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A couple of people have reported their frustration at selling the Snake Rocks, Snake Stumps and Hollow Logs in the belief that Whacking Day was over and done with. Given that they make great decorations and also earn you a 2%, 2.5% and 3% bonus on tasks and rent that will continue after Whacking Day, this is difficult to understand. And when you consider that they (mostly) cost donuts and the cash return is minimal, this is clearly a mistake.

In the game, limited-time means exactly that in most cases. Characters, buildings and decorations that are available for a limited time are for game dollars or for donuts won’t be available again. And while the Snake Rocks sell for $1000, the Snake stump for $1375, and Hollow Snake Trunk for $1875, this is hardly a return on the real-world cash it cost to buy these things in the first place.

And even for decorations that are free or cost game dollars, it’s worth simply storing any that you don’t want to use right now in your Inventory as they often turn out to be useful at some point in the future – and they’ll be items that newer players won’t have. (My excess Valentine’s roses have come in very useful recently!)

So, think carefully before you sell anything that’s limited-time – if only because you may never be able to get it again. And that’s something you really need to factor into the game dollar return on your sale.



The Snake Rocks, Snake Stump and the Hollow Snake Trunk do much more than just produce snakes. It’s something a few readers have noticed and while I’ve mentioned it in comments, I hadn’t realized that I’d never done a post on the best-kept secret about the snake-generating premium items until this comment came in from @Landaasen:

The snake rocks, stump and trunk are all 2.5% multipliers (I took them in and out of inventory while collecting white houses, and it seems about right). This is a pretty important detail, especially for those who are a bit behind and getting sweaty, and considering a purchase. The question is why this is “secret”; if it is permanent, or just a bonus effect during the Whacking Days. Considering the cost, this should be permanent, making them attractive multipliers.

I have a feeling that the bonus multiplier effect will be permanent – as they already carry a 2.5% bonus multiple I can’t see them suddenly changing to Vanity-rating decorations once Whacking Day is over. And that means the snake-generating decoration do three things – they generate snakes, they give your friends an extra item to tap on to collect cash (during Whacking Day, at least), and they also earn you an extra 2.5% on money and XP earned through rent and jobs.

Update: It may be that you don’t get this multiplier effect from the free Snake Rocks.


While the Whacking Day event has been a bit glitchy, getting twice the number of snakes from your Snake Rocks (the fourth prize) is no glitch. If this happens to you, it’s because you have great friends who know just how to help you.

The three daily actions in a friend’s town include tapping on buildings, vandalizing or cleaning up graffiti, reviving dead crops, and regenerating the lemon tree. But during Whacking Day, one of the most helpful things you can do is tap on anything you see that generates snakes whenever you can. You get a small cash and XP collection, but the benefit to your friend is much greater.

Just like the buildings, you can only tap on the Snake Rocks, Stumps and Logs because they’re ready to be tapped on and your friend hasn’t done so yet. Your tap restarts the snake-regeneration timer, even if your friend does nothing else. And another tap four hours later starts it yet again.

That’s why you sometimes see the double snake icon above your snake-generators – not because there’s a glitch but because, while you’ve been away from the game, a couple of friends have stopped by and tapped on it. And with the prize targets so high, this is probably one of the most helpful things they could do for you other than leave you piles of eggs!


About 10 days ago, I posted on how you can be a good neighbor during Whacking Day. Here’s an update that includes the advice from readers that came through in the comments:

1. As far as possible, visit your neighbors regularly. While once a day isn’t always possible for busy people, try to cover everyone as regularly as you can.

2. Plan to visit when the town is ready for its 3 daily actions – that way you can help your friend as well as help yourself).

3. Don’t just go into whack snakes and leave. Remember to tap on buildings, leave graffiti, or clean up any graffiti you see. All of these help your friend in some way (although many people hate the graffiti). Give as well as take!

4. If you’re tapping on buildings, tap on the most expensive ones you can see (those highest on the build list). It helps them regenerate faster in your friend’s town.

5. If you see any Snake Stumps, Rocks or Logs, tap on those – it helps them regenerate faster in your friend’s town, and that will help your friend’s whackable snake count.

6. If you’re whacking snakes in someone’s town, consider leaving them, at the very least, the eggs that come from those snakes.

7. Send Lisa to the Other Springfield to release snakes rather than a friend’s town to avoid reducing the number of snakes any of your friends have – after all, it’s so time-consuming to collect them that it’s really disheartening to see those numbers go down.

8. Use Lisa’s task to see which of your friends really need your help – monitor the numbers and see who is struggling and who is on or above the daily targets. Make big egg drops for those who are playing but struggling (if they have won Fort Sensible and Gymnastic Lisa, they probably fall into this category).

9. If you see a friend has all the prizes, don’t bother leaving eggs. They don’t need them, so give them to someone who does.

10. Try not to hide eggs unless you’re sure your neighbor also enjoys combining Whacking Day with an egg hunt! Place the eggs in the open and avoid putting them behind buildings or decorations.

11. If you have made an egg buddy agreement, keep to it. Be honorable about any arrangements you make.

12. If you have a heavily decorated town or a housefarm, clean it up a little (at least temporarily) to make it easier for your friends to find the snakes they’re trying to whack. Those snakes can be really hard to find in crowded towns once they spread out.

13. Make your town look like you’re playing the Whacking Day event – put up a banner or two and consider buying a stall so people know that you’re open for egg drops!

14. Keep your non-Whacking Day characters on indoor tasks as much as possible to de-clutter your town (that said, I find this one very difficult to do as I set tasks to the time I’ll be away from the game and some of those are inevitably outdoors!).

Is there anything else that you think needs adding? Let us know.


The social element of the game is an aspect confuses many people. That’s because there’s a bit more to your 3 daily actions than simply tapping on friends’ buildings and collecting money and XP, vandalizing their towns, and leaving graffiti or helping them clean it up. And, as well as whacking snakes and leaving eggs, Whacking Day has given you one more things to consider in the 3 daily actions you choose.

Let’s talk about vandalizing and cleaning up first. Vandalizing a building hurts your friend’s righteousness rating – and should also hurt yours (although a recent glitch meant that in some cases your rating actually goes up!). In the same way, cleaning up the graffiti helps the righteousness rating of both you and your friend. While many players hate seeing graffiti in their towns, those mops and buckets that appear as a result of your graffiti can actually help them out when their righteousness rating inexplicably drops. It’s not really as straightforward as it seems and any choices you make on leaving grafitti or not are within the spirit of the game.

You can also tap on buildings and collect a small amount of cash and XP for each building. But just which buildings you should tap on requires at least a moment’s thought. If you really want to help your friends, you should tap on the most expensive buildings available. If there is something for you to tap on above the building, then it means that the building has finished its rent regeneration cycle in your friends town and your friend hasn’t collected yet. The simple act of tapping means that the clock starts running again on the rent/earning cycle of those buildings. So, if you usually tap on the Simpsons’ House or the Brown Houses, you’re not really helping your friends as much as you can. You should only really tap on these buildings if you have no other choice (and when you do, a handshake icon will appear over the buildings you tapped on when your friends go into their games.)

And if you see any dead crops, tapping on these may bring them to life again in your friend’s town. Not only that, you also get to collect cash and XP as a reward for doing so (although no more than you usually do!). However, it’s important to know that you don’t help your friend in any way if you tap on Cletus’ Farm if the crops are still alive (and tapping on Chanel 6 doesn’t really help them out, either).

And for Whacking Day, there’s one more set of actions you can choose. Tapping on any of the icons above the snake-generating Rocks, Stumps and Logs will speed up the regeneration cycle of those decorations – and will mean that your friend will get their new set of snakes a little faster. If this happens a couple of times while they’re away from the game, they may even get double the amount of snakes!

One more point about visiting friends – you only need to tap once on each building you want to collect from. This makes the dollars and XP fly out and you don’t need to tap on these to collect. The game automatically scoops them up them for you after a few seconds. And you can even leave before everything is scooped up, and it’ll be automatically added to your total. Beware, though, as this doesn’t seem to be happening with the snakes you whack!

The moral then is think before you tap – although if you have 100 friends and only a little time, sometimes that’s hard to do.

P.S.: Longer term players will recall that there used to be a glitch that let you build up your cash total and collect huge amounts of cash and XP if you visited all your friends sequentially, This has been repaired and now you collect a fixed amount of $16 and 2 XP per action.


For those of you who haven’t bought or won, the Snake Rocks, they’re quite small. You’ll have no problem fitting them almost anywhere in your Springfield.Here’s a screenshot from my game. You can see the Snake Rocks under the tree behind the Church:

And here’s a screenshot of the Snake Stump and Snake Log (Krusty kept wanting to get into the picture, but you get the idea!):

They’ll make really nice decorations when the the Whacking Day event is over, too.

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