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The Open Air Stage is available as part of the level 29 update and is now officially one of my favorite buildings!

It works just like Channel 6 and Cletus’ Farm – you spend money to make money. But what makes it better than either of these two buildings is that it also gives some of your characters something extra to do.

To unlock a performance, a required character just needs to be free and in his/her regular costume. How much you need to invest depends on both the length of the task and the number of characters involved. Your return depends on the number of characters involved and whether the task is performed in whole or part by a premium character. Here’s a handy chart:

Task Time Character(s) Investment Reward
Lisa’s Sax Solo 60 minutes Lisa $25 $145/30XP
Krusty Standup 2 hours Krusty $40 $240/45XP
The Be Sharps 3 hours Homer / Skinner / Apu / Barney $175 $1055/245XP
Willie on the Pipes 4 hours Willie $60 $350/80XP
The Skinner Sisters 10 hours Principal Skinner / Agnes Skinner $230 $1385/300XP
Sideshow Opera 16 hours Sideshow Mel $165 $990/220XP
Man Being Hit By Football: The Musical 24 hours Moleman $220 $1320/250XP

Lisa’s, Willie’s and Moleman’s performances are pretty much what you see in their regular tasks. But, here are the others (you’ll have to forgive my undecorated park – that will come soon). First, Krusty and his standup:

Here’s Sideshow Mel:

And here are the Skinner Sisters:

And, finally, the Be Sharps:

So, the bottom line on the Open Air Stage is this: it’s well worth the donuts for those who are at level 29; it’s an especially good purchase for those who have Barney, Moleman, and Sideshow Mel as well; and if you’re at a lower level, you may want to hold off for a while until you can really make use of it.

And if you’re easily tempted into additional premium spending, consider this one carefully – it could well be a “gateway” building to more premium expenditure!


Just a reminder of one of this week’s polls – even more relevant thanks those 12 free donuts from EA. The poll asks what building/character combination would make the best first donut buy (and, yes, it probably should have included Squeaky Voice Teen and the Aztec Theater as, even though they’re separate items, they work well together)?

As you’ll see, Duffman is in the lead, at least in part due to his new Duff Stadium task (which I’m pretty sure he’ll get to keep after Whacking Day). But, there’s also a groundswell of support for Otto and Frink.

If you haven’t voted yet, choose your favorite and help those first-time buyers of premium characters decide what they should do. And if you want to see how the voting turned out on the cheaper premium characters, take a look here.


A number of people through the comments and on Twitter have reported some lucky wins through the Golden Scratch-R – with the result that they would like to know what to spend their donuts for their first ever premium purchase. It’s a very good question (although I am a little envious!).

A while back, I ran a poll on which of the cheaper premium characters was the best buy (and you can see the results here). So this time, I thought a poll on which is the best building/character combination would be a good idea.

So, premium buyers, place your votes. And non-premium buyers don’t need to feel excluded from all the polling action – there’s also a poll running this weekend on whether or not you’re on track to win the whacking day prizes (and you can find that one here).


Barney’s Bowlarama was released as part of the Christmas 2012 update, when you could buy it for 250 Santa coins. Once the Christmas event was over, Barney, with his Bowlarama, became a premium character and available for 250 donuts. This made Barney the most expensive premium character in the store.

So, should you spend your donuts on him? I think so, and here’s why:

1. At the moment, he makes up a set all of his own – the Barflies. While the fact that this is a category augers well for the arrival of Lenny and Carl at some point in the future, you can complete the set and get the extra XP right now.
2. Barney’s Bowlarama gives you additional 16-hour quests for Homer and Ned to go bowling – quite possibly the longest game in history, but there you are.
3. Barney has his own storyline – for more, scroll to the end of this post.
4. The Bowlarama earns $105 and 11XP every 5 hours.
5. How could you have a Springfield without a Barney?

And the reasons why you shouldn’t (just to be fair and balanced):

1. He’s super expensive.

Okay, just one reason then.

To help you make your final decision, then, here’s his quest:

1. Wow! A Job! Barney becomes a pin monkey and Homer goes bowling
2. Blitzed and Confused Barney goes on a binge
3. Gimme Gimme Gimme A Drink After Midnight Barney sleeps in the gutter (you can have a bit of fun with this if you also have Fat Tony)
4. The Worst Day of my Life, Again! Barney sobers up
5. Moe Beer, Moe Problems It doesn’t last long as Barney goes for a drink at Moe’s

So, there you are – Barney’s quest and some reasons for buying him. No apologies for the bias, though – I’m a bit of a Barney fan.


Well, I have them all.

My favorites are Moleman, Frink and Otto – but I also like the Squeaky-voiced Teen, and Barney.

It’s best to buy one that comes with their own building and for that you really can’t go past Otto or Frink. For many of the others, you need to be quite well-progressed in the game for them to have much to do (and if you’re on a budget and didn’t get Barney at the Christmas update, he’s great but the most expensive of the lot).


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