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Hello there, slightly late, to my weekly post Outsiders’ Musings. As you’ve no doubt noticed, the site has been undergoing a bit of a transformation over the last few days and some kind of server crash has prevented me from getting onto the blog. But now, I can, so lets get on with the show.

When I’m going about my daily business (the non-playing-TSTO part), it’s quite astonishing how many people you’ll overhear having a conversation. You’ll be a few feet away, minding your own business, but some little words are catching in your ears. Donuts… Springfield Downs… Scratch-R… You finally twig they’re talking about your favourite game! “No, that can’t be!” (You think to yourself.) “I’m the only player around here.” But, there it is. Loads of other people you know are also addicted to the game.

I’m wondering… how many people do you know that are secretly TSTO players? Perhaps they even read this blog. Is it more than you thought? What average level are they up to? Go and have a sniff about.

The best part of overhearing these conversations is when you join in you find they’ve only been playing for a short while, and find yourself boasting about level 29 and high-level buildings, and why did they only get 150 snakes for Whacking Day? Of course, you catch yourself before it gets too carried away and gently introduce them to adding friends, Origin accounts, all of that. Pass on useful tips such as you can use that account for all EA things.

That guy who always sits with his iPod playing something on the train each morning… just think. You might share a passion.

20130528-055247 PM.jpg


I’m still half expecting to see a snake round every corner, ready to step straight into baton mode and whack for the prizes… But they’re gone now. It seems weird, don’t you think? Such unusually long events get stuck in your head, and it’ll probably be a while until I have properly adjusted back to normal.

So, to business. This is OM ten, by your weekly guest author, rcsprinter. Hi.
How did I do? There’s a poll below – I honestly need your feedback.

But don’t count this as this week’s actual poll, that’ll be to do with the game. And as I rarely buy premium items, this week I’m gonna treat myself to some iTunes credit and some donuts – birthday privilege. It’ll make a change and if the limited time yard sale items don’t run out, I’ll buy some of them. Please lookout for OMXI!

20130519-114037 PM.jpg

Welcome, to the ninth weekly guest post by me, Rcsprinter! As we near the tenth week, which has come on quickly, I thought we should have a recap of all the things I’ve covered.

  • I – A list of characters we’d like to see in the game, some of which have already been included since then. These are Lenny and Carl, Jasper Beardly, Agnes Skinner, and the Rich Texan.
  • II – A quiz testing Simpsons knowledge
  • III – The quiz results and posing the question of new buildings
  • IV – A big rant on buildings with special interactive features and notifications
  • V – A history of splash screens, and a link to download the Tapped Out music
  • VI – An analysis of which dog to bet on at the Downs, and advertising friend-gathering website .
  • VII – Texture glitch pictures, escaping snakes, and other strange snake behaviour.
  • VIII – the earning side of Whacking Day
  • IX – A recap and the ridiculous extension of Whacking Day
  • X – Surprise! This also happens to be on my birthday (May 18), so if I’m a little late with it please bear with.

Secondly, a little bit on the extension of Whacking Day by EA. We’ve already covered this before but I haven’t inserted my opinion yet: it’s a complete sham. A load of people spent donuts hurrying to the end for the prizes they want, but it’s only a game and nobody forced them to. That said, when EA had previously expressly confirmed the end was May the 9th, and then they put it forward a week without telling anybody, was a very poor performance on their part. Is it just EA’s notoriously bad communication, or a sales ploy trying to get more cash for them through donuts? It’s hardly as if they need to. So, you can tell me what you think on the poll a few posts back, and I’ll post the results on May 15th. I can tell you that 10,600 players have already voted, and it’s very close between the top two – 3,927 for delighted and 3,822 for tired of snakes. 2248 for annoyed and 603 for no opinion, finished – at the moment. But those percentages could swing if you cast your vote now! Until next time, goodbye!

20130512-110901 AM.jpg

Time for OM 8..

It’s hard to believe its been eight weeks since the first edition of Outsiders’ Musings back in March. Thanks for your support and readership; it’s been amazing. Still, I suppose I had better muse and give tips for this week.

Whacking Day has been a large and fruitful event for many; the number of prizes has been far greater than those for any past event. But with it all ending on 9th May, those who are trying to get the prize they are aiming for will be frantically tapping every snake and egg they see, to collect those precious snakes in exchange for prizes. But here’s the thing: Whacking Day has been much more of an “earning” event. This has come from EA in response to the Hearts during Valentine’s which had a low value and could be collected in scores with the prizes not really costing very much. Here, you’ve had to really work at getting the snakes, or you won’t get the prizes. I don’t have a donut budget, so even with a hundred friends I’m haven’t got Bare-Chested Willie yet. However, the first few prizes don’t cost cash and require a relatively low number of snakes to get, so at least nobody has missed out if they aren’t getting the eggs they need.

And on a different note, please continue to send your arty snaps of unique town planning or weird screenshots of borked texture glitch buildings in through the comments section below – and you can keep a picture of your whole Springfield using the guide here. So long, and happy whacking!

20130504-121938 PM.jpg

Hello, and welcome once again to the weekly guest post by me, Rcsprinter. Here today –

*How mad is your texture glitch getting? My Orange Houses keep getting replaced with random parts of tetherball, and my parking lots with sections of Gulp n’ Blow. If you see a particularly weird one, capture it and send it in.
20130428-095221 PM.jpg
*Escaping snakes – they can go outside the land you have bought, but only just. They are still whackable.
20130428-095733 PM.jpg
*And as if that wasn’t enough, another strange behaviour of the snakes is their tendency to crowd around objects – be that decorations, buildings, roads, characters or eggs, but when you’re down to the only thing you can’t get rid of (the Simpsons home), they’ll stack up outside it:
20130428-095942 PM.jpg

Sorry for being slightly late this week, folks. OMVIII next Saturday.

20130428-101023 PM.jpg

Greetings, fellow players. This is my weekly post Outsiders’ Musings, and we’re up to the sixth edition. I’m looking at how often one can expect to win with each dog at the Springfield Downs, so I did a bit of an experiment. Over the last couple of weeks every hour I noted down which dog was the winner. The resulting conclusion is bet on Raised by Wolves; you have a 30% chance of winning.

Raised by Wolves IIIIIIII
Obedience School Dropout IIIIIII
Not a Chance II
Drool Britannia IIII
Dogbiscuit IIIIII

Secondly, if you want any extra friends to collect money and snakes off, there’s a good website at where you can advertise your Origin name to gather friends. Comments and suggestions to .


The latest post from Rcsprinter

Hey, y’all! Last week the challenge was to create a picture of something using decorations in Tapped Out. I’ve decided the winner is… Anthony Damiano, for his inventive use of hedges, fences and and the Valentine’s heart pond to honour New York City.

20130413-014724 PM.jpg
Now, this week I thought I’d take a look at a history of the splash screens, or loading screens, we’ve had in the game.

20130413-014707 PM.jpg
First: This is the original and regular one, which displays when there is no event.

20130413-014826 PM.jpg
Second: This splash screen comes on sometimes for a bit of change of scenery

20130413-014831 PM.jpg
Halloween event: A hand stripped to the bone chases Homer for the Halloween event in October 2012

20130413-015249 PM.jpg
Winter event: Over the winter period this gloved hand tapped Homer as we were following the Christmas quests

20130413-014839 PM.jpg
Valentine’s event: A Cupid Bart shoots an arrow at Homer as we shared hearts over February

20130413-014844 PM.jpg
Whacking Day: The current one you’re all seeing, a snake is chasing Ninja Homer, which seems the wrong way round.

And finally, if you’re a fan of the music that plays on Tapped Out and would like to have it on its own as a song or ringtone, you can download it to PC and Mac at ; you can listen on iOS device but not download.

Keep the ideas and comments coming, my address is . OM is reblogged at my blog, where you can also find other great posts daily.


Here’s the latest post from rcsprinter.

Today I’ll be talking about buildings with special interactive features.

Most of you will have Cletus’s farm, which is added at a very early level in the game. When you plant a crop there you can see the sprouts in the soil when they’re first planted, and a midway growth snapshot, and when the item is ready for harvesting the fully-grown plant sticks out into the air. Only three other buildings are interactive in this way: Springfield Downs, the Kwik-E-Mart and the Channel 6 Studios.

The racetrack can be excluded from my discussion because it is a short bet, lasting a few seconds, and of course the scratch cards operate on the same principle. But the studios (bringing character Kent Brockman, requires level 23) work in the same way; that is you set a programme/crop filming/growing, and then after its time is up you collect the cash & XP. But here’s the thing – there is no gradual picture evolution for programmes at the TV station like there is for plants at the farm. Have you ever noticed that?

Also, another kind of bug-like occurrence is when you receive notifications for things being finished in your game, the wording will say something like “Weeds are ready at Cletus’s farm”, which is fine, because “weeds” is an object with an “S” on the end, fitting in with the plural. The same rule happens with “Triffids”. But for Perfection, Tomacco, Silvertongue and Corn (actual corn, apparently) it will say “Tomacco are ready at Cletus’s farm” which is grammatically wrong. One can see it is only code following the pattern, but you’d think EA would pull their finger out for little things like that. And for the same process at Channel 6, it’ll be saying “Regular programming are ready at Channel 6”, which makes my blood boil every time it pops up (TSTOTips note: Also for Channel 6 – take a look and you’ll see it asks you to make “Wordwide” news, not “Worldwide”). Simply wrong, and nothing being done about it! Similar things happen with regular character tasks now and then, where grammar following patterns and not common sense becomes corrupted; my example is “Rev Lovejoy has finished Walk the dog”, where obviously the word “walk” works in the present tense when you were setting the task, but I’m surprised nobody has looked at the wording and thought, “Hmm, that should read “Rev Lovejoy has finished walking the dog””.

So, this week I suppose I is more of a rant than a muse, but as always there is the interactive section for fans to get involved with. One interesting thing that people have done in their towns is make pictures with decorations). So, make the most interesting picture you can and send a screenshot through to me at – and the best one will be displayed next week. You can still send emails to the same address with comments, ideas and whole-town pics for the gallery.



Here’s the latest from rcsprinter:

Hello! Last week I set a quiz to see who’s the ultimate Simpsons fan (you can find the quiz at if you haven’t done it yet). Since the post last week, it has been played 445 times – but unfortunately, I can’t tell who played it, so I’m going to have to go by the 25 or so people who commented below the post. 1.6% of all those that played managed 55/55, the other scores follow:

50-54 3.7%
45-49 6.6%
40-44 9.6%
35-39 13.5%
30-34 18.8%
25-29 11.9%
20-24 14%
15-19 8.2%
10-14 4.3%
5-9 3.7%
1-4 4.1%

Most people seem to be getting scores in the 30s. That’s still great as many of the questions were quite difficult. I need to pick a winner, however, so with 53/55 I’d like to commend “thomas”. Coming close behind were TennantFan and Maggie. Well done – you’re all Simpsons experts! Thanks to everybody else that played.

For the interactive part of this week’s post, please let me know in the comments section what you think the hardest questions from the quiz were and why. Also, if a new building was to be release and it was a house, what house do you think is significant enough from the series to be included? My choice is definitely the Hibbert house. There are some ideas in the post below this one – but what would you like to see in addition to those. You can just choose a colour as well! ..the Cool White House? Nah.

As for musings, all I’ve got to say this edition is about how I finally understand why I built a super-atom collider, black hole, Mayan calendar and Duff racer a few months ago. After watching the episodes (broadcast as new here in the UK), it makes sense as the Treehouse of Horror XXIII and ‘Moonshine River’ episodes give a bit of background story. The delay is unfair, but what can I do?

See you next week.



Here’s the second post from rcsprinter:

Hello again, readers. So, here’s the second edition of “Outsiders’ Musings” written weekly by myself.

This week I thought I’d see who’s a proper, all-knowing Simpsons fan. Which of you has watched all the episodes, studied each character, and examined everything related?

I’ve devised a quiz which you can find at to test your knowledge. Post your score out of 55 in the comments section below and I’ll mention the winner by their Origin name next week. But no Googling for the answers – that’s not sporting.

In other news, most people will be aware that level 27 was finally released a few days ago, along with a couple of buildings, characters, and a premium item that were hiding on your device. A full walkthrough for the new quests will be posted soon, but I thought that if this is what’s coming now, imagine what we’ll get in the next few months (see OMI for our wish-list). If we don’t get an Easter event too, I’ll eat my hat. What sort of quests do you think would fit this and what characters would be involved? Please email and interact – that’s what’ll be a regular thing for these posts.

And as usual, you can contact me at with any suggestions or comments about the posts. Players are still welcome to send in their whole town pictures to be displayed in the gallery too. You can find instructions on how to do this here.

I’ll return next week



I asked rcsprinter, who helped out so much with advice on taking a picture of your entire town, to write a weekly post and this is the first. With the level 27 update quite possibly just around the corner, it’s a good topic to be be thinking about, too. And if anyone else would also like to contribute, please get in touch through the comments section.

Hi readers, and welcome to the first of my weekly posts on TSTO Tips named “Outsiders’ Musings“. The first thing I’m going to write about is things we would like to see included in the game. There’s a very large selection of characters already there, and I’ve got most of them, but there are also many more characters that are not there yet:

– Patty and Selma (Bouviers)
– Maggie (Simpsons)
– Lenny and Carl (Barflies/Plant Workers; possibly coming in the next update with Mount Carlmore.)
– Jasper Beardly (that’s the old man with the long white beard who says random things, usually when Grampa is around; perhaps he could be part of a new set called Old Folks)
– Agnes Skinner (Oddballs)
– Crazy Cat Lady (Oddballs)
– Brandine Spuckler (Oddballs)
– Superintendent Chalmers (School Workers – yells Skinnnerr!)
– Miss Hoover (School Workers)
– Lunchlady Doris (School Workers)
– Disco Stu (C-list celebs?)
– Rod and Todd Flanders (Churchy Joes)
– Jimbo Jones (Toughies)
– Sherri/Terri (Kids)
– Ol’ Gil Gunderson (permanently with tasks)
– Lionel Hutz
– Troy McClure
– Kirk Van Houten
– Rich Texan
– Itchy & Scratchy
– Hyman Krustofski (Krusty’s Rabbi father)
– The Sea Captain
– Bleeding Gums Murphy (would this work? After all, he died)

Hopefully all these will be included in updates over the next year. What would you like to see?

Also, have you noticed that all characters always walk on the pavement by the road, but nothing ever happens on the roads themselves? Even the vehicles you can buy (ambulance, Burns limo, police squad car) are stationary. Lovejoy’s train goes on the pavement too. So something that drives around would be good. Some kind of train line and station too? Moleman could work at the station. Homer could ride the train. I don’t think there’s been anything from the Simpsons Movie yet; what about a quest where you have to stop your town getting covered by a dome?

See you next week.



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