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As longer-term players know, Gil Gunderson, Springfield’s hapless salesman, occasionally appears to offer an unbeatable deal on promotional items. He’s appeared 4 times so, but we haven’t seen him since February (and, for newer players, here’s his deal history.) For months, we’ve all been expecting him to appear again, but he’s resolutely stayed away from New Springfield. If he does appear, though, what might he have up his rather capacious sleeves?

There are 7 deals in the files that we haven’t seen yet. Five of them are for donuts:

The Observatory plus the Tire Firefor 75 donuts
The Aztec Theater, a Homer Buddha, and Lard Lad for 150 donuts
A Broadcast Dish and a Burning Bush for 30 donuts
Otto’s Bus and $5000 for 75 donuts
A News Van and a Mystery Box for 30 donuts

There are also 2 that are a bit odd in that they have cash prices attached to them rather than donut prices:

Squeaky Voice Teen and a Mystery Box for $4.99
The Duff Brewery and the Springfield Sign for $29.99

So, when will he next appear to offer any of these? Honestly, there’s no indication yet of when that might be. The Observatory and Tire Yard is the next deal on the list after the ones that have already appeared, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the next one we’ll see. But I hope he’ll be back soon – and that EA are busily preparing some slightly less resistable deals that include some of the more recent premium items.



The addition of the Open-Air Stage has revived interest in Channel 6 because, like the Open-Air Stage (and Cletus’ Farm), you invest money to make money. The great thing about Channel 6, though, is that with the right combination of items it has what’s possibly the most lucrative tasks in the game for their duration.

When you first build Channel 6, you have just two programing options, as you can see below:

Once you unlock the weather station, a game dollars decoration that unlocks as part of your Channel 6 quest, though, you get one more:

At this point, premium characters and items unlock more programming options for you. The Worldwide Broadcast Dish at 30 donuts unlocks the Worldwide News program:

And the Channel 6 News Van at 40 donuts lets you do a 4-hour live news report that earns as much as the free 8 hour task:

And if you add Bumblebee Man at 60 donuts, you get Channel Occho as a 24-hour program which lets you invest $2200 dollars to earn $5000 (and Bumblebee man has a task at the Channel 6 as well):

Channel 6 has certainly proved a useful building for me, and one that has helped me build up cash for when I really need it. It’s just a matter of remembering to set the programming, though.

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