. Of all the characters listed, which are the top 3 that readers of this blog would like to see? I’ve included both living as well as dead characters (as dead characters have been known to come back to life in the series) – and taken the position that even if the voice actor is sadly no longer with us (Troy McLure), there’s nothing to stop the character from coming into the game without a voice.

Unlike other polls, where you had just one answer choice, this time you can choose 3 characters from the list. And if your favorite character isn’t there, vote anyway and make a comment below – I’ll be counting the write-ins in the final results next weekend!


Here’s the second post from rcsprinter:

Hello again, readers. So, here’s the second edition of “Outsiders’ Musings” written weekly by myself.

This week I thought I’d see who’s a proper, all-knowing Simpsons fan. Which of you has watched all the episodes, studied each character, and examined everything related?

I’ve devised a quiz which you can find at to test your knowledge. Post your score out of 55 in the comments section below and I’ll mention the winner by their Origin name next week. But no Googling for the answers – that’s not sporting.

In other news, most people will be aware that level 27 was finally released a few days ago, along with a couple of buildings, characters, and a premium item that were hiding on your device. A full walkthrough for the new quests will be posted soon, but I thought that if this is what’s coming now, imagine what we’ll get in the next few months (see OMI for our wish-list). If we don’t get an Easter event too, I’ll eat my hat. What sort of quests do you think would fit this and what characters would be involved? Please email and interact – that’s what’ll be a regular thing for these posts.

And as usual, you can contact me at with any suggestions or comments about the posts. Players are still welcome to send in their whole town pictures to be displayed in the gallery too. You can find instructions on how to do this here.

I’ll return next week



This came in from schpeen during the week – and I think it’s a great tip:

When you’ve got lots of buildings generating lots of rent and lots of characters finishing their tasks at once, collecting all that money and XP can take much longer than it needs to, especially if you play on a smaller device. My tip is to start from bottom left and go straight up with a single tap on each building or character and work yourself to the right in this way.

The reason for this is because when you tap on money it pops up and falls to the left. And that means if you’re collecting money like crazy when a bunch of jobs are done it can be difficult to tap on other buildings or characters because the money you’ve already tapped on covers them up.

I know this seems like something silly but it works and it makes life in Springfield a lot easier. Try it for yourself and you’ll see what I mean. I personally find that doing it this way is a huge plus because I have so many characters and buildings – this way, I can have a screen full of money and XP very quickly, which then all collects automatically. Give it a try!!



I asked rcsprinter, who helped out so much with advice on taking a picture of your entire town, to write a weekly post and this is the first. With the level 27 update quite possibly just around the corner, it’s a good topic to be be thinking about, too. And if anyone else would also like to contribute, please get in touch through the comments section.

Hi readers, and welcome to the first of my weekly posts on TSTO Tips named “Outsiders’ Musings“. The first thing I’m going to write about is things we would like to see included in the game. There’s a very large selection of characters already there, and I’ve got most of them, but there are also many more characters that are not there yet:

– Patty and Selma (Bouviers)
– Maggie (Simpsons)
– Lenny and Carl (Barflies/Plant Workers; possibly coming in the next update with Mount Carlmore.)
– Jasper Beardly (that’s the old man with the long white beard who says random things, usually when Grampa is around; perhaps he could be part of a new set called Old Folks)
– Agnes Skinner (Oddballs)
– Crazy Cat Lady (Oddballs)
– Brandine Spuckler (Oddballs)
– Superintendent Chalmers (School Workers – yells Skinnnerr!)
– Miss Hoover (School Workers)
– Lunchlady Doris (School Workers)
– Disco Stu (C-list celebs?)
– Rod and Todd Flanders (Churchy Joes)
– Jimbo Jones (Toughies)
– Sherri/Terri (Kids)
– Ol’ Gil Gunderson (permanently with tasks)
– Lionel Hutz
– Troy McClure
– Kirk Van Houten
– Rich Texan
– Itchy & Scratchy
– Hyman Krustofski (Krusty’s Rabbi father)
– The Sea Captain
– Bleeding Gums Murphy (would this work? After all, he died)

Hopefully all these will be included in updates over the next year. What would you like to see?

Also, have you noticed that all characters always walk on the pavement by the road, but nothing ever happens on the roads themselves? Even the vehicles you can buy (ambulance, Burns limo, police squad car) are stationary. Lovejoy’s train goes on the pavement too. So something that drives around would be good. Some kind of train line and station too? Moleman could work at the station. Homer could ride the train. I don’t think there’s been anything from the Simpsons Movie yet; what about a quest where you have to stop your town getting covered by a dome?

See you next week.



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