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This week, I’ve been posting on the decorations, the level they unlock at, their cost, their XP on placement, the rating they contribute to, and the points they contribute:

  • Part 1, which looks at all the game dollar decorations up to level 14 is here; and
  • Part 2, which looks at all the game dollar decorations from level 15 to level 29 is here.

This post looks at the contribution of the premium decorations. Just a reminder, again, that this post contains the most recent information – I’ll be updating the original posts on Vanity and Tree-hugging soon. The decorations here are set out in the order in which they appear in the files:

Decoration Donut Cost XP Rating Points
Butterfly Tent 20 20 Vanity 200
Springfield Sign 170 170 Vanity 1800
Tire Fire 40 40 Vanity 800
Apple Tree 15 15 Tree-hugging 400
Orange Tree 15 15 Tree-hugging 400
Tree-Swing 20 20 Tree-hugging 400
Burning Bush 20 20 Tree-hugging 400
Bench 6 6 Vanity 200
Dumpster 10 10 Vanity 200
Flower Planter 10 10 Vanity 200
Picket Fence 1 1 Vanity 40
Homer’s Hammock 5 5 Vanity 200
Piece-of-crap car 30 30 Vanity 310
Channel 6 News Van 40 40 Vanity 200
Worldwide Broadcast Dish 30 30 Vanity 200
Ambulance 30 30 Obedience 10
Cannon 20 20 Vanity 200
Burns Limo 40 40 Vanity 200
Tetherball 20 20 Vanity 200
Police Car 40 40 Obedience 200
Mount Carlmore 120 120 Vanity 1200
Hot Tub 60 60 Vanity 600

As you’ll notice, the Police car and the Piece-of-Crap car both make higher contributions to Obedience and Vanity, respectively, than might have been expected. I was a bit surprised, so these have been checked and double-checked. I’ll need to update the Obedience post to reflect this as, initially, I’d read the 200 points for the Police Car as a Vanity contribution. But it looks like buying the Police Car may well solve any Obedience problems you may be having.

Tomorrow – the limited-time decorations…



Yesterday, I began posting on the decorations, the level they unlock at, their cost, their XP on placement, the rating they contribute to, and the points they contribute (and you can read part 1 here). This post takes you from the beginning of the game up to level 15 up to level 29. Just a reminder, too, that what’s in this post is the most recent information – I’ll be updating the original posts on Vanity and Tree-hugging soon.

Decoration Level Cost XP Rating Points
Bench 15 595 60 Vanity 130
Tree 15 270 27 Tree-hugging 80
Flowers 15 325 35 Tree-hugging 90
Shrub 16 220 22 Tree-hugging 70
Barrier 16 760 75 Vanity 150
Flowers 16 270 25 Tree-hugging 80
Tree 17 450 45 Tree-hugging 110
Lamp Post 17 385 20 Vanity 100
Angel Topiary 18 2000 200 Tree-hugging 260
Chain Fence 19 270 27 Vanity 80
Shrub 19 325 33 Tree-hugging 90
Tree 20 675 70 Tree-hugging 140
Broken-down Washer 21 520 50 Vanity 120
Broken-down Dryer 21 595 60 Vanity 130
Pylon 22 135 15 Vanity 50
Gas Pump 22 1300 125 Vanity 200
Patio Table 22 1400 130 Vanity 210
See-saw 22 760 75 Vanity 150
Stop Sign 22 385 40 Obedience 1
Barbed Wire Fence ? 175 17 Vanity 60
Iron Railing ? 270 15 Vanity 80
Weather Station 23 9500 1000 Vanity 590
Volleyball Net 23 4500 500 Vanity 400
Lawn Chair 23 520 50 Vanity 120
Hail Ants Sign 23 450 45 Obedience 1
Red Brick Wall 23 520 50 Vanity 120
Graffiti Walls 23 385 40 Vanity 100
Fountain 25 3500 350 Vanity 350
Swing 26 2600 260 Vanity 260
Rabbit Hedge 25 1300 125 Vanity 125
Springfield Park Entrance 29 595 40 Vanity 130
Cobblestone Wall 29 220 40 Vanity 70

Tomorrow – the premium decorations…


Last week I posted on the buildings and the ratings they contribute to (and if you’d like to take a look at all those posts, you can start here). This followed a post earlier in the week about the number of points at each level you needed to maximize your Conform-o-meter ratings (and you can read that post here). But what about the decorations?

The decorations largely contribute to your Tree-hugging and Vanity ratings – and unlike the buildings, different decorations make a different contribution. Here’s the first part of a chart showing the decorations, the level they unlock at, their cost, their XP on placement, the rating they contribute to, and the points they contribute. This post takes you from the beginning of the game up to level 14 (I’ll be updating the original posts on this soon, as I’ve discovered some new information in the files).

Decoration Level Cost XP Rating Points
Shrub 3 25 3 Tree-hugging 10
Tree 3 100 10 Tree-hugging 40
Bench 3 270 30 Vanity 27
Kiddie Pool 5 100 10 Vanity 40
Parking Lot 5 175 18 Vanity 50
Brown Fence 6 135 14 Vanity 50
Garbage Bin 7 175 18 Vanity 60
Shrub 7 70 7 Tree-hugging 30
Large Hedge 7 325 33 Tree-hugging 90
Small Hedge 8 220 22 Tree-hugging 70
Newspaper Dispenser 8 325 33 Vanity 90
Tree 8 220 22 Tree-hugging 70
Dumpster 9 1000 100 Vanity 180
Trashcan 10 70 7 Vanity 30
Tree 10 385 39 Tree-hugging 130
Planter 11 850 85 Tree-hugging 160
Tree 11 595 60 Tree-hugging 130
Bart’s Treehouse 12 25000 2500 Vanity 100
Shrub 12 135 14 Tree-hugging 50
Brown Fence 6 135 14 Vanity 50
Snapdragon 12 270 25 Tree-hugging 80
Jebediah Springfield Statue 15 Vanity 610
Parking Meter 13 270 27 Vanity 80
Tree 13 135 14 Tree-hugging 50
Flowers 13 520 50 Tree-hugging 120
Gazebo 14 5600 560 Vanity 450
Phone booth 14 1200 120 Vanity 190
Flowers 14 385 40 Tree-hugging 100

Part 2 tomorrow…


The Devil Donuts Cart is from episode 7 of season 24 “The Day the Earth Stood Cool“. It’s the third promotional item from this episode – the two others, the Cool Brown House and Cool Homer, were released just before that episode in November last year and were only available for a few days. Both those items were free.

In that episode, the Simpsons family gets new cool neighbors Terrence and Emily from Portland – and the Devil Donuts business is how Terence earns his money, at least for the time being. Here are a couple of screen shots from the episode showing the Cart parked outside the Cool Brown House, and showing Homer and Terence enjoying a beer outside the Cart when it’s parked downtown:

Strangely, the Cart improves your Vanity rating rather than your Gluttony rating (in the same way that the Laramie Vending Machine adds to your Vanity rating rather than your Consumerism rating).
But that can be forgiven just because it’s a great new decoration for your town that costs game dollars rather than donuts! And it also gives you 520XP when you place it in your town.

As a bonus, here’s a video from the ANIMATION on FOX YouTube channel of Homer trying to be cool to fit in with his cool neighbors:

This week, I’ve been posting a guide to the buildings and the Conform-o-meter category they contribute to. Here’s where I’ve got to (and it’s almost at an end):

  • Part 1 from the beginning of the game up to Moe’s Tavern is here
  • Part 2, from Jakes Unisex Hair Palace up to the Skinner House is here
  • A post on the premium buildings is here
  • A post on the points needed in each category at each level is here

Just to recap: Each building you construct contributes a certain number of point to a different part of your Conform-o-meter and helps you get your conformity bonus to its 5% maximum. While a 5% bonus doesn’t sound like much, this extra amount every time you collect cash and XP from rent and jobs is part of what helps you build up the game dollars you need to progress easily in the game. Not every limited-time building makes a contribution, though.

So, here’s part 4 of the series covering all the limited-time buildings. The table below sets out the donut price of the building (and where the buildings were free or only purchasable with event currency, I’ve left it blank), the XP you get on construction, the rating the building boosts (if any), and the points it contributes to that rating. The information here supersedes information in earlier posts (which will all be updated soon):

Building Donut Price XP Rating Points
Springfield Cemetery 25 Vanity 100
Pet Cemetary 25 Vanity 100
House of Evil 100 Consumerism 10
Bad Dream House 150 Indolence 10
Mausoleum 60 60
Super Collider 50
Cool Brown House 10 Indolence 10
Mapple Store 90 90 Consumerism 10
Santa’s Village 200 75
Phineas Q. Butterfat’s 10 Gluttony 10
Howard’s Flowers 25 Consumerism 10
Sir Putt-a-lot’s 25 Consumerism 10
O’Flanagan’s Pub 200 Gluttony 10
Swanky Fish 90 90 Gluttony 10
Fort Sensible 10 Obedience 10
Duff Stadium 10
Springfield Coliseum 10 ??? ???
Sleep-Eazy Motel 10 ??? ???

It seems that no final conformity bonus contribution has been confirmed for the last two Whacking Day prizes. I’ll check in after the update and see whether the situation for these has changed.

Just one more post to go, on the “aspirational buildings”…


I’ve posted on the Conform-o-meter and its various components before. Keeping the Conform-o-meter at its maximum gives you a 5% bonus on all your cash and XP collections – but it can be quite difficult to manage sometimes, especially when a new level is released.

I’ll be updating all of the posts soon to take into account the new levels during this week (you can find them all by typing “Conform-o-meter” in the search bar at the bottom of the page). But with the drop in the Righteousness, Obedience and Consumerism ratings that seemed to come automatically for many players with the release of level 29, I thought I’d share with you something I found in the files.

To get that 5-star rating on any of the 8 elements of the Conform-o-meter, you need to reach a certain number of points. The points are linked to a value for each building or activity that has an impact on the Conform-o-meter and are hidden in the game data – and the points required for a 5-star rating change every time you level up. To see which of your ratings is likely to change as you move up in the game, here are the points required for each level:

Level Indo-lence Obedi-ence Consum-erism Gluttony Tree-hugging Right-eousness Vanity Social-ism
1-6 60 10 12 12 425 3 920 12
7 70 10 36 12 475 3 1370 12
8 100 10 36 12 475 3 1370 12
9 100 10 36 12 475 3 1670 18
10 130 10 36 12 565 3 1670 30
11 130 10 36 24 695 5 2420 48
12 140 50 48 24 1075 7 2870 66
13 150 50 60 24 1325 9 3370 90
14 160 60 60 48 1615 11 3920 114
15 160 70 60 60 1945 14 4520 144
16 170 80 60 72 2315 17 5170 174
17 170 80 72 72 2725 30 5870 210
18 180 80 72 96 3175 33 6620 246
19 190 80 72 96 3665 47 7420 288
20 200 90 72 96 4195 51 8720 330
21 210 100 72 96 4765 55 9170 378
22 230 110 72 96 5375 59 10120 426
23 230 140 72 96 6025 64 11120 480
24 240 160 72 108 6715 69 12170 534
25 260 142 72 120 7445 74 13270 594
26 270 152 72 120 8215 79 14420 654
27 280 162 72 156 9025 85 15620 720
28 290 162 72 156 9875 91 16870 786
29 300 200 96 168 10765 97 18170 858

I’ll be updating some older posts regarding building numbers based on the above information. I’m also preparing a series of posts on which building contributes to which rating and with how many points. All of those should appear during this week.


A couple of days ago, I wrote a post on the Conform-o-meter and how it works (and occasionally doesn’t). You can find it here. Keeping your Conform-o-meter at 5 stars is an important part of maximizing your cash and XP collections for your buildings and your character’s jobs.

This post looks at some of the things that can happen in the normal course of your game to cause your ratings (and your conformity bonus) to vary. Just as a reminder, your conformity bonus comes is calculated from 8 factors (6 for Android players):

So what can happen in normal gameplay that has an impact on your Conform-o-meter?

1. Unlocking characters/buying premium characters: both of these actions can cause drops in your Indolence, Consumerism and Gluttony ratings. More characters often means you need more houses, restaurants and shops. And more criminal or corrupt characters can have an impact on your Righteousness rating.

2. Buying land: expanding your town but leaving the land vacant can cause your Consumerism, Gluttony and Obedience to drop. It helps your Tree-Hugging rating, though.

3. Housing mix: it seems that your housing mix has an impact on a number of elements of your Conform-o-meter elements, including Obedience, Righteousness, and Consumerism. If there’s an imbalance between your cheaper houses and your more expensive houses, the meter will be affected (which is good enough reason for house farmers to farm Blue or Pink Houses rather than Brown Houses).

4. Your characters’ behavior: ignoring tasks has been reported as having an impact on Obedience. And the behavior of Chief Wiggum and Mayor Quimby can have an impact on Righteousness – it seems that if either of these two repeatedly engage in corrupt activities, the meter will drop. In a way it makes sense – corruption lowers their authority and leads to an increase in crime.

5. Pollution: you probably noticed that unlocking the Power Plant had a negative impact on your conformity bonus and you needed to plant some more trees to make up for its environmental impact. Failing to clean up debris also hurts your Vanity and Tree-Hugging ratings.

If you want to know more about how specific parts of the Conform-o-meter work, you can search this site to see what’s already here. And there’ll be more to come over the next few days.


Just like the Duff Racer that was given away free to launch the season, the Fruit-Bat-Signal in today’s update is just a decoration. It doesn’t give you any bonus cash or XP – it just helps your Vanity Rating. Oh, and it also lights up when you tap on it.

If it has any other uses as part of Fruit-Bat-Man’s premium quest, I’ll update this post and let you know. In the meantime, my Fruit-Bat-Signal is sitting outside the Police Station, waiting for a time when Fruit-Bat-Man’s services are needed!


The stars at the bottom left of your screen tell you the current rating for your town. Tapping on these takes you to your Conform-o-meter, which is a very important part of your game:

The more stars you have, the more money and XP you can collect from buildings or from your characters’ jobs. But to maximize your collections, you need to keep your ratings high in 8 areas:

(Note: Android players have a slightly different Conform-o-meter, without Righteousness or Socialism, both of which are affected by the social part of the game. These will appear at the same time as Origin does.)

All of these 8 areas come together to give you a conformity bonus of up to 5% on all money and XP collections. But just how they work can sometimes be a bit of a mystery. Here, then, is an overview of what each one does and what it’s affected by:

1. Indolence: affected by the number of houses you have compared to the number of characters you have – type of housing and housing balance can also have an impact
2. Consumerism: affected by the number of stores you have for the number or characters you have
3. Tree Hugging: affected by the trees, bushes, and pollution you have in your town
4. Vanity: affected by the number of type of decorations and special objects in your town
5. Obedience: affected by the number of government and public services you have for your town population
6. Gluttony: affected by the number of restaurants you have for your town population.
7. Righteousness: affected by a combination of your criminal population and their moral behavior, as well as by leaving and cleaning up graffiti
8. Socialism: affected by the number of Origin friends you have and how frequently you visit them

This means that there are a few things that happen regularly in the game that will have an impact on your Conform-o-meter – and I’ll take a look at some of those in part 2…

Like me, you’re probably seeing more and more Escalators to Nowhere and the occasional Popsicle Stick Skyscraper as an increasing number of people hit the game dollars targets you need to be able to build these imposing structures. But how many XP do you get for building them?

The answer seems to be that the XP comes at a rate of 1% of the cost. That means that for building the Escalator to Nowhere, you get 10,000 XP (confirmed by several readers of this blog) and for the Popsicle Stick Skyscraper you get 20,000 XP (only one source for this, so please correct me if I’m wrong). Both of these take 3 days to build.

It’s important to know that this is all you get. They’re decorations rather than buildings – and all they really do is help your vanity rating and take up space. They don’t earn any rent, so the construction XP is a one-time collection, just like any of your other decorations. And none of your characters interact with either of these structures.

Just to give you an idea of how big the Escalator is, here’s a screenshot (it was found on reddit, so if this is yours and you’d rather I didn’t show it, please let me know). And if you have a screenshot you’d like to share of the Popsicle Stick Tower, please feel free to send a link.


Yes, there were – and I forgot to mention them in my earlier posts…

The level 26 update added 2 new standard decorations – a Rabbit Hedge for $1300, which improves your Tree-hugging rating, and a Swing Set for $2600, which improves your Vanity rating. These only unlock when your XP bar takes you to level 26 – the good news being that you don’t have to unlock the Wiggum House to get them. The Swing Set is great for anyone who wanted more decorations for their school ground.

These are both in addition to the new premium decorations – a Police Car, which costs 40 donuts, and the Tetherball, which costs 20 donuts. Both of these give you bonus money and XP.


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