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Last week I posted on the buildings and the ratings they contribute to (and if you’d like to take a look at all those posts, you can start here). This followed a post earlier in the week about the number of points at each level you needed to maximize your Conform-o-meter ratings (and you can read that post here). But what about the decorations?

The decorations largely contribute to your Tree-hugging and Vanity ratings – and unlike the buildings, different decorations make a different contribution. Here’s the first part of a chart showing the decorations, the level they unlock at, their cost, their XP on placement, the rating they contribute to, and the points they contribute. This post takes you from the beginning of the game up to level 14 (I’ll be updating the original posts on this soon, as I’ve discovered some new information in the files).

Decoration Level Cost XP Rating Points
Shrub 3 25 3 Tree-hugging 10
Tree 3 100 10 Tree-hugging 40
Bench 3 270 30 Vanity 27
Kiddie Pool 5 100 10 Vanity 40
Parking Lot 5 175 18 Vanity 50
Brown Fence 6 135 14 Vanity 50
Garbage Bin 7 175 18 Vanity 60
Shrub 7 70 7 Tree-hugging 30
Large Hedge 7 325 33 Tree-hugging 90
Small Hedge 8 220 22 Tree-hugging 70
Newspaper Dispenser 8 325 33 Vanity 90
Tree 8 220 22 Tree-hugging 70
Dumpster 9 1000 100 Vanity 180
Trashcan 10 70 7 Vanity 30
Tree 10 385 39 Tree-hugging 130
Planter 11 850 85 Tree-hugging 160
Tree 11 595 60 Tree-hugging 130
Bart’s Treehouse 12 25000 2500 Vanity 100
Shrub 12 135 14 Tree-hugging 50
Brown Fence 6 135 14 Vanity 50
Snapdragon 12 270 25 Tree-hugging 80
Jebediah Springfield Statue 15 Vanity 610
Parking Meter 13 270 27 Vanity 80
Tree 13 135 14 Tree-hugging 50
Flowers 13 520 50 Tree-hugging 120
Gazebo 14 5600 560 Vanity 450
Phone booth 14 1200 120 Vanity 190
Flowers 14 385 40 Tree-hugging 100

Part 2 tomorrow…



Each time you level up, you get a message from a character that may or may not already be in the game congratulating you and awarding you donuts (you can see the last post I wrote on leveling up and find out how many free donuts you’re getting at the next level right here). And, the good news is that in amongst all information for the Yard Sale update were level up messages for level 30 and 31.

I’ve listed below the level update messages that appear throughout the game, and included the level 30 and 31 messages that appear in the files and who says them. I’m not treating these as spoilers – it’s no secret that levels 30 and 31 are planned, although we probably won’t see these until June and July, respectively.


Level Message Said by
2 Wow, you put the house down where it told you to. Bart
3 You have been reincarnated to the next level. Thank you, tap again. Apu
4 Woo-hoo! I bet leveling up is always gonna be this easy. Homer
5 It’s always level 5 somewhere! Barney
6 Excellent! You should celebrate by buying donuts with your money. Mr. Burns
7 That’s some fine grinding. Chief Wiggum
8 Now that’s a spicy accomplishment! Luigi
9 If life were a game, leveling up would be birthdays. Happy birthday! Lisa
10 Is it me, or do these levels seem to be taking longer and longer? Otto
11 All that for two freakin donuts?! Krusty
12 I take it you don’t have a family or anything. Marge
13 Congratulations. That was a difficult but insignificant level. Principal Skinner
14 Arr! Ye must be playing this on a long sea voyage. Sea Captain
15 For he’s a jolly good fellow! He’s at level one-five. Lenny and Carl
16 Worst. Level. Ever. Comic Book Guy
17 This game is a lot like life. It stops being fun after a while, but you gotta keep doing it. Grampa Simpson
18 Man, I’d have quit this game long ago… and I got nothing better to do. Moe
19 You’re still playing? You should get a girlfriend… or a rake. Groundskeeper Willie
20 You’ve played further into this game than we thought anyone would. Frink
21 This just in, new content has been added so you don’t have to get a life. Kent Brockman
22 Haw-haw, you just wasted months of your life. Nelson Muntz
23 Even my Elven Mage isn’t level 23! I am green with envy. Martin (thanks Fredie)
24 You’re suffering from video game addiction. Gain two levels and call me in the morning. Dr. Hibbert
25 Duffman has no idea why you’re still playing this game. Oh yeah! Duffman
26 Keep it up. Playing this much of a game is SO attractive to the opposite sex. Edna Krabappel
27 Level 27 humans win a free trip to Rigel IV for a unique dining experience. Kang (or Kodos)
28 Daddy said we’re not allowed to stay up past level 28. Rod and Tod
29 You’ve been playing this game a long time now. I respect that. Fat Tony
30 Ay! Un level est loco! Bumblebee Man
31 There ain’t no number this high in hillbilly math. Cletus (or Brandine)


I’ve posted on the Conform-o-meter and its various components before. Keeping the Conform-o-meter at its maximum gives you a 5% bonus on all your cash and XP collections – but it can be quite difficult to manage sometimes, especially when a new level is released.

I’ll be updating all of the posts soon to take into account the new levels during this week (you can find them all by typing “Conform-o-meter” in the search bar at the bottom of the page). But with the drop in the Righteousness, Obedience and Consumerism ratings that seemed to come automatically for many players with the release of level 29, I thought I’d share with you something I found in the files.

To get that 5-star rating on any of the 8 elements of the Conform-o-meter, you need to reach a certain number of points. The points are linked to a value for each building or activity that has an impact on the Conform-o-meter and are hidden in the game data – and the points required for a 5-star rating change every time you level up. To see which of your ratings is likely to change as you move up in the game, here are the points required for each level:

Level Indo-lence Obedi-ence Consum-erism Gluttony Tree-hugging Right-eousness Vanity Social-ism
1-6 60 10 12 12 425 3 920 12
7 70 10 36 12 475 3 1370 12
8 100 10 36 12 475 3 1370 12
9 100 10 36 12 475 3 1670 18
10 130 10 36 12 565 3 1670 30
11 130 10 36 24 695 5 2420 48
12 140 50 48 24 1075 7 2870 66
13 150 50 60 24 1325 9 3370 90
14 160 60 60 48 1615 11 3920 114
15 160 70 60 60 1945 14 4520 144
16 170 80 60 72 2315 17 5170 174
17 170 80 72 72 2725 30 5870 210
18 180 80 72 96 3175 33 6620 246
19 190 80 72 96 3665 47 7420 288
20 200 90 72 96 4195 51 8720 330
21 210 100 72 96 4765 55 9170 378
22 230 110 72 96 5375 59 10120 426
23 230 140 72 96 6025 64 11120 480
24 240 160 72 108 6715 69 12170 534
25 260 142 72 120 7445 74 13270 594
26 270 152 72 120 8215 79 14420 654
27 280 162 72 156 9025 85 15620 720
28 290 162 72 156 9875 91 16870 786
29 300 200 96 168 10765 97 18170 858

I’ll be updating some older posts regarding building numbers based on the above information. I’m also preparing a series of posts on which building contributes to which rating and with how many points. All of those should appear during this week.


It’s the weekend, so it’s poll time and the idea for this week’s poll comes from Lee.

It was just on four months from the time I started the game to the time I reached the top level. I wasn’t writing this blog at that stage, so I wasn’t using any donuts to speed up tasks (I was a bit skeptical back then of using real money to buy virtual items as well, so how things have changed!).

At the time, just short of 4 months seemed about right. But I’ve seen reports of people taking much shorter amounts of time. And the addition of 3 new levels as well as the current glitch in the progression of quests and tasks has made the time it takes to unlock all the buildings and characters a bit more unpredictable.

So, this week’s poll asks you how long it took you to get to whatever was the top level of the game at the time there was nothing more for you to add. Vote and see how long it took everyone else!


I’ve been asked to write this post for players who are newer to the game – there’s already a post on building prices (and you can read it here), but I haven’t yet done one yet for decorations. The problem, of course, is that there are so many of them. So, in this post, I thought I’d focus on the prices of more recent decorations – those that come into the game at level 21 and above.

So, here it is – a handy guide to those higher-level locked decorations, how much they’ll cost you once you unlock them, and what part of your Conform-o-meter they affect:

Decoration Unlocked at Affects Price
Broken Down Washer Level 21 Vanity $520
Broken Down Dryer Level 21 Vanity $595
Pylon Level 22 Vanity $135
Gas Pump Level 22 Vanity $1300
Patio Table Level 22 Vanity $1400
See-Saw Level 22 Vanity $760
Stop Sign Level 22 Obedience $385
Weather Station* Level 23 Vanity $9500
Volleyball Net Level 23 Vanity $4500
Lawn Chair** Level 23 Vanity $520
Hail Ants Sign Level 23 Obedience $450
Red Brick Wall Level 23 Vanity $520
Grafitti Wall (x2) Level 23 Vanity $385
Fountain* Level 25 Vanity $3500
Swing Set Level 26 Vanity $2600
Rabbit Hedge Level 26 Tree-hugging $1300

* – you only unlock these once you’ve placed the first one as part of the quest at that level
** – this unlocks a 60-minute task for Kent Brockman


This post is coming to you by popular demand. It’s the first of a series of guides to your character collections – when are your characters unlocked and who unlocks them. Thanks to schpeen and @EliteLeafHater for suggesting this.

There are 2 important things to remember: premium characters and premium decorations never unlock anything or anyone in your regular game and that means you can’t unlock the Town Hall and get Mayor Quimby early by buying Bumblebee Man, and buying Mount Carlmore won’t unlock Lenny and Carl; and that the levels referred to are the game levels – frequent players often find that while XP bar takes them up through the levels very quickly, they are still at a much lower level in their regular gameplay (you may be at level 27 for XP, but level 20 for gameplay, for example).

So, following the character sets, here’s the first part of who unlocks whom(and when):


Character Unlocked by Unlocked at
Homer Simpson Starting the game Level 1
Marge Simpson Homer Level 15
Bart Simpson Lisa/Milhouse Level 12
Lisa Simpson Homer Level 2
Grampa Simpson Lisa Level 19


Character Unlocked by Unlocked at
Ned Flanders Lisa/Homer Level 5
Reverend Lovejoy Ned Flanders Level 14


Character Unlocked by Unlocked at
Mr. Burns Apu Level 11
Hank Scorpio Donuts Any time
Snake Jailbird Chief Wiggum Level 19


Character Unlocked by Unlocked at
Principal Skinner Lisa Level 9
Groundskeeper Willy Skinner Level 10
Edna Krabappel Skinner Level 22
Otto Mann Donuts Any time

More to come…

When I first wrote this post a couple of days ago, it was in response to problems people had reported with XP bar inconsistencies. And I discovered one more thing – each time a new level is released, the XP bar maximums at the upper levels change a bit in the same way that the prices of the more expensive buildings do. So, here’s the updated version with the current XP bar maximums at each level. Thanks to everyone that contributed.

Every time a new level is a released, the XP maximums change slightly at the more recent levels. Here’s the XP you currently need at each level and the number of donuts you get for hitting that level (this information is based on your reports, together with file data):

Level 1-2: 40XP (no donuts)
Level 2-3: 75XP (1 donut as you start level 2)
Level 3-4: 85XP (1 donut)
Level 4-5: 120XP (1 donut)
Level 5-6: 250XP (1 donut)

Level 6-7: 800XP (1 donut)
Level 7-8: 1,800XP (1 donut)
Level 8-9: 3,200XP (2 donuts)
Level 9-10: 5,000XP (1 donut)
Level 10-11: 8,000XP (1 donut)
Level 11-12: 12,000XP (2 donuts)
Level 12-13: 15,500XP (1 donut)
Level 13-14: 18,000XP (2 donuts)
Level 14-15: 21,000XP (1 donut)
Level 15-16: 24,000XP (1 donut)

Level 16-17: 25,500XP (1 donut)
Level 17-18: 21,560XP (1 donut)
Level 18-19: 22,960XP (1 donut)
Level 19-20: 25,440XP (1 donut)
Level 20-21: 26,000XP (2 donuts)
Level 21-22: 26,640XP (1 donut)
Level 22-23: 38,170XP (1 donut)
Level 23-24: 40,510XP (1 donut)
Level 24-25: 46,255XP (2 donuts)
Level 25-26: 56,000XP (1 donut)
Level 26-27: 74,090XP (1 donut)

Level 27-bonus: 117,480XP (2 donuts)

For many players, a glitch in level 27 meant that it maxed out at 9,000XP, resulting in a freeze just after the hitting the bonus levels. As you can see, the XP bar maximum should have been much, much higher!

With the help of @EliteLeafHater on Twitter and neverthink96, I’ve been putting together some information for some time now on the amount of XP you need to move to each new level and the number of donuts you get each time you do. This has been partly in response to the recent misbehavior of the XP bar. the numbers may be a bit different from the ones you’re seeing or have seen – and that’s the reason for this post.

So, here are the results so far:

Level 1 – 40XP (no donuts)
Level 2 – 75XP (1 donut)
Level 3 – 85XP (1 donut)
Level 4 – 120XP (1 donut)
Level 5 – 250XP (1 donut)
Level 6 – 800XP (1 donut)

Level 7 – 1,800XP (1 donut)
Level 8 – 3,200XP (1 donut)
Level 9 – 5,000XP (1 donut)
Level 10 – 8,000XP (1 donut)
Level 11 – 12,000XP (2 donuts)
Level 12 – 15,500XP (1 donut)
Level 13 – 18,000XP (2 donuts)
Level 14 – 22,000XP (1 donut)
Level 15 – 23,000XP (1 donut)- reports of 21,000XP
Level 16 – 25,000XP (1 donut)- reports of 24,000XP

Level 17 – 25,000XP (1 donut)
Level 18 – 28,000XP (1 donut)- reports of 22,960XP
Level 19 – 34,215XP (1 donut)
Level 20 – 36,400XP (1 donut)- reports of 24,440XP
Level 21 – 44,225XP (1 donut)- reports of 26,000XP
Level 22 – 58,720XP (1 donut)- reports of 35,930XP
Level 23 – 62,310XP (1 donut)- reports of 38,170XP and 40,510XP
Level 24 – 99,120XP (2 donuts)
Level 25 – 105,000XP (1 donut) –
Level 26 – 111,120XP (1 donut) – reports of 56,000XP and 74,080XP
Level 27 – 117,480XP (2 donuts) – reports of 120,000XP

For many players, a glitch in level 27 meant that it maxed out at 9,000XP, resulting in a freeze just after the hitting the bonus levels. As you can see, the XP bar maximum should have been much, much higher!

If your numbers are different, let us all know in the comments below.

I’ve been a bit puzzled by the comments from new players on various boards saying that they’d finished the game because, having played for a very long time, I (and most readers of this blog) know that it’s really not possible without spending large amounts of real-world cash on donuts. I’ve also seen lots of angry comments (particularly on the Facebook page) about how expensive the game is to play. And it wasn’t until a comment came in from Si a few hours ago, that I realized that many new players are playing under the false impression that you have to buy donuts to make any progress.

This is what Si said:

“I’m quite new to TSTO (Android) and have wasted a lot of donuts on collecting cash tasks, such as “good eats” which requires you to collect cash from 2 restaurants & costs 1 donut to complete if, like me, you didn’t realise you can do this without paying donuts!”

So, to all new players, the game is truly freemium and was one of the first to let you play every level and complete every task without having to hand over any money at all. Unlike many other so-called free games, where you have to pay extra to unlock higher levels, you can do everything you need to in the game without handing over even one cent. The tasks all complete and the levels all unlock without the need to use any of the donuts you acquire.

The premium buildings and decorations add value, but at no point does the game make you buy them. In fact, many players have now spent a year building some quite beautiful Springfields without buying a single premium item.

So, enjoy the game and don’t waste your donuts. Because unlike almost every other game, Tapped Out can give you months and months of enjoyment completely, absolutely and 100% for free!


Wow! That was quick. It took me three months to get to level 26!

The best advice I can give for those new to the game is that Tapped Out is not a race (try Real Racing for that!). It’s one of those games that’s about more than just completing the levels. Slow down, plan your own Springfield, and get creative and it’s so much more fun.

While it may be tempting to speed up tasks using donuts, that’s a temptation to avoid because it’s a bit like eating all your Easter chocolate before lunch on Easter Sunday. Although EA adds more levels regularly, there’s about a month to six weeks between them, and the special events only seems to happen every other month. The faster you go, the more downtime you have.

So, when’s level 27 coming? It could be as early as this week – but when it does come out, take your time with it. Don’t rush it through in a day, because it’s unlikely that level 28 will arrive before April.


Buying donuts pays for the game and that’s why EA doesn’t just give them away or let you buy them with game dollars (with one exception). Despite that, though, you can pick up a limited number of free donuts as you progress. The current count is 70-ish. I’ll explain why I can’t be precise in just a moment.

First, you earn donuts for levelling up. At the moment, you can earn 30 that way. For most of leveling up you do, you get just one donut. For some levels though, you pick up an extra donut: your level 8, 11, 13, 17 and 24 promotions all earn you two donuts.

For Apple players, signing up to Origin (2 donuts) and adding friends (5 donuts in total) nets you at least 7 donuts. The friends donuts are earned by completing the “I Choo-choo-choose You” task, not simply the act of adding friends. When Origin finally comes to Android, Android players will be able to earn these, too. For the moment, though, they’re only available to players on Apple devices. That’s 37.

Tapping on Homer 10 times while he’s in task doesn’t just get you the Jebediah Springfield Statue, it also gets you 10 donuts. And the first Mystery Box you get in the game also surprises you with 10 (making you think that this happens every time) – although you have to pay 4 donuts to get it. That’s 53.

There are at least 4 donuts hidden in the trash to be collected by Homer or Lisa and, during the tutorial, you’re given 4 donuts to speed up tasks (which apparently you don’t need to use – I haven’t tested this). You also get 5 to buy Homer’s Hammock (I bought it and I’m not sure what happens if you don’t). That’s 67, unless you felt obliged to spend the last 9.

The arrival of the bonus levels mean that it’s quite difficult to give a definite total number. After level 26, you get the chance of 1,2 or 3 donuts every time your XP bar fills up – and you can pay 50,000-100,000 game dollars to make sure that you get three if you’re not lucky first (or second) time around. That makes around 70 free donuts by the time you complete level 26 and get lucky.

So, 60-70 free donuts. And more every time you hit a bonus level. Has anyone managed to save them all?


The answer to that one is absolutely “yes”, at least for the foreseeable future. And that’s for one simple reason – the game makes EA Mobile a lot of money.

I’ve written before about the $23 million the game made EA Mobile last quarter when the game was only available on Apple devices. But it wasn’t until I saw this article that I realized quite how significant that number is – it’s 25% of EA Mobile’s total revenue! And I would be surprised if that number doesn’t show an increase for this quarter now that the game is available on Android.

What that means is that new levels are probably being designed as you read this. It doesn’t mean, though, that we’ll be getting them any faster than the roughly one new level a month we’ve been getting since September 2012.

So, roll on the next levels!


This walkthrough continues from How do I get the van Houten House (part 1) and part 2. It takes you from building the van Houten House all the way up to building Springfield Elementary and the White House.

I haven’t indicated any levels here because the level at which a building or character unlocks is really a minimum level. You need to first complete all the tasks and quests that apply to the buildings that come before it on the list before you can unlock a particular building.

So, on with the walkthrough:

1. Extra, Extra! Place a newspaper dispenser
2. It’s Either This or a Bath Cletus de-louses the young-uns
3. The Best Chimp Drama On TV Homer watches Monkey Trauma Center Marathon (his 24-hour task)
4. The Greatest Joke Ever Heard Without a church, Ned holds emergency Bible studies at home (8 hours)
5. Thrillhouse Part 2 By now, the van Houten House should be finished and Milhouse unlocked. Lisa needs to be free as the build finishes so that she and Milhouse can both shop at the Kwik-E-Mart
6. Chillin’ With The Box Homer watches TV in the Brown House again (you may be asked to make him do this earlier or later depending on what he and the other characters have been doing)
7. Like Father, Like Son Milhouse looks for Puppy Goo-Goo (a cute little remote control car zips around the driveway while he does this – it only takes 10 minutes)
8. The New Evergreen Terrace Part 6 Lisa prompts the building of the Pink House ($3400 and 24 hours – this may happen as soon as she and Milhouse finish their visit to the Kwik-E-Mart)
9. Kwik-E-Shift Apu does a 4-hour shift at the Kwik-E-Mart
10. Mom, I Spilt My Drink In Bed Milhouse hides his wet bed sheets
11. Everyone Always Tells Me to Go Do This Milhouse flies a kite (his 8-hour task)
12. We Do Need Yes Education Part 1 This little play on the famous Pink Floyd song asks you to send Lisa to do next week’s homework (her 24-hour task leading to the building of the school)
13. Strut Your Stuff Ned power walks (4 hours)
14. We Do Need Yes Education Part 2 Lisa prompts the building of Springfield Elementary ($10,500 and 24 hours, unlocking Principal Skinner at the end of the build; keep Lisa free as the build finishes)
15. Back Alley Soufflé Build a dumpster and so that Cletus can dig through garbage
16. Looking for Doves in All the Wrong Places Lisa prompts you to plant trees (if you haven’t done so already) so you can Skinner can go bird-watching (his 24-hour task)
17. The New Evergreen Terrace Part 7 Lisa prompts you to build the White House ($7700 and 24 hours)

The next part will take you from the White House, through Willie’s Shack and the Gulp ‘n’ Blow and all the way up to the Control Building.


Are you moving your characters straight out of one task and straight into another? This is what I was doing when I began playing the game. Sometimes it takes a few seconds after a character finishes a task for the exclamation bubble to come up (and this seems to happen more often at higher levels). This means that it can be very easy to place a character in a new task before you have the chance to realize that this is just the character you need to move things ahead.

I’ve found it helpful to collect on all the “thumbs up” first, then the rent, then to look for anyone that has an exclamation mark. This stops me from rushing a key character into a new task, particularly when that’s the character that starts the next quest.

It’s also important to complete all the tasks in your task bar, particularly at early levels. The tasks happen in a particular order, and missing one out can halt your progression (the only real exception to this at lower levels is the friends’ task).

Also, always pay attention to how many times a character needs to do a particular task. It’s usually only once, but there are a few tasks that need to be carried out 2 or 3 times for the task to complete. You can check this by tapping on the task in the task bar. If it says 1/2, you’ll need to do it again before you can collect our reward and move your game along.

Finally, try to have all your characters finish their tasks at around the same time (avoiding mixes of longer and shorter tasks wherever possible), so that it’s easier to see which character generates the next quest. This is particularly helpful for quests that involve a number of characters.

P.S. – an event like Valentine’s Day can slow the normal progression of the game. The Valentine’s Day quest involves Homer, Lisa and Mlhouse (as well as Marge), who are all important for early game progress.


The second question is easy. With the exception of Bart’s Tree House, which builds right away, everything after the Van Houten House takes 24 hours to build.

So, how much are the buildings? This is a little tricky, as prices of buildings at earlier levels have been known to drop when a new level comes out. That means that the prices below are those that apply at the date of this post – but I’ll update as soon as I know of any changes (so let me know!).

So, here are the prices from Bart’s Treehouse onwards:

Bart’s Treehouse – 25,000
Springfield Library – 20,500
Android’s Dungeon – 30,000
Orange House – 24,500
First Church of Springfield – 32,500
Java Server – 26,500
Moe’s – 32,500
Jake’s Unisex Hair Palace – 29,000
Springfield Downs – 34,500
Gilded Truffle – 31,000
King Toot’s – 37,000
Police Station – 40,500
Skip’s Diner – 35,500
Luigi’s – 36,000
Springfield Penitentiary – 46,000 (thanks to HowToHayden and w1253979 for the update)
Retirement Castle – 37,500 (thanks to graciesauermma for the update)
Town Hall – 63,000
Muntz House – 60,500
Krabappel Apartments – 86,000
Post Office – 110,500
Channel 6 – 74,000
Hibbert Family Practice – 107,000
Springfield General Hospital – 138,000
Burns Manor – 226,000
Pimento Grove – 168,000


January 30/31 (depending on what part of the world you’re in) – and it runs until February 28. It’s a big update, not something that happens in-game, so you’ll need to download it from the App Store.


Update: There’s a change for Level 25 players since the Valentine’s update – see here:

Nothing – the game doesn’t start again at level 1 and you don’t get a message saying “game over”. The game just goes into a bit of a holding pattern until level 26 arrives (as it doesn’t come with the Valentine’s update, it may not happen until March).

You can still collect money from houses, restaurants and businesses and send your characters on tasks. You can keep expanding and reorganizing your Springfield. But your XP doesn’t continue to build. This makes sense – XP rewards frequent players by leveling you up (and giving you the free donut or two) a little faster than your your game levels, which gives you access to buildings like Pimento Grove a bit earlier than less dedicated players.

When level 26 is released, you’ll have a 30,000 or so head start on your XP. Why it’s not more and whether or not that’s fair is a question for another time.

Update: Since the Valentine’s update, your XP continues to build to a bonus round, although there’s still no level 26. It seems like EA have been listening!


There’s a very simple reason for this.

In the January 2013 level 25 update, you got two buildings – Pimento Grove and Burns Manor. Pimento Grove unlocks as soon as you get to Level 25 on XP. There are no quests associated with it so you can build it right away.

To get Burns Manor, though, you need to have completed all the quests and built all the buildings before it. And even if your XP says you’re at level 25, you may not be for gameplay. This is because if you play a lot, visit a lot of friends, or house farm, your XP build up faster than your game level.

So, relax. There’s no bug or glitch even though you’re at Level 25. You’ll unlock everything else soon.


I’m bumping this post from the weekend as the recent Origin server issues seem to have caused this problem again.

With all the server down time recently, this is quite a common issue. The first piece of advice is not to panic.

First, please make sure you’re still signed into Origin. And if you are signed in – and you still aren’t in your Springfield – try closing the game app from the multitasking menu and then reopening it. It may take a couple tries for your Springfield to appear again.

Just in case – here’s how to close the app:
1. Exit The Simpsons: Tapped Out
2. Double-click the home button on your device to bring up the multitasking bar at the bottom
3. Tap and hold the Tapped Out icon until you see the red “minus” button
4. Tap the red “minus” button to close the app
5. Start up the game again


For a step-by-step guide, here’s a helpful link:


It really depends on who prompted you, because it can only be built after you have all the other buildings before it. If you bought Bumblebee Man, you might get prompted to build the Town Hall long before you’re ready for it – I waited for a long time before he could go there and arrange his divorce.

In normal gameplay, building the Town Hall is a 2-part task and it’s prompted by Lisa. Chief Wiggum first has to collect bribes three times. Be sure to keep Lisa free for the end of the third time, so that she can be the one to prompt the building (outraged at all the corruption).

For a full walkthrough see this very helpful link:


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