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Just a small update!
From today on we are giving away Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff accounts with 300.000 clams and 6.000.000 coins. You can buy them here: . The delivery is instant and comes with a replace guarantee!


There have been one or two problems on the transfer, I can’t access my new site for the moment, so there’ll be some delays in new things appearing and comments clearing. Just waiting for WordPress to sort it out.

Some of you can see the new posts and poll and others can’t (including me!)… please be patient. I’ll try to hold off on the Krustyland post until things settle down. 🙂

Update: the blog crashed at its new location just before noon EST yesterday. It’s currently being held hostage at hostgator and I’ve just apid more money to get it back up on a dedicated server. If you see this, I’ve just spent the last 16 hours continuously trying to get someone to do something. I’ll keep everyone posted through Twitter


In the middle of the transfer, so a very quick post- Gil’s back with a donut sale! This is a brand new Gil sale (the previous donut sale had a Christmas theme), so there’s hope for future deals on newer items!

If your game is crashing on Gil’s dialog (this seems to be happening to Android players), try a delete and reinstall. Alternatively, try changing the language of your device to English (US) – bizarrely this seems to help in some cases. A similar thing happened with Gil on Android back in February.

And if you’ve had a receipt, but no donuts, try the same thing. Or, apparently, capture Sideshow Bob if he’s in your town (also strange, I know, but that’s what’s been reported). And if they’re still not there, contact Apple or Google Play for a refund.


Just a quick post before the transfer to begins in a few hours from now…

I’ve covered this question in the most recent post I did on the bonus levels (you can read it here, but be warned that it was written before level 29 came out), but it has never had a post of its own. And it’s important question to address because the release of level 28 changed the way the bonus levels behaved back to the way things were when the bonus levels were introduced at the end of January, a change that remained with the release of level 29.

Once you hit the bonus levels, your pink XP bar maximum increases by 20% each time you pass through a complete bonus level and claim your free donuts. That means:

  • The first time through the bonus round you’re heading for a maximum of 148,896 XP;
  • The second time through, the maximum will is 178,675XP; and
  • The third time through, it’s 226,228Xp…and so on.

This seems to keep going until your XP bar maximum hits 10,000,000XP – something that’s reasonably unlikely while new levels are still being released at a rate of about one every month to six weeks. Once a new level is released, your blue XP bar should return (barring glitches) and once you hit the bonus levels anew, the maximum on your pink XP bar should reset and begin its steady level up all over again.

Throughout March, the pink XP bar maximum stayed at 120,000 each time you passed through a bonus level, but it turns out that this was a glitch. So, this 20% increase in XP per bonus level isn’t really the “new normal” – it simply seems to be a return to the way things were intended to be.


I’m moving the site from to on Friday, May 24, so you may experience a little service disruption (which is why I’m relieved there hasn’t been an update yet). The move is about giving you and me a little more flexibility. While is great and simple to use, I need a little more flexibility (particularly with where things can be found) – and apparently I’ll be able to give regular commenters the ability to have their comments appear automatically without the need for me to manually approve each one.

There’s nothing you need to do and you shouldn’t really notice any difference after the move – all your bookmarks and the web address should still take you where you want to go. And I’m told the move shouldn’t take very long. Any delays will be at this end while I find my way around the admin end of the new home. There may also be a delay in moderating or responding to comments throughout Friday as I have to step away while WordPress’ Happiness Engineers take care of things for me.

Now watch EA release the Squidport expansion! right in the middle of the move!


It’s no secret to most readers of this blog that something new is on the way – an expansion to the water (or on the water – it’s not clear) to include Squidport. Some people had hoped that it would happen today, just before the Memorial Day weekend in the US, which is also seen as marking the start of summer. As you may have read, though, based on file information, my best guess has always been next Thursday (you can see the post where I made that guess here).

The truth is that it could still happen any time before that date or afterwards. Major updates happen most often on Thursdays, but other days of the week have also seen big updates. They never seem to happen over a US weekend, though, and particularly not a long weekend.

The other big question about Squidport is whether it will be a limited-time event or whether it will be a permanent expansion. My guess, based on how much stuff there is, is that it’s very permanent. That doesn’t mean that there won’t be some limited-time items, though. But I would be very surprised if Squidport arrived only to disappear after a few weeks.

So, the waiting continues. And while we wait, here’s another reason why I think it may be permanent – there are more Squiport buildings in the series than we’ve seen in the file information and leaks so far…

And if you’d like to read about the episode of the series where Squidport makes it’s first appearance, take a look here.

This isn’t a big game issue, but in the lull before Squidport, I thought I’d address something that seems to have come up quite a few times in the comments in the past few weeks – and that’s Kent Brockman’s earnings. Now, I know in the real world it’s rude to delve into how much someone is paid or why someone makes more than someone else, but the Springfielders puts their earning power out there for everyone to see. And, for one of his tasks, Kent Brockman earns more than his fellow Springfielders for one task – but for another, he earns a little less:

Jake: I’ve been curious but how come Kent Brockman makes more on his 4 hour task (and perhaps his others) then the other normal non-premium characters? They make $175 and 25XP and he makes $200 and 50XP.

Mike: This is an odd/pointless question, but all 4 hour tasks give $175 and 45 XP, but ever since the latest update, Kent Brockman’s, and only his as far as I can tell, now gives $200 and 50 XP… any explanation for this? Not that I am complaining…

Juliamhefner: I just noticed that Kent Brockman’s 12 hour task only pays out $400, whereas everyone else’s 12 hour tasks pay out $420. Wonder of there’s any particular reason for that?

Minadequate: Why does Kent Brockman generate more income despite not being premium? I have only just noticed it on his 4 hr task ($200 rather than $175 and 50XP rather than 40) so it might not extend to all his tasks, but I just thought it was strange…

And, for both of these, there’s no particular reason for it. It’s most likely to be a coding error that’s never been fixed. It certainly sets Brockman apart from his fellow Springfielders – which is probably how he likes it.


This week, I’ve been posting on the decorations, the level they unlock at, their cost, their XP on placement, the rating they contribute to, and the points they contribute:

  • Part 1, which looks at all the game dollar decorations up to level 14 is here; and
  • Part 2, which looks at all the game dollar decorations from level 15 to level 29 is here.

This post looks at the contribution of the premium decorations. Just a reminder, again, that this post contains the most recent information – I’ll be updating the original posts on Vanity and Tree-hugging soon. The decorations here are set out in the order in which they appear in the files:

Decoration Donut Cost XP Rating Points
Butterfly Tent 20 20 Vanity 200
Springfield Sign 170 170 Vanity 1800
Tire Fire 40 40 Vanity 800
Apple Tree 15 15 Tree-hugging 400
Orange Tree 15 15 Tree-hugging 400
Tree-Swing 20 20 Tree-hugging 400
Burning Bush 20 20 Tree-hugging 400
Bench 6 6 Vanity 200
Dumpster 10 10 Vanity 200
Flower Planter 10 10 Vanity 200
Picket Fence 1 1 Vanity 40
Homer’s Hammock 5 5 Vanity 200
Piece-of-crap car 30 30 Vanity 310
Channel 6 News Van 40 40 Vanity 200
Worldwide Broadcast Dish 30 30 Vanity 200
Ambulance 30 30 Obedience 10
Cannon 20 20 Vanity 200
Burns Limo 40 40 Vanity 200
Tetherball 20 20 Vanity 200
Police Car 40 40 Obedience 200
Mount Carlmore 120 120 Vanity 1200
Hot Tub 60 60 Vanity 600

As you’ll notice, the Police car and the Piece-of-Crap car both make higher contributions to Obedience and Vanity, respectively, than might have been expected. I was a bit surprised, so these have been checked and double-checked. I’ll need to update the Obedience post to reflect this as, initially, I’d read the 200 points for the Police Car as a Vanity contribution. But it looks like buying the Police Car may well solve any Obedience problems you may be having.

Tomorrow – the limited-time decorations…


My apologies to those who saw this post a moment ago and then found it mysteriously deleted. It wasn’t EA – it was me. I realized that it wasn’t protected by the usual spoiler tags when I reblogged it from the original source. And thanks to neoclassic70 for finding it.

So here it is, after the image. It is very, very, spoilery, so continue at your own risk…

image Read the rest of this entry »

Some time ago, Lee sent in this comment (and even further back Schpeen sent in something similar):

How many income-generating characters are there in the game (include all premium characters and those from special events & episode promos)?

Not all characters are income-generating, some are just walking decorations (eg: Mayan God). But I seems to take a much longer time to send everyone to tasks nowadays, with increasing number of characters.

Springfield is certainly getting busy because as of the date of this post there are currently more than 50 playable characters that you need to keep gainfully employed every day (and there are several more on the way). Here’s a list of the characters that have tasks (which means that the Funzos, the Whacking Day snakes, the Leprechaun, some of the Halloween characters, and the Animals and Pets are not included):

The Simpsons: Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Grampa (set full)
Churchy Joes: Ned, Reverend Lovejoy
Villains: Mr. Burns, Hank Scorpio, Snake, the Rich Texan
School Workers: Principal Skinner, Willie, Edna Krabappel, Otto
Civil Servants: Chief Wiggum, Mayor Quimby
Business Owners: Apu, Comic Book Guy, Moe, Luigi, Lugash (set full)
C-List Celebrities: Krusty, Kent Brockman, Bumblebee Man, Sideshow Mel, Miss Springfield (set full)
B-List Celebrities: Duffman, Tatum
Oddballs: Cletus, Frink
Squeaky Voice Teen and Moleman: Squeaky Voice Teen, Moleman
Kids: Milhouse, Martin, Ralph
Toughies: Nelson, Kearney, Shauna
Wiseguys: Fat Tony, Legs, Louie
Barflies: Barney
Doctors: Dr. Hibbert, Dr. Nick
Plant Workers: Smithers, Lenny, Carl
Irishmen: Tom O’Flanagan
Oldies: Agnes Skinner
Halloween: Kang

As you’ll notice, some of the character sets are full. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that there’ll be no new characters for the set. As recently happened during Whacking Day, and with the release of Agnes, all that really means is that the developers may reshuffle the existing sets and create a new one. The bottom line is that’s there are now a lot to characters to organize – which means if you think you’re spending longer on the game than you have been in the past, you’re probably right. You are.

But this is all leading somewhere: who would you like to see added to the existing sets in future updates, and what new sets do you think there should be if they can only go in a set that’s full? We know of at least four main characters and 5 minor ones that are on their way in the Squidport expansion and levels 31 and 32 – so, why not think beyond that to level 32, 33, 34 and 35. Maybe someone from EA will see this and bring your favorite character that not there yet into the game.


This comment came in today from Mixy89 about an issue that arose near the beginning of Whacking Day but still appears to be going on:

“Could give some attention to the poor Android users that can’t log in. This has been going on for weeks, and there is still no response from EA. The issue seems to be with Android-Origin logins, as we can play anonymously, but cant log in with our accounts. Logging in to the same account from iOS works fine. See all the people who share this issue here: . EA’s only response is on p17 from almost three weeks ago “they are looking into this”

They answered my email about this with “but we have wide-spread reports that the issue was resolved =)” [but] no one in their forum ever reported this problem being fixed by the post-whacking update. Also it’s not a client issue.”

If this issue is still affecting you, please let us know. And if you’ve experienced this but have since found a way around it, let us know as well.


As most readers of this blog know, Tapped Out is a hugely profitable game for EA and this recent post indicates just how profitable it might be. While you can play all the levels for free, it’s the donut items that pay for the game and its continued development – after all, EA is a business and Tapped Out is a product that EA is only likely to continue to support for as long as it’s making a profit.

So, here’s a mid-week poll that looks at how the readers of this blog are approaching the game. Are you taking the completely free route, making occasional small purchases, or have you plunged in feet first like Homer with Villageville and bought everything in sight? Vote and see what others are doing.

Thanks to Fred for the poll suggestion.


With Whacking Day over, the Yard Sale petering out, and the Squidport expansion on the way, many people are considering a New Springfield extreme makeover. Over the weekend, Jennifer sent in this question:

Any good tips for re-designing your town? I am level 29 and am NOT happy about the way it looks. I have been moving some things about and using pavement vs. roads (because I want to keep the characters very accessible). But it seems like, to me, the best way to do things are to put the buildings/pieces into storage. Does anyone have any tips or hints or tricks?

So, here’s the place to contribute your design tips – both on what to do and how to do it. Help Jennifer and countless others looking at how they can make their town exemplars of urban design.

And does anyone else think that “The Squidport Expansion” sounds like a Doctor Who episode? (And with that tenuous link, if you know who created this TARDIS gif in Simpsons style, please let me know as well.)

Yesterday, I began posting on the decorations, the level they unlock at, their cost, their XP on placement, the rating they contribute to, and the points they contribute (and you can read part 1 here). This post takes you from the beginning of the game up to level 15 up to level 29. Just a reminder, too, that what’s in this post is the most recent information – I’ll be updating the original posts on Vanity and Tree-hugging soon.

Decoration Level Cost XP Rating Points
Bench 15 595 60 Vanity 130
Tree 15 270 27 Tree-hugging 80
Flowers 15 325 35 Tree-hugging 90
Shrub 16 220 22 Tree-hugging 70
Barrier 16 760 75 Vanity 150
Flowers 16 270 25 Tree-hugging 80
Tree 17 450 45 Tree-hugging 110
Lamp Post 17 385 20 Vanity 100
Angel Topiary 18 2000 200 Tree-hugging 260
Chain Fence 19 270 27 Vanity 80
Shrub 19 325 33 Tree-hugging 90
Tree 20 675 70 Tree-hugging 140
Broken-down Washer 21 520 50 Vanity 120
Broken-down Dryer 21 595 60 Vanity 130
Pylon 22 135 15 Vanity 50
Gas Pump 22 1300 125 Vanity 200
Patio Table 22 1400 130 Vanity 210
See-saw 22 760 75 Vanity 150
Stop Sign 22 385 40 Obedience 1
Barbed Wire Fence ? 175 17 Vanity 60
Iron Railing ? 270 15 Vanity 80
Weather Station 23 9500 1000 Vanity 590
Volleyball Net 23 4500 500 Vanity 400
Lawn Chair 23 520 50 Vanity 120
Hail Ants Sign 23 450 45 Obedience 1
Red Brick Wall 23 520 50 Vanity 120
Graffiti Walls 23 385 40 Vanity 100
Fountain 25 3500 350 Vanity 350
Swing 26 2600 260 Vanity 260
Rabbit Hedge 25 1300 125 Vanity 125
Springfield Park Entrance 29 595 40 Vanity 130
Cobblestone Wall 29 220 40 Vanity 70

Tomorrow – the premium decorations…


Don’t listen to it whatever you do. You don’t need a new account – the servers are just having trouble.

If you ever get a message that you need to create a new account, back out, hard close your game, and consider a delete and reinstall. If that doesn’t work, it’s because the servers are having bigger problems. Put down your game for an hour or two, then try again. And NEVER create a new account with the same email address as your old one. Doing that may just erase your game.

One more thing – don’t panic. It’s probably not just happening to you, and your game is still okay. This is just something that happens from time to time. Usually it’s just a matter of waiting it out.

Note: if this happens, it’s always a good idea to check the Origin server status, and you can do this here


This is a question a few people have been asking and, honestly, I think it’s unlikely for lots of reasons – the most important reason being that it would be guaranteed to spark an outcry from players who paid full price for the items, something that EA may want to avoid after the overwhelming outcry over the Whacking Day extension.

Gil’s deals haven’t been updated in the files (and, I know, there’s still a post due on exactly what they are). There are no dates at this stage indicating whether a deal is on the way. And none of the deals includes anything that was launched later than level 22.

So, if you’re waiting for Gil to appear and offer you a special price on any of the Yard Sale items, my feeling is that you could be waiting a long time (and, sadly, there’s nothing yet to suggest a sale on donuts, either).


I’ve been getting this question a lot over the past few days and, surprisingly, I don’t think I’ve ever answered it in a post before. So, is there a limit on how much you can store in your Inventory, as there is in many other games?

The good news is that there isn’t one – you can store as much as you like for as long as you like. In fact, some people have been known to store their whole town while rebuilding – although I haven’t quite been so brave. Because the Inventory is really only a set of pictures representing each type of building or decoration you have, anyway, with a number next to each one indicating how many you have, it’s relatively easy on your device memory, which is probably why EA haven’t felt the need to place a storage limit.

So, if you’re redecorating and getting ready for the Squidport expansion (see a few posts below this one), feel free to store as much as you like in that little cardboard box in the left-hand corner of your build screen.


In the last few hours, the blog reached 7,000,000 hits. And I know hits are not everything – but, on a really good day, it’s also getting 100,000 individual visitors, and I’m really happy about that, too! Thanks to all of you who drops by regularly for your continued support, especially to those who’ve been visiting since the very beginning.

Taking the advice of lots of people, I’m getting ready to move the blog over to where I’ll have a degree more flexibility in the design, among other things. The move should be barely noticeable, as the address remains the same – and it’s still WordPress, basically. At least they’ve told me that it will be barely noticeable. I’ll keep you posted on what’s happening and when.

As regular readers know, this is something I’ve been doing at each milestone: if you like what you’ve been reading, please consider making a small contribution to the upkeep and maintenance of this blog (and soon the hosting fees!). The buttons say “Subscribe” but everything here is free and will always be. And if you’ve made a contribution before, please don’t feel you need to do so again.

So, if you would like to make a US$2.00 contribution, you can use this button:

And if you would like to make a US$5.00 contribution, you can use this button:

Thanks once again for your support.


Last week I posted on the buildings and the ratings they contribute to (and if you’d like to take a look at all those posts, you can start here). This followed a post earlier in the week about the number of points at each level you needed to maximize your Conform-o-meter ratings (and you can read that post here). But what about the decorations?

The decorations largely contribute to your Tree-hugging and Vanity ratings – and unlike the buildings, different decorations make a different contribution. Here’s the first part of a chart showing the decorations, the level they unlock at, their cost, their XP on placement, the rating they contribute to, and the points they contribute. This post takes you from the beginning of the game up to level 14 (I’ll be updating the original posts on this soon, as I’ve discovered some new information in the files).

Decoration Level Cost XP Rating Points
Shrub 3 25 3 Tree-hugging 10
Tree 3 100 10 Tree-hugging 40
Bench 3 270 30 Vanity 27
Kiddie Pool 5 100 10 Vanity 40
Parking Lot 5 175 18 Vanity 50
Brown Fence 6 135 14 Vanity 50
Garbage Bin 7 175 18 Vanity 60
Shrub 7 70 7 Tree-hugging 30
Large Hedge 7 325 33 Tree-hugging 90
Small Hedge 8 220 22 Tree-hugging 70
Newspaper Dispenser 8 325 33 Vanity 90
Tree 8 220 22 Tree-hugging 70
Dumpster 9 1000 100 Vanity 180
Trashcan 10 70 7 Vanity 30
Tree 10 385 39 Tree-hugging 130
Planter 11 850 85 Tree-hugging 160
Tree 11 595 60 Tree-hugging 130
Bart’s Treehouse 12 25000 2500 Vanity 100
Shrub 12 135 14 Tree-hugging 50
Brown Fence 6 135 14 Vanity 50
Snapdragon 12 270 25 Tree-hugging 80
Jebediah Springfield Statue 15 Vanity 610
Parking Meter 13 270 27 Vanity 80
Tree 13 135 14 Tree-hugging 50
Flowers 13 520 50 Tree-hugging 120
Gazebo 14 5600 560 Vanity 450
Phone booth 14 1200 120 Vanity 190
Flowers 14 385 40 Tree-hugging 100

Part 2 tomorrow…


A couple of days ago, sarah m asked this question, which is an important one to know the answer to if you want to be a good neighbor:
Which buildings take the longest to regenerate income (i.e. which buildings should we tap to provide the most benefit to our friends?…I try not to tap Simpsons House, the Brown House etc. as I know they regenerate super quickly)

First, there are some buildings you shouldn’t tap on. Sure, they give you a small amount of cash and XP, but tapping on them doesn’t help your friend at all – they’re Channel 6 and the Open Air Stage. If you see a dead crop at Cletus’ farm, though, tapping it may revive it. And tapping on the Simpsons’ House, the Brown House, the Kwik-E-Mart and other buildings that generate rent quickly isn’t helping your friend as much as you can. (You can graffiti the School, Moe’s, the Police Station, and the Town Hall as well, but that’s for another post.)

The only reason you’re able to tap on a building is if it’s ready for your friend to collect rent – but they haven’t been around to do it. Your tap effectively collects the rent and puts it in the bank for them so not only is it there to collect when they go into their town again – you’ve also restarted their rent collection cycle while they were away. Which is why, if you really want to help your friends, it’s good to tap on the buildings that take the longest to regenerate.

Here’s a handy list of the buildings (and a decoration) that take 8 hours or more to regenerate:
2 days: Burns Manor; Krabappel’s Apartment
24 hours: Duff Stadium; Pimento Grove; Springfield Penitentiary; Springfield General Hospital; Volcano Lair; Holiday Tree
16 hours: Fat Tony’s Compound – Phineas Q. Butterfat’s; Springfield Library; Springfield Observatory; Orange House
12 hours: White House; Hibbert Family Practice; Sprawl-Mart; Santa’s Village; Sleep-Eazy Motel; Mapple Store; Wiggum House; First Church of Springfield; Skip’s Diner; School Bus
10 hours: Asia de Cuba; Legitimate Businessman’s Club; Howard’s Flowers; Springfield Cemetery; Springfield Pet Cemetery
8 hours: Swanky Fish; Springfield Coliseum; El Chemistri; King Toot’s; Jake’s Unisex Hair Salon; Sir Putt-a-lot’s; Springfield Buddhist Temple; Blue House; Aztec Theater; House of Evil; Mausoleum; Super Collider

Thanks to everyone who helped to fill in the gaps that inexplicably appeared between writing this post and posting it here. That should mean that any building missing from the list takes less than 8 hours to regenerate.


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