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This isn’t a big game issue, but in the lull before Squidport, I thought I’d address something that seems to have come up quite a few times in the comments in the past few weeks – and that’s Kent Brockman’s earnings. Now, I know in the real world it’s rude to delve into how much someone is paid or why someone makes more than someone else, but the Springfielders puts their earning power out there for everyone to see. And, for one of his tasks, Kent Brockman earns more than his fellow Springfielders for one task – but for another, he earns a little less:

Jake: I’ve been curious but how come Kent Brockman makes more on his 4 hour task (and perhaps his others) then the other normal non-premium characters? They make $175 and 25XP and he makes $200 and 50XP.

Mike: This is an odd/pointless question, but all 4 hour tasks give $175 and 45 XP, but ever since the latest update, Kent Brockman’s, and only his as far as I can tell, now gives $200 and 50 XP… any explanation for this? Not that I am complaining…

Juliamhefner: I just noticed that Kent Brockman’s 12 hour task only pays out $400, whereas everyone else’s 12 hour tasks pay out $420. Wonder of there’s any particular reason for that?

Minadequate: Why does Kent Brockman generate more income despite not being premium? I have only just noticed it on his 4 hr task ($200 rather than $175 and 50XP rather than 40) so it might not extend to all his tasks, but I just thought it was strange…

And, for both of these, there’s no particular reason for it. It’s most likely to be a coding error that’s never been fixed. It certainly sets Brockman apart from his fellow Springfielders – which is probably how he likes it.



This post has been a long time in coming, particularly as Otto is one of my favorite characters. At just 120 donuts, he’s one of the cheaper character plus building combinations – and honestly, one of my favorites. And I really don’t know why it’s taken so long to write about him…

Before going through the reasons for and against spending donuts on Otto, here is his task list:

Task Length Dollars XP
Smoke Break (inside the bus) 30 minutes $60 15XP
Work on the bus (under the bus) 60 minutes $105 26XP
Jam on the guitar (outside the bus) 4 hours $260 70XP
Get guitar restrung (at King Toot’s) 8 hours $420 105XP
Sleep it off (on top of the bus) 12 hours $600 150XP
Squat in the Brown House 24 hours $1000 225XP

So, just why do I think he might be worth those hard-earned donuts? Here’s some reasons in his favor:

1. He’s a character with a “building” (and I use the term loosely) – but the School Bus makes a great addition to the game. And as an 8×8 square, the bus is very easy to place.
2. At just 120 donuts, he is really the most affordable of the character and building combinations (except perhaps if you decide to buy the Aztec Theater and the Squeaky Voice Teen together).
3. He earns premium rates for all his tasks. While this is true for most premium characters, it certainly makes him a better purchase than Tatum, Barney, and Miss Springfield, who all earn standard rates due to their legacy as event prizes.
4. He comes with a quest (and I’ll be posting on this in a day or so), adding a little additional extra enjoyment to your game while you wait for the next big thing.
5. He helps you to complete the School Workers character set and gain that set completion bonus cash and XP.
6. He uses King Toot’s and is the only character to do so regularly. This helps keep whoever runs the store from going bankrupt. Otto knows how to support local businesses even if his fellow Springfielders have no clue.
7. You’ve already got the school – you need a School Bus.
8. It’s Otto, man!

And here are a few reasons against:

1. He doesn’t interact with other characters and doesn’t have a role to play in any standard quests or tasks (but that’s the same as other premium characters really, so you can see how I’m struggling to come up with reasons not to buy him.
2. While he has a voice, he’s one of the quiestest characters in the game and can be quite difficult to hear.
3. If you don’t have King Toot’s yet, you may want to put off buying him until you do.
4. If you have strict views on game characters using controlled substances, you may want to pass on him.

On balance, though, Otto and the School Bus is a good, relatively affordable purchase that really adds value to your game.


It’s not an old man – it’s Agnes Skinner on her 6-hour task to sweep up the town. I’m sure there’s an episode reference for this, so if anyone knows it, please share it with everyone.

Anyway, here’s what you’ve probably been seeing:


Sometimes your Tapped Out characters seem to have minds of their own, and end up in combinations that can’t help but raise a smile. Here’s a screenshot sent in by Rood of Shauna tempting Duffman with ducks:

And here’s one from my game, of Kearney and Tom O’Flanagan joining forces in an Irish jig:

And another one from around St. Patrick’s Day (hence the green rivers) of Fruit-Bat-Man completely failing to punch out Snake:

Please feel free to share images of any of your favorite character combinations.

Agnes Skinner arrives in New Springfield with the level 29 update to make Seymour’s life miserable – and just in time for Mother’s Day in the US and other parts of the world, too. (Mother’s Day is May 12 in the US and many other countries.)

If everything were behaving normally, the level 29 quests should begin right after Fat Tony’s quest finishes. With the current glitch in quest progression still in play, it’s difficult to know whether that’s still the case. Either way, you’ll need to be at level 29 for everything to begin. And Luigi and Skinner should be free to kick things off:

1. Principal Plus Interest Everything is going wonderfully in New Springfield and Seymour Skinner has a spring in his step, something that Luigi notices:

Skinner: Who wouldn’t smile in this wonderful, new Springfield? Nothing could ruin it.
Bart: Hey Seymour, your office is full of anteaters. Also ants. Also you need to tell the cafeteria to order more honey because your office is full of that too. Heh heh.
Skinner: Delightful! I needed some busy work for Willie. When he has nothing to do, he keeps inviting me to play board games. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to relax and take in the avian grandeur of our fair town.
Luigi: And I will-a-romance the air with a-beautiful sounds of the accordion, the bagpipe of Italy.
Skinner: Terrific. Hopefully, there aren’t any trees near your restaurant.
So Skinner goes off to watch birds for 24 hours, while Luigi spends 12 hours outside his restaurant playing the accordion. Remove all nearby trees for Skinner’s sake and keep Milhouse free as Skinner finishes his task.

2. Hey Milhouse — Eureka! Milhouse his missing his parents…

Milhouse: For dinner last night, I sucked on pasta shells until they got soft in my mouth.
Bart: Hmm, Springfielders do tend to appear when we build a new building. That gives me an idea…
Milhouse: To help me not to be an orphan?
Bart: No, to really prank Skinner! We need to bring back the one thing that can get inside his head and ruin his happiness. His mother.
Milhouse: Okay. But if we’re going to build Skinner’s house, we’re going to need a lot more pillows.
This prompts the build of the Skinner House ($196,500 and 24 hours) and unlocks Agnes Skinner. Keep Seymour free as the build finishes.


3. There are Skinners and Winners Part 1 Skinner instantly notices the change…

Agnes: Thought you’d gotten rid of me, did you. Now put on an apron and tidy up. Turns out limbo is pretty dusty.
Skinner: But Mother…
Agnes: No buts, Seymour. Get to work! When I get back from Bingo tonight, the table top better be clean enough for me to see my disapproving face in it!
And Agnes goes off to spend 4 hours hustling at bingo.

4. There are Skinners and Winners Part 2 Agnes appear to be great at multi-tasking as Seymour notices a few more changes now that she is back.

Agnes: You’re darn tooting. There are a lot of naughty pictures in the Wikipedia.
Seymour: I don’t have time to fight you right now – I have to get to work… where no one can tell me what I can and can’t look at, because we don’t have any computers.
Seymour heads off to the relative peace and quiet of a 12-hour day monitoring the halls. Keep Comic Book Guy and Agnes free as he finishes.

The walkthrough will continue…

The addition of the Open-Air Stage has revived interest in Channel 6 because, like the Open-Air Stage (and Cletus’ Farm), you invest money to make money. The great thing about Channel 6, though, is that with the right combination of items it has what’s possibly the most lucrative tasks in the game for their duration.

When you first build Channel 6, you have just two programing options, as you can see below:

Once you unlock the weather station, a game dollars decoration that unlocks as part of your Channel 6 quest, though, you get one more:

At this point, premium characters and items unlock more programming options for you. The Worldwide Broadcast Dish at 30 donuts unlocks the Worldwide News program:

And the Channel 6 News Van at 40 donuts lets you do a 4-hour live news report that earns as much as the free 8 hour task:

And if you add Bumblebee Man at 60 donuts, you get Channel Occho as a 24-hour program which lets you invest $2200 dollars to earn $5000 (and Bumblebee man has a task at the Channel 6 as well):

Channel 6 has certainly proved a useful building for me, and one that has helped me build up cash for when I really need it. It’s just a matter of remembering to set the programming, though.

One of the two premium buildings released with level 29 is the Sprawl-Mart, and it’s certainly big (8×12 squares). But is it worth the 90 donuts that seems to be the current going rate for stand-alone buildings (this was the price for Swanky Fish, although Asia de Cuba costs a little more at 100 donuts)? Here’s some pros and cons.

First, some reasons to buy it:

1. It’s a 6 second build and gives you an XP boost on its construction (I forgot to make a note of just how much, so I’ll check this out in the files and let you know when I go in on Sunday).
2. It boosts your income by $300 and 30XP every 12 hours.
3. It gives Agnes an extra 16 hour task to greet customers that pays $750 and 200XP.

4. It gives a boost to your Consumerism rating (which probably dropped as you hit level 29).
5. It’s another store for Legs and Louie to threaten and collect protection money from.
6. Your Springfield residents need a place to shop that sells a wider range of goods than Apu does at the Kwik-E-Mart.
7. You’re a completist, so you want every building!

The list of reasons against is short but powerful:

1. Sprawl-Mart comes without a character.
2. Only Agnes, Legs and Louie seems to interact with it in any way – and only Agnes has a task that keeps her there. Marge seems to ignore it completely, which surprised me.
3. It doesn’t seem to generate any additional quests.
4. As it’s not a limited-time building, there’s really no rush to buy it.
5. It seems to have nothing special in the way of animations, other than an open door reminiscent of the Kwik-E-Mart.
6. Do you really want a large global mega-chain to chase local businesses out of your town?

So, not an essential purchase, then. It’s greatest benefit seems to come from the boost it gives to your Consumerism rating, giving you an alternative to opening another Kwik-E-Mart if you want to keep it at 5 stars.


The update doesn’t seem to have fixed the glitch affecting many of the joint tasks – and that means that the level 29 task for Agnes and Comic Book Guy to go on a date is also affected. I’ll, tell you what you can do for this particular task in a moment because it’s relatively easy to deal with, but first a recap…

The glitch was first noticed right back at the beginning of Whacking Day, and you can see a post on that here. It became a bit more frustrating when the Rich Texan couldn’t stay on his mechanical bull (as the task is so long and he’s a premium character) and appeared again with Legs and Louie’s level 28 task to interrogate a squealer. You can read about the tasks affected by this glitch here, where you can also see a video that Mike made illustrating the problem, which I’m reposting below:

It seems that joint tasks are likely to be interrupted by a few things – building, decorating and cracking eggs are the main culprits, although snake whacking can sometimes cause the task to stop as well. And it seems that some tasks involving props, like the Rick Texan and his mechanical bull and some of the performances on the Open Air Stage, are affected in the same way.

The easy solution where the task is short, like Agnes and Comic Book Guy’s date, is to make setting up the task the last thing you do before you exit the game, and then to go and do something else for the two hours it takes to complete. When you return to your game, it should have finished normally. You could always spend donuts to speed over the task, I suppose, but this way is just a little easier and doesn’t require any expense.

Hopefully, this will all be resolved with the App Store/Google Play update we should get once Whacking Day is finally over.


There are only four tasks that make up Respectable Moe’s quest – but, as many of you will already have discovered, the length of a couple of the tasks means that it all takes at least 3 days to play in real time. So, here’s what happens once you get the message that Moe has a new suit and you can find it in your Inventory:

1. Moe’s New Suit Part 1 Once you put the suit on Moe, his quest begins (no other characters need to be free at this stage):
Moe: What’s this? A suit! And in my thin-shouldered hunch-backed Quasimodo size!
Homer: Wow Moe! When you wear it, it looks like you’re standing up straight!
Moe: That’s because I AM standing up straight. For the first time in my life I’ve got self-loathing!
Homer: You mean “self-confidence”?
Moe: Yeah, that one. I’m just so used to saying the other.
Feeling unusually good, Respectable Moe spends the next 12 hours strutting in the suit. Keep Homer and Marge free for the next part.

2. Moe’s New Suit Part 2 Homer really notices the difference in Moe:

Marge: I’m just glad to see him doing something other than leering at me from a bush.
Homer: Hey Moe! Marge and I were thinking of going out for a bite. Normally we wouldn’t invite you on account of you being unpleasant and unpresentable and… well, you, know, you. But now you’ve got that suit, we don’t mind being seen with you in public.
Moe: That’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me.
Homer: So what do you say we grab dinner at Luigi’s?
Moe: Screw that! Let’s go someplace fancy!
Homer: Um… okay.
Moe: And we’ll get drinks and appetizers and entrees and desserts!
Homer: I don’t know…
Moe: And the whole dinner will be your treat!
Homer: Maybe this isn’t such a good idea.
Moe: Too late! I already called ahead and ordered one of everything on the menu.
Now, if you already have the Gilded Truffle, you can continue with the quest. If you don’t, you’re going to have to get to it in your regular game (limited-time quests never let you jump ahead to the buildings you need). Once you have it, though, you’ll be able to send Homer, Marge and Respectable Moe to dine there for 2 hours at Homer’s expense.

3. Moe’s New Suit Part 3 Moe enjoyed himself…

Marge: You’re more than welcome Moe. It’s so nice to see you looking so slick. Is there “someone special” we don’t know about?
Moe: No. This suit can do a lot of things, but even it can’t make me attractive to dames.
Marge suggests that if Moe stopped referring to women as dames, that might help a little bit. And that it also might be an idea to clean up his bar because it looks like a pigsty.
So, Moe takes Marge’s advice and spends the next 2 days doing just that (2 days! With the task that’s part of the Rich Texan’s quest, this seems to be a something new to make shorter quests go for a little longer – and given its placement on the task list, it seems to be a permanent task!)

The conversation when the clean-up is over is one of my favorites of the game:

Moe: Yeah, but I still haven’t met anyone. Where are all the women in this town?
Homer: I hear you, buddy – it took me 15 levels to find Marge!
Moe: *sigh* It’s like I’m trapped in a world created by a bunch of writers who don’t know anything about women.

4. Moe’s New Suit Part 4 Moe is resigned to the fact that the town is short on female characters and, therefore, a potential love interest:

Moe: There’s a saying – unlucky at love, lucky at getting drunk. I’m going to distil some 15-year-old whiskey. Let’s hope it doesn’t actually take 15 years, like that growing corm at Cletus’ Farm job.
Luckily, it only takes 24 hours!

Ands that’s where Respectable Moe’s quest ends. If you’re in the US, be sure to watch Sunday night’s episode, Whiskey Business, to find out what it all means!

If you’ve managed to win the Pet Snake or Bare-Chested Willie, then Drederick Tatum and the Coliseum are well within your reach before the end of Whacking Day. To prepare for the land you’ll need, you can take a look at how big the Coliseum is here. But what exactly does Tatum do?

Tatum (Springfield’s answer to Mike Tyson) has a short quest when he arrives and a nice range of tasks, including one that let’s him join Krusty and Reverened Lovejoy in parading pets around New Springfield and another that lets him join the growing number of Springfield runners and power walkers. None of his tasks earn at a premium rate, however (he is a free character after all) and none of them earn you snakes.

Here’s what you’ll be able to send him to do (if you don’t have him already):

Task Length Cash XP
Dine at the Truffle (indoors) 2 hours 110 27XP
Walk the Tiger (outdoors) 4 hours $175 45XP
Step into the ring (indoors – Coliseum) 8 hours $275 70XP
Answer questions at the Police Station (indoors) 12 hours $420 100XP
Stay in shape (otdoors) 24 hours $600 150XP

One more thing – you’ll be happy to know that Tatum is a voiced character and that means you’ll be able to hear him greet everyone in a voice that sound a little like Elmer Fudd.


Just a reminder to people working through the game that the Whacking Day update seems to have messed up the normal progression of quests and tasks in the game for many players. This means that the usual prompts are not appearing when they should and buildings and characters at later levels are opening well before those at earlier levels.

This seems to be happening at all stages of the game from level 15 all the way up to level 27. There have been comments today that Carl and Lenny’s quest is only half completed before Fat Tony’s quest begins. And the already complicated route to the Hospital is being complicated further by the game jumping straight to the Channel 6 build.

All I can suggest at the moment is patience. I’m fairly sure that this is a glitch and not a new mode of operation for the game (after all, you need earlier level characters in most cases to progress at later levels). It seems that the prompts you need do come up eventually, just not necessarily at the right time or in the right order. As with all these glitches, it’s worth letting EA know – because they can’t do anything about them unless they know about them and have an appreciation of how widespread they are.

You can read an earlier post on this topic here – and scan through the comments as well so you can be prepared for what may or may not happen with the progression of your own game.


Note: The normal strategy when a character you know is meant to prompt the next task isn’t doing that, is to put the character into storage and then take him/her out again. This works only occasionally with this glitch.

Springfield’s newest high-end restaurant, the Asia de Cuba is available for 100 donuts in your premium store as part of the level 28 update.

One consideration in buying a premium anything is how useful it is. Earning rent and boosting your Gluttony rating is one thing – it’s a more attractive option, though, if your characters actually use it. After all, who would be completely happy about spending their precious donuts on a restaurant only to find that it’s essentially a premium Pimemto Grove (how that place stays in business, I don’t know!)?

The good news is that at least two characters take the opportunity to sample Asia de Cuba’s cuisine. This is the venue of choice for both Legs and Louie to discuss private business in public in their 3-hour tasks. Fat Tony still prefers Luigi’s, but Legs and Louie have opted for something a little more up-market.

The restaurant doesn’t have any animation to show when it’s occupied. It does have a color and lighting change, though. The top screenshot shows the restaurant as it normally is. The one below shows how it looks when Legs and/or Louie are dining there and having a conversation that you’d probably rather not overhear:


I’ll be doing a full post on the Rich Texan soon, but it’s important to know that there may be a glitch in one of the tasks that makes up his quest. He needs to ride on a mechanical bull, which is a great animation, but for some people he really seems to have trouble staying on. As soon as you’re not looking, he’s off it and you need to start all over again.

This is very similar to the glitch that people are seeing with Smithers and Burns exercising together. The problem is that the Rich Texan’s task is 12 hours and it takes 6 donuts to skip over the task, which seems to be the only way to complete it.

My advice would be that unless you don’t mind spending 85 donuts on him and then 6 more to get through the task, to hold off buying him until the glitch is fixed, despite the fact that he’s a great character. It’s important to relize, though, that not everyone is experiencing this glitch (as you can see from the comments below) and that your Rich Texan may be perfectly fine.

Oh – and if you’re a Tea Party supporter with no sense of humor, you may want to give him a miss altogether!


After criticism that the Valentine’s event was too easy, EA and the studio seem to have gone completely the other way and given us an event that sometimes feels more like work than work does!

A number of readers have been giving some great advice on how to make those targets (and you really should read all of Robert’s comments!). Here’s some advice from L.A on how you can get to the top prize levels:

For people who are struggling, I have a few tips to give WITHOUT USING ANY DONUTS WHATSOEVER:

1. Add a lot of people and visit them at an organized schedule everyday

If you have more friends, then that obviously means you have more snakes to whack. A good tip for whacking your friends’ snakes is that you should set a time of day to visit your friends’ towns and whack snakes, tap buildings, leave eggs, etc. What I mean by this is that you will use your time better if let’s say you have 88 friends, you visit 22 of them at 11:00 in the morning, you visit the next 22 at 3:00 in the afternoon, the next 22 at 6:00 in the evening and the last 22 at 9:00 at night. This way, you won’t have to get on the game all the time and watch if a friend or 2 is going to time up their 24 hour clocks so you can visit them and whack snakes.

2. Have an egg buddy

I have many egg buddies, friends in real life that I divide most of my eggs to everyday, and vice versa. I give 85% of my eggs I gain everyday to each of them equally, and they follow the same ratio. The rest of the 15% I give to the rest of my game friends, following the formula of 1 egg + any eggs I gain whacking snakes at their place. Also, if a friend has more than 15 unopened eggs at their Springfield or if they already obtained all 10 prizes (excluding whack boxes) through the lazy usage of donuts, I skip on placing eggs in their towns.

3. Make an account so that can be your personal egg farmer (very cheap way that I’ve devised!)

The day the Whacking Day event started and I had Homer and Lisa do their 24 hour tasks, I created a separate account that was to be my egg farmer. On that account, I harvest around 100 eggs per day that I give to my main account. (Note: You can do this on the same device, but you need to set it up with a completely different email address and ID.)

4. Hold off any quests and tasks that don’t have to do with Whacking Day.

Homer, Lisa, Flanders, Milhouse, Cletus, Apu and Willie all have their own respective tasks that gain you snakes. Have them do those tasks back-to-back-to-back until the event is over.

Using these tips I have provided, I guarantee that you will obtain at least the 10 main prizes of the event. Good luck everyone and last but not least, enjoy Whacking Day (or specificaly, month)!!!



As I mentioned here, the Gymnastic Lisa quest comes in two varieties – a short version and a longer version involving Lugash. Now, you don’t need to have Lugash to complete the quest – if you haven’t bought him yet, the quest finishes with Lisa’s dream of getting an “A” in gym class coming true. In the Lugash version, however, something a little different happens after her dream and there are a few extra steps she needs to go through before she gets that top grade.

Lugash: To be great takes total dedication. All time invested in training. Until when mind think of losing, it also think “I AM DYING! THIS IS DEATH!”
Homer: If you’re promising to take up all of my daughter’s time with grueling psychological torments, then I think we have a deal.

Here, then, is a walkthrough of the additional parts that Lugash brings to Lisa’s quest:

1. Little Girl in the Big Ten Part 5 Lisa wants to talk to Lugash, but he cuts her off mid-sentence:

Lisa: I just wanted you to sign my petition against Whacking Day.
Lugash: Petition cannot stop Whacking Day – only gymnastics can stop it. By celebrating it! By doing gymnastics!
Taking his advice, Lisa goes to spend the next four hours training at Lugash’s Gym while Lugash trains children.

2. Little Girl in the Big Ten Part 6 Lisa doesn’t find training with Lugash a totally positive learning environment:

Homer: Sorry, we already paid for the lessons.
Lisa: But I saw a girl set her own broken leg in the middle of a somersault.
Homer: Wow. Next time that happens, film it and put it on YouTube. I’m tired of watching videos of cats.
So Lisa goes back again to spend another four hours in training and Lugash spends another four hours training children.

3. Little Girl in the Big Ten Part 7 Surprisingly, Lugash is impressed:

Lisa: Thanks Lugash. I still hate this, but thanks. So you think I can get an A in gym class?
Lugash: If gym class is balance beam, yes. God gave you greatest gift. Big head. Like beach ball made of bone. Give you perfect balance. Go home now. Rest your giant head. You will now pass gym examinations. I am certain of this. I am Lugash!
Lisa is so happy, she spends an hour doing cartwheels.

And it seems to have all worked:

Homer: Woohoo! Wait, I mean D’oh! Now what will distract you from getting all moral and judgement-y about Whacking Day? There must be more quests to keep you busy.It’s not like we constantly have nothing to do as we wait for another set of tasks to fill up our time.

So, Lugash adds an other layer to the Little Girl in the Big Ten storyline, which may make it worth you spending your donuts on him. It’s worth remembering, though, that if you want to keep Lisa in snake-earning tasks, you should be able to save this quest until later on in the Whacking Day event, although whether or not it will be available after Whacking Day is another question altogether.

As there’s so much going on for Whacking Day, I’m building the Legitimate Businessman’s Club in real time and letting the Rich Texan’s first task take the full 24 hours – but to keep everyone looking for a post on the new level 28 content happy, here’s a brief one on the premium Hot Tub.
And for those with questions in the queue, my apologies. After one of the busiest weeks ever for this game and this blog, I have a little question fatigue, so the responses may be a little slower than usual.

One of the new items for level 28 is the Hot Tub. It’s a premium item and available for a rather pricey 60 donuts – and that price alone might give you reason enough to hold off buying it.

It does exactly three things:
1. It gives you a bonus of 2.5% on all cash and XP you collect.
2. It unlocks Fat Tony’s 10-hour task to relax in the Hot Tub.
3. It looks nice.

It’s one of the most expensive of the premium decorations and it looks nice enough. But if you don’t have Fat Tony or you’re not at game level 28, it’s far from being an essential purchase. And as there’s nothing limited-time about it, it’s something that you can easily put off purchasing for the time being.

I think it’s a shame it’s a donut purchase, particularly as it’s been a couple of levels since the Rabbit Hedge, the last of the regular game decorations that you could buy for game dollars (the Whacking day decorations don’t really count). On the other hand, though, there’s still all of those Whacking Day prizes and we just had Springfield Falls, so we really haven’t done too badly….


A few people have asked this question, and the point is a very, very simple one – it’s all about variety and a bit of fun! The prizes add to that fun by giving you Gymnastics Lisa as the third prize and Bare-Chested Willie as the eighth prize.

In those long gaps between levels and events where nothing much new happens in the game, it’s nice to be able to send characters off on different tasks of the same length rather than sending them on the same ones over and over again. Even after Whacking Day is over, you’ll still be able to make Lisa walk the Balance Beam or Willie wrestle snakes and bring a little bit of variety to their otherwise fairly monotonous routines. They’re not premium costumes because they didn’t cost you donuts – but they do give your characters something a little different to do even after Whacking Day is over.

And as a side note, while Lisa’s costume doesn’t earn you snakes, Willie’s does!

P.S.: Just in case you missed it, there may be one more costume appearing soon – a new suit for Moe for promote the episode Whiskey Business, currently scheduled to air on May 5!


As the post below says, you need 3017 snakes in your inventory by the end of Thursday in the US to be on target to get all 10 prizes. While it does get easier (particularly when you win the Snake Rocks), a number of people are worried whether they’re every going to make it without staying home from work or school until May 9.

Robert has made a brilliant suggestion that I can take absolutely no credit for that involves all of us helping each other to get there. Not only is it so simple, it makes use of the information you get in Lisa’s “Release snakes” task to actually help your friends (particularly the ones you’ve made through here) rather than hurt them!

Here’s what Robert says:

I think we may be missing the point of her releasing egg tasks: KARMA (remember you just got a Buddist Temple). It shows you which of your friends are really struggling be it a glitch of lost eggs whatever. Go through your list and find those who need enough donuts to get a whacking permit or need some more to get the rock. Help them and you help yourself.

So, Lisa’s task lets you see how many snakes your friends have in their inventories. Next time you send her on this task, take a look at the numbers for each town. Jot down the IDs of any of your friends that seem to be playing but also seem to be struggling with hitting snake targets. Then send Lisa to Other Springfield to carry out her task – DO NOT send her to a friend’s town!

When you come to visit your friends, make sure you visit the people who are having trouble hitting their targets and make a generous egg drop. It’s not an egg buddy thing, or anything that you would necessarily expect that friend to return – it’s just something to help out a friend and maybe they’ll pay it forward (if your friend also reads this blog, there’s a good chance they will). And if we’re all doing this, then maybe all the readers of this blog will reach those snake targets and win every prize.

Thanks Robert for suggesting this and coming up with a way to use Lisa’s task positively.

Note: While some people are reporting “Other Springfield” as Lisa’s only option, most people can still see all their friends.


This is the third part of the Whacking Day quest waklkthrough – you can find the first two parts on the Whacking Day page here.

This stage of the quest involves Ned, Lisa and Principal Skinner (although he’s misspelt as Principle Skinner). In this stage, each character needs to be free for his or her task to come up – and you finally find out what Skinner’s 24-hour “Hide From Lisa” task is all about!

Just one point to note before getting on with the walkthrough – there are three 24-hour tasks coming up. While you may want to use your donuts to speed them up get through them and see what’s coming, be like Ned and resist the temptation. There are far better uses for those precious donuts.

1. Whacking Day Part 9 Ned steps up to protect Milhouse who, when we left him, had just finished getting bullied by snakes:

And that begins another 24 hours that Ned will spend sending the snakes back to Hell. Keep Lisa free when he finishes.

2. Whacking Day Part 10 Despite being academically gifted, Lisa has a little spelling issue. This may simply be due to her assuming that Principal Skinner is on the same wavelength as her regarding Whacking Day. His principles differ slightly, though:

Principal Skinner: Certainly Lisa. My door is always open. How about…
Lisa: We need to STOP this dreadful snake massacre immediately. It’s cruel.
Principal Skinner: …next Wednesday at 11:30pm?
Lisa: But that’s way past my bedtime!
Principal Skinner: Sorry Lisa, gotta run.
If you’ve just started playing the game, you’ll need to get to level 10 in the regular game and build Springfield Elementary before you can continue the quest. If you already have Principal Skinner, you’ll need to send him to hide from Lisa for the next 24 hours. Keep Lisa free as comes out of hiding.

3. Whacking Day Part 11 Lisa is convinced that Skinner is trying to avoid her. Skinner denies it, of course:

And back he goes into hiding for another 24 hours.

The walkthrough will continue with Lisa and Willie…

Where we left of in the first part of the walkthrough, Apu was just recovering from what was probably the most ill-judged in-store promotion in the entire history of in-store promotions (you can read about that here). When he finishes cleaning up, though, the quest continues.

Just a reminder: this quest doesn’t seem to work like the others we’re used to. Except at a couple of points, the characters don’t need to be free for the next stage of the quest to appear. In fact, for each of the parts below, the dialog boxes will come up without a character walking around with an exclamation mark over his or her head to tell you that he or she has something to say. The quest then sits in your task book ready to begin when the character is free.

Homer needs to be free, though, to begin the next stage of the quest and it’s also a good idea to try and keep Lisa free at each key point. Quest progression is a little glitchy at the moment, so the ease with which all this has happened for me may not be your experience:

1. Whacking Day Part 5 Homer wants Ned to get involved in all the Whacking Day fun:

Ned: Oh I couldn’t. Killing defenseless animals is wrong.
Homer: Just pretend you’re Ehud, and the snakes are Eglon, king of Moab.
Ned: I don’t know where you got such an obscure Biblical reference, but it works for me.
And Ned goes off to spend 24 hours sending the snakes back to Hell.
2. Whacking Day Part 6 Cletus is the next to get involved:

Homer: If you need a weapon, what about that shotgun in your back pocket?
Cletus: Doesn’t seem very sporting…
Homer: Oh, Cletus. Whacking Day is just like any other beloved tradition: the point is to murder as many snakes as possible. By any means necessary.
Cletus: Well said, fat man.
So, Cletus takes Homer’s advice and spends the next 12 hours shooting snakes.
3. Whacking Day Part 7 Lisa isn’t taking any of this well:

Homer: They also committed the crime of being slimy. And the crime of scaring Indiana Jones.
Lisa: Those aren’t crimes!
Thoroughly appalled, Lisa goes off to spend the next 5 hours releasing snakes from another town. And if you really want to be a good neighbor, send her to Other Springfield for this, rather than reducing the hard-won snake count of any of your friends.
4. Whacking Day Part 8 It’s Milhouse’s turn next, and despite being bigger and stronger than the snakes, he spends 12 hours getting bullied by them (Note: If you’ve just started the game, though, you’ll need to reach level 8 and build the van Houten House in the regular quests before you can get Milhouse to carry out this particular task).

Ned will need to be free for Part 9 of the quest to appear, and you can read about this when the walkthrough continues…


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