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This week, I’ve been posting on the decorations, the level they unlock at, their cost, their XP on placement, the rating they contribute to, and the points they contribute:

  • Part 1, which looks at all the game dollar decorations up to level 14 is here; and
  • Part 2, which looks at all the game dollar decorations from level 15 to level 29 is here.

This post looks at the contribution of the premium decorations. Just a reminder, again, that this post contains the most recent information – I’ll be updating the original posts on Vanity and Tree-hugging soon. The decorations here are set out in the order in which they appear in the files:

Decoration Donut Cost XP Rating Points
Butterfly Tent 20 20 Vanity 200
Springfield Sign 170 170 Vanity 1800
Tire Fire 40 40 Vanity 800
Apple Tree 15 15 Tree-hugging 400
Orange Tree 15 15 Tree-hugging 400
Tree-Swing 20 20 Tree-hugging 400
Burning Bush 20 20 Tree-hugging 400
Bench 6 6 Vanity 200
Dumpster 10 10 Vanity 200
Flower Planter 10 10 Vanity 200
Picket Fence 1 1 Vanity 40
Homer’s Hammock 5 5 Vanity 200
Piece-of-crap car 30 30 Vanity 310
Channel 6 News Van 40 40 Vanity 200
Worldwide Broadcast Dish 30 30 Vanity 200
Ambulance 30 30 Obedience 10
Cannon 20 20 Vanity 200
Burns Limo 40 40 Vanity 200
Tetherball 20 20 Vanity 200
Police Car 40 40 Obedience 200
Mount Carlmore 120 120 Vanity 1200
Hot Tub 60 60 Vanity 600

As you’ll notice, the Police car and the Piece-of-Crap car both make higher contributions to Obedience and Vanity, respectively, than might have been expected. I was a bit surprised, so these have been checked and double-checked. I’ll need to update the Obedience post to reflect this as, initially, I’d read the 200 points for the Police Car as a Vanity contribution. But it looks like buying the Police Car may well solve any Obedience problems you may be having.

Tomorrow – the limited-time decorations…



Yesterday, I began posting on the decorations, the level they unlock at, their cost, their XP on placement, the rating they contribute to, and the points they contribute (and you can read part 1 here). This post takes you from the beginning of the game up to level 15 up to level 29. Just a reminder, too, that what’s in this post is the most recent information – I’ll be updating the original posts on Vanity and Tree-hugging soon.

Decoration Level Cost XP Rating Points
Bench 15 595 60 Vanity 130
Tree 15 270 27 Tree-hugging 80
Flowers 15 325 35 Tree-hugging 90
Shrub 16 220 22 Tree-hugging 70
Barrier 16 760 75 Vanity 150
Flowers 16 270 25 Tree-hugging 80
Tree 17 450 45 Tree-hugging 110
Lamp Post 17 385 20 Vanity 100
Angel Topiary 18 2000 200 Tree-hugging 260
Chain Fence 19 270 27 Vanity 80
Shrub 19 325 33 Tree-hugging 90
Tree 20 675 70 Tree-hugging 140
Broken-down Washer 21 520 50 Vanity 120
Broken-down Dryer 21 595 60 Vanity 130
Pylon 22 135 15 Vanity 50
Gas Pump 22 1300 125 Vanity 200
Patio Table 22 1400 130 Vanity 210
See-saw 22 760 75 Vanity 150
Stop Sign 22 385 40 Obedience 1
Barbed Wire Fence ? 175 17 Vanity 60
Iron Railing ? 270 15 Vanity 80
Weather Station 23 9500 1000 Vanity 590
Volleyball Net 23 4500 500 Vanity 400
Lawn Chair 23 520 50 Vanity 120
Hail Ants Sign 23 450 45 Obedience 1
Red Brick Wall 23 520 50 Vanity 120
Graffiti Walls 23 385 40 Vanity 100
Fountain 25 3500 350 Vanity 350
Swing 26 2600 260 Vanity 260
Rabbit Hedge 25 1300 125 Vanity 125
Springfield Park Entrance 29 595 40 Vanity 130
Cobblestone Wall 29 220 40 Vanity 70

Tomorrow – the premium decorations…


Last week I posted on the buildings and the ratings they contribute to (and if you’d like to take a look at all those posts, you can start here). This followed a post earlier in the week about the number of points at each level you needed to maximize your Conform-o-meter ratings (and you can read that post here). But what about the decorations?

The decorations largely contribute to your Tree-hugging and Vanity ratings – and unlike the buildings, different decorations make a different contribution. Here’s the first part of a chart showing the decorations, the level they unlock at, their cost, their XP on placement, the rating they contribute to, and the points they contribute. This post takes you from the beginning of the game up to level 14 (I’ll be updating the original posts on this soon, as I’ve discovered some new information in the files).

Decoration Level Cost XP Rating Points
Shrub 3 25 3 Tree-hugging 10
Tree 3 100 10 Tree-hugging 40
Bench 3 270 30 Vanity 27
Kiddie Pool 5 100 10 Vanity 40
Parking Lot 5 175 18 Vanity 50
Brown Fence 6 135 14 Vanity 50
Garbage Bin 7 175 18 Vanity 60
Shrub 7 70 7 Tree-hugging 30
Large Hedge 7 325 33 Tree-hugging 90
Small Hedge 8 220 22 Tree-hugging 70
Newspaper Dispenser 8 325 33 Vanity 90
Tree 8 220 22 Tree-hugging 70
Dumpster 9 1000 100 Vanity 180
Trashcan 10 70 7 Vanity 30
Tree 10 385 39 Tree-hugging 130
Planter 11 850 85 Tree-hugging 160
Tree 11 595 60 Tree-hugging 130
Bart’s Treehouse 12 25000 2500 Vanity 100
Shrub 12 135 14 Tree-hugging 50
Brown Fence 6 135 14 Vanity 50
Snapdragon 12 270 25 Tree-hugging 80
Jebediah Springfield Statue 15 Vanity 610
Parking Meter 13 270 27 Vanity 80
Tree 13 135 14 Tree-hugging 50
Flowers 13 520 50 Tree-hugging 120
Gazebo 14 5600 560 Vanity 450
Phone booth 14 1200 120 Vanity 190
Flowers 14 385 40 Tree-hugging 100

Part 2 tomorrow…


Throughout this week, I’ve been digging into the files to see how the Conform-o-meter works and how you can maximize your conformity bonus. If you missed these posts, or you’d like to re-read them, here;s a list of them:

  • Part 1 of a post on the regular buildings and their ratings contributions (from the beginning of the game up to Moe’s Tavern) is here
  • Part 2 of a post on the regular buildings and their ratings contributions (from Jake’s Unisex Hair Palace up to the Skinner House) is here
  • A post on the premium buildings and their ratings contributions is here
  • A post on the limited-time buildings and their ratings contributions here (Duff Stadium, the Springfield Coliseum, and the Sleep-Eazy Motel can be found here as they were all limited-time at the time – however, their contribution status did not change with the Yard Sale update!)
  • A post on the points needed in each category at each level is here
  • A post on the number of shops you need to maximize your Consumerism rating is here
  • A post on the number of houses you need to maximize your Indolence rating is here

According to your Conform-o-meter, to boost your Obedience rating you need to have public buildings to keep your people docile:

Keeping the Obedience rating high helps move your Conformity Bonus to its 5% maximum, giving you extra cash and XP every time you tap. Every public building, whether it’s regular, premium or limited-time, contributes 10 points towards the rating. But it’s not just buildings that have an impact on your Obedience rating – there are decorations that have an effect as well:

– Stop Sign ($385 and unlocks at level 22) – 1 point
– Hail Ants Sign ($450 and unlocks at level 23) – 1 point
– Ambulance (30 donuts) – 10 points
– Police Car (40 donuts) – 200 points (yes, you read that right!)

So what are the public buildings that contribute towards your Obedience rating? Here’s a list (note that all buildings contribute 10 points except where marked):

Regular Buildings:
– Springfield Elementary
– The Nuclear Power Plant (each element looks like it contributes 10 points)
– Springfield Library
– First Church Of Springfield
– Jake’s Unisex Hair Palace
– Springfield Downs
– Police Station (1 point)
– Springfield Penitentiary (1 point)
– Town Hall
– Channel 6
– Springfield Post Office
– Hibbert’s Family Practice
– Springfield General Hospital
– Springfield Buddhist Temple
– Adult Education Annex

Premium Buildings:
– Aztec Theater
– Springfield Observatory
– Duff Brewery
– Krustylu Studios
– Lugash’s Gym
– Open Air Stage

Limited-time Buildings:
– Fort Sensible (Whacking Day event – no longer available)

So, just how many public buildings and decorations do you need to get that 5-star rating for Obedience at each level?:

Level Points Buildings Notes
1-11 10 1 You should maximize your rating once you unlock the School
12-13 50 5 Each element of the Nuclear Power Plant appears to contribute 10 points
14 60 6 You should be able to maximize your rating with regular buildings alone
15 70 7 You should be able to maximize your rating when you unlock Jake’s Unisex Hair Palace
16-19 80 8 As you unlock the buildings at these levels, you should be able to keep your rating up
20 90 9 You should be able to maximize your rating with regular buildings alone
21 100 10 You should be able to maximize your rating with regular buildings alone
22 110 11 You should be able to maximize your rating with regular buildings alone
23 140 14 You should be able to maximize your rating with regular buildings alone
24 160 16 This number appears in the files, but it looks like it’s a coding error
25 142 14 You’ll also need a couple of signs to maximize your rating
26 152 15 You’ll also need a couple of signs to maximize your rating
27-28 162 16 You’ll also need a couple of signs to maximize your rating
29 200 20 To maximize your rating, you’ll need premium buildings/decorations or lots of signs!


As many of us suspected, the lifting of the 3000 item building and decoration limit that appeared without warning at the beginning of Whacking Day may only have been temporary. The limit was imposed with the Whacking Day update and seemed to disappear about a week later when it became apparent that snake egg deliveries weren’t possible to towns at the limit – and that egg deliveries could, in fact, push your friends’ towns over the edge.

But earlier this week, Shawnatshawn sent in these screenshots:

Throughout the week, Shawnatshawn was the only person reporting this, so I held out a little hope that it was an individual game glitch – and the fact that it was occurring for Shawnatshawn during Whacking Day made me doubt that this was a general issue. That was, until this came in a few hours ago from Mike Shuman:

I’m sure someone has already posted on this but the 3000 building limit is back. I got the message for the first time ever just now… Now I have to go through my town and sell some non-essential decorations because I have a ton more things to rearrange. It’s funny how your inventory has no limit on the amount you can store yet they limit you it does on how much you can use. Makes no sense to me. I’m in deep trouble if they keep the limit when the boardwalk event starts if I’m already at my limit without it. Ugh.

So, if you receive this message, you’ll have no choice but to store some items in your Inventory or sell them – and, as Mike points out, your Inventory has no limit as this stage.

Note: The messages may also be a result of a problem with the Yard Sale update which initially rolled some players back to the start of Whacking Day, or some other random glitch, but that’s unclear at this stage. I’m waiting to see what comments come in.


The Devil Donuts Cart is from episode 7 of season 24 “The Day the Earth Stood Cool“. It’s the third promotional item from this episode – the two others, the Cool Brown House and Cool Homer, were released just before that episode in November last year and were only available for a few days. Both those items were free.

In that episode, the Simpsons family gets new cool neighbors Terrence and Emily from Portland – and the Devil Donuts business is how Terence earns his money, at least for the time being. Here are a couple of screen shots from the episode showing the Cart parked outside the Cool Brown House, and showing Homer and Terence enjoying a beer outside the Cart when it’s parked downtown:

Strangely, the Cart improves your Vanity rating rather than your Gluttony rating (in the same way that the Laramie Vending Machine adds to your Vanity rating rather than your Consumerism rating).
But that can be forgiven just because it’s a great new decoration for your town that costs game dollars rather than donuts! And it also gives you 520XP when you place it in your town.

As a bonus, here’s a video from the ANIMATION on FOX YouTube channel of Homer trying to be cool to fit in with his cool neighbors:

One of the game dollar decorations included as part of the Yard Sale is the Laramie Vending Machine. At a price of $3500 it boosts your vanity rating and  gives you 500XP on placement (depending on your bonus multiplier).

Apart from Mrs. Krabappel constantly smoking, the episode reference for this is probably “A Tree Grows in Springfield“. While the Vending Machine didn’t feature in the story, the episode was followed by “Logomania“, a King Kong parody featuring lots of advertising characters and brands from the series. If you missed it, or live in a part of the world where it hasn’t shown yet, you can take a look at this video from the ANIMATION on FOX YouTube channel:

As expected, Whacking Day ended without a countdown or fanfare – just an App Store/Google Play update that hit at about 4pm Central. By 5pm Central, the whacking was at an end. Here’s a summary of what happened to the Whacking Day characters, tasks and decorations at the end of Whacking Day:

  • The Snake Rocks, Snake Logs and Hollow Snake Trunks still have the snake appearing out of them, but no longer produce snakes. Instead, the bonus that has always been there is now clearly identified (when you store them) as 2%, 2.5% and 2.75% respectively, all adding to your bonus multiplier. (By the way, if there is still a handshake icon over any of these and the game crashes when you tap on them, just store them and replace them, then everything should be fine),
  • Characters doing Whacking Day tasks just stopped doing them and the tasks disappeared.
  • All the snakes and eggs simply disappeared, too.
  • Lumpy the School Snake is no longer available.
  • The Duff Stadium, Tatum and the Coliseum, and Miss Springfield and the Sleep-Eazy Motel are now available in the premium store for 90 donuts, 190 donuts, and 225 donuts respectively. They are permanent items, not limited time. However, the tasks for Tatum and Miss Springfield pay the regular rate rather than the premium rate.
  • Ninja Homer can still do all his tasks, but they now pay out in game dollars at the premium rate, rather than in snakes.
  • Bare-chested Willie can still wrestle snakes, but now earns cash for it!

And if you’re having trouble updating the game because your device is telling you that the App is “not available in your country”, don’t believe a word it says. Try deleting and reinstalling – but remember to go and check that that your “Confirm Donut Spend” option is turned on if you’ve had to do this.

Now to go and relax my Whacking finger.


This tip, unfortunately, only helps level 29 players who are working through the bonus levels.

For those who aren’t there yet, the bonus levels appear at the end of level 29 and reward regular players by offering the chance to win free donuts. Initially you need to hit 120,000XP to get your first chance at donuts, but each time you pass through the bonus levels, your target increases by 20% (this was how it worked all through February, so it seems there was a glitch in March, when this didn’t happen).

So, free donuts! They’re certainly not be sneezed at – and most people would like to get as many as they could possibly can. Here’s a tip from Mark that makes it just a bit easier:

For anyone who has lots of accumulated in-game cash lying around and you want to get as many donuts by levelling up your pink XP bar before the end of the Whacking Day event on May 16th, you may want to do what I have done.

I purchased a bunch of Wind Socks at $19,000 each. They get you a whopping 2,000 XP for each and with a good multiplier like I have you can easily achieve over 5,000 per sock. I have levelled up quite a few times doing this and cashed a fair number of donuts. And the plus side is that they are actually quite a nice animated decoration. I have used them around the Coliseum, the Open Air Stage, etc. and they look quite cool.

Lastly, if you are spelling out words in your Springfield with the new Cobble Stones, you can add the Wind Socks to give the words a “flaming” feel… It looks surprisingly good.

The Wind Socks will only be available until the end of the Whacking Day event. And it’s worth noting, too, that you can get a nice XP boost from the Weather Stations as well. Thanks Mark.


A couple of people have reported their frustration at selling the Snake Rocks, Snake Stumps and Hollow Logs in the belief that Whacking Day was over and done with. Given that they make great decorations and also earn you a 2%, 2.5% and 3% bonus on tasks and rent that will continue after Whacking Day, this is difficult to understand. And when you consider that they (mostly) cost donuts and the cash return is minimal, this is clearly a mistake.

In the game, limited-time means exactly that in most cases. Characters, buildings and decorations that are available for a limited time are for game dollars or for donuts won’t be available again. And while the Snake Rocks sell for $1000, the Snake stump for $1375, and Hollow Snake Trunk for $1875, this is hardly a return on the real-world cash it cost to buy these things in the first place.

And even for decorations that are free or cost game dollars, it’s worth simply storing any that you don’t want to use right now in your Inventory as they often turn out to be useful at some point in the future – and they’ll be items that newer players won’t have. (My excess Valentine’s roses have come in very useful recently!)

So, think carefully before you sell anything that’s limited-time – if only because you may never be able to get it again. And that’s something you really need to factor into the game dollar return on your sale.


The addition of the Open-Air Stage has revived interest in Channel 6 because, like the Open-Air Stage (and Cletus’ Farm), you invest money to make money. The great thing about Channel 6, though, is that with the right combination of items it has what’s possibly the most lucrative tasks in the game for their duration.

When you first build Channel 6, you have just two programing options, as you can see below:

Once you unlock the weather station, a game dollars decoration that unlocks as part of your Channel 6 quest, though, you get one more:

At this point, premium characters and items unlock more programming options for you. The Worldwide Broadcast Dish at 30 donuts unlocks the Worldwide News program:

And the Channel 6 News Van at 40 donuts lets you do a 4-hour live news report that earns as much as the free 8 hour task:

And if you add Bumblebee Man at 60 donuts, you get Channel Occho as a 24-hour program which lets you invest $2200 dollars to earn $5000 (and Bumblebee man has a task at the Channel 6 as well):

Channel 6 has certainly proved a useful building for me, and one that has helped me build up cash for when I really need it. It’s just a matter of remembering to set the programming, though.

Level 29 brought with it two new decorations – and one of them is the Cobbestone Wall. And all you have to do to unlock it is get to level 29 on your XP bar:

The pieces seem to fit together seamlessly and, in my game, they overlap, making it a great addition. And, as many readers have pointed out, it suits Fat Tony’s Compound much better than the Red Brick Walls (although it probably should be higher!):


It would be great if all the limited time items and characters that newer players missed were made available again. Some of these include:

– Kang
– Witch Marge (with her ability to speed up crops)
– Devil Ned Flanders
– Mr Plow
– Mayan Homer
– Santa Homer
– Cool Homer
– The Cool Brown House
– The Duff Racer
– The Cemetery
– The Pet Cemetery
– The Super Collider and the Black Hole
– The Bad Dream House
– The Mausoleum
– The Ray Gun
– The Heck House skin for the Church
– Shauna
– Howard’s Flowers
– Phineas Q. Butterfat’s
– Sir Putt-a-lot’s
– Tom O’Flanagan
– O’Flanagan’s Pub
– The Leprechaun
– Fruit-Bat-Man
– Gorgeous Grampa
– Respectable Moe

There’s more, but you get the idea (and after Whacking Day, Ninja Homer, Gymnastic Lisa, and Bare-Chested Willie will almost certainly join the list and possibly Miss Springfield and Tatum, too).

The answer, unfortunately, is that no one except EA knows for sure. I hope so, though, and believe that there’s a strong possibility that some, although maybe not all, of these items will be available at a later date – and now that Fat Tony is back and we know that Kang is on the way again later this year, the prospects are certainly rosier than they ever have been.

However, if they do become available, it’s likely that anything that wasn’t free first time round will probably be premium items available for donuts only should they return. And months from now, be patient when people ask how they can get for free all those great prizes you earned through your Whacking Day blood, sweat and tears.


This request came in from timmmmy (my apologies if there’s not enough “m’s”). While I’ve posted most of the information before, this post gathers together some information that, until now, has been spread over a couple of posts and several comments.

I’d like to create my Springfield as true to the real Springfield as possible. I was wondering if you could do a post regarding which buildings are next to which buildings in the real Springfield, and any specific characteristics or decorations that should go with specific buildings.. Thanks in advance!!

Leaving aside the point that Springfield’s not real ( :-)), someone has taken the time to put together a map of our beloved Springfield – and that must have been challenging given the way buildings seem to move around from episode to episode.

You can see the map below, which was originally created by Jeremy Lerma and Terry Hogan at CAL Poly at Pomona in California back in 2001 (according – thanks Samantha for finding this link):

You can also see an interactive version of this map showing the buildings as they look in the series at this location:

There are a couple of things that are worth noting:

1. The map hasn’t been updated since about 2004, so many of the more recent buildings don’t appear. These include:
– El Chemistri
– Howard’s Flowers
– The Mapple Store

2. Whether or not any map of Springfield could ever be considered accurate is a moot point, particularly as the buildings seem to move around a bit. In fact, Homer even points this out very early on in the game when you’re moving the Kwik-E-Mart. As I recall, he says that it really doesn’t matter where the buildings go – after all, at one point, Springfield Penitentiary was next door to the Simpson’s house just so they could say they lived next to a prison. But in the very next scene it was gone.

3. Some of the buildings only appear in the Treehouse of Horror episodes and may or may not be “real”. These include:
– The Springfield Subatomic Supercollider
– The Bad Dream House
– The House of Evil

4. At least one building isn’t even in Springfield (in fact it’s in Ireland):
– Tom O’Flanagan’s Pub

One really helpful source for Springfield addresses and locations is the Simpsons wikia. If you can’t find the location of a building there, you probably won’t find it anywhere. And Sarah also suggests the following site:

With the warning that TVTropes is the kind of site that can waste hours of your time (though John Lennon apparently said that time you enjoy wasting isn’t wasted, so YMMV!), there’s an entertaining page there about the geography of Springfield, just in case anyone is as nerdy as I am –

Like I say, enter at your peril – TVTropes is a black hole that can make your day disappear, but it is interesting and amusing, too

This is my favourite quirk of Springfield geography:

“The “Five Corners”, the only place in the United States where five states share a border, one of them being Springfield’s. When police from all five states show up there, they include stock parodies of Minnesotans, New Jerseyans, and Hawaiians.”


A couple of months ago, I wrote a post highlighting that certain decorations give your characters additional tasks. The limited time Limo available as part of the Respectable Moe episode promotion is a good reason to update it and try to produce a definitive version.

Decorations not only make your town look nice. Like Moe’s Limo, they sometimes give your characters extra tasks to do, as well. So, what are those value-adding decorations, and which of your characters get those extra tasks?

Regular Decorations:

Decoration Character Task Length
Kiddie Pool Homer Lounge in the pool 6 hours
Tree Skinner Go Bird-watching 24 hours
Tree Lisa Read a book 45 seconds
Shrub Moe Spy on Midge 12 hours
Snapdragons Martin Smell the roses 10 minutes
Bench Grampa Simpson Take a nap / Feed the birds 6 hours / 8 hours
Dumpster Cletus Dig through garbage 12 hours
Gazebo Lisa, Martin, Principal Skinner, Comic Book Guy, Sideshow Mel, Professor Frink Attend a Mensa meeting 3 hours
Lawn Chair Kent Brockman Relax 1 hour
Water Shauna (no longer available) Tease the ducks 8 hours
Water Legs and Louie Interrogate a squealer 1 hour

Premium Decorations:

Decoration Character Task Length
Limo (limited-time) Moe Fun in the Limo 1 hour
Hot Tub Fat Tony Relax in the Hot Tub 10 hours
Piece of Crap Car Nelson Shoot B-B gun 30 minutes
Cannon Sideshow Mel Shoot from a cannon 30 minutes

It’s also worth mentioning that the Channel 6 News Van and the Worldwide Satellite Dish give extra tasks for Channel 6.

If there’s anything I missed, let me know.

Update: I haven’t included Gymnastic Lisa’s Balance Beam or Ninja Homer’s Practice Snake as they come as part of a set with the character (although buying more Practice Snakes gices Ninja Homer even more snakes to acrobatically whack).


I’ve been meaning to give a plug to TheAppGoddess and her Tapped Out videos for some time – but if you’re looking for some design tips and ideas, as many new players are, they’re certainly a great place to start.

Here’s one of her latest videos showing off her pre-Whacking Day landscaping:

It’s worth noting that this video makes reference to the 3000 building and decoration limit which appeared at the beginning of Whacking Day and was then lifted. I have a feeling that it may be back, though, and was only lifted when someone realized that it also limited eggs drops to friends.

For more ideas, also take a look at the My Neighbor’s Yard series from ObviousObscure. You can find his latest video here.

There’s been so much to write about that I seem to have missed out on commenting on the fifth prize, the Jebediah Springfield Snake Statue.

Once you’ve collected 3000 snakes, the Snake Statue gives you a second Jebediah Springfield memorial for your town. The first, in the more traditional pose, is the one that you win by tapping on Homer 10 times while he’s doing a task (you can see how to do it here).

This fifth prize is Jebediah Springfield whacking the first snake in what Bart discovers to be the made-up history of Whacking Day. And all you get from this one is a boost to your Vanity rating – no bonus on jobs and tasks and no additional snakes, just a little boost to your Conformity Bonus.

Still, every little bit helps, especially when it’s free.


In response to yesterday’s post with a small gallery of things players have done with their decorations to manipulate the eyes into seeing 3D towers and drive-in movie theatres, lots of others among you have been emailing and commenting yours or a friend’s artful Simpsonception to me. Here’s a select few:

20130427-094642 PM.jpg
20130427-094649 PM.jpg
20130427-094654 PM.jpg
20130427-094701 PM.jpg
20130427-115038 PM.jpg
20130428-083122 PM.jpg
20130501-064932 PM.jpg

My email address is . Keep ’em coming! (Note: OMVII on its way very soon.)

This seems to be a day for design ideas (see rcsprinter’s post, here). And now Obvious Obscure has uploaded the fifth episode in his My Neighbor’s Yard series!

This series of videos has proven to be really popular with readers of this blog – and that’s because it gives you so many ideas on how to decorate your town. So, why not sit back and enjoy episode 5, then spend some time redecorating your town (perhaps thinking about the possible opening of the seashore sometime in May/June).

If you missed the other episodes in the series, you see them by following this link: – and if you’re a Minecraft player, there are some other videos on the site that you’ll also enjoy.

How inventive are you with the spare land in your Springfield? Do you leave it blank waiting for the next buildings to open up, or do you fill it with houses and shops and decorations? Perhaps you filled a big chunk up with the Springfield sign, Mount Carlmore, or Springfield Falls? Some of us are decidedly artistic with ours, wanting to make it look nice for visiting friends.

Some of the things featured in the past include this tribute to the Twin Towers in New York:

20130426-045259 PM.jpg

But today, two new designs came in from Eric, with a delicate and painstaking use of flowers to create images.

20130426-045451 PM.jpg
20130426-045500 PM.jpg

If you’ve got something arty in your town or have spotted something in a friend’s, please comment or email and I’ll share it to all the readers.

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