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This isn’t a big game issue, but in the lull before Squidport, I thought I’d address something that seems to have come up quite a few times in the comments in the past few weeks – and that’s Kent Brockman’s earnings. Now, I know in the real world it’s rude to delve into how much someone is paid or why someone makes more than someone else, but the Springfielders puts their earning power out there for everyone to see. And, for one of his tasks, Kent Brockman earns more than his fellow Springfielders for one task – but for another, he earns a little less:

Jake: I’ve been curious but how come Kent Brockman makes more on his 4 hour task (and perhaps his others) then the other normal non-premium characters? They make $175 and 25XP and he makes $200 and 50XP.

Mike: This is an odd/pointless question, but all 4 hour tasks give $175 and 45 XP, but ever since the latest update, Kent Brockman’s, and only his as far as I can tell, now gives $200 and 50 XP… any explanation for this? Not that I am complaining…

Juliamhefner: I just noticed that Kent Brockman’s 12 hour task only pays out $400, whereas everyone else’s 12 hour tasks pay out $420. Wonder of there’s any particular reason for that?

Minadequate: Why does Kent Brockman generate more income despite not being premium? I have only just noticed it on his 4 hr task ($200 rather than $175 and 50XP rather than 40) so it might not extend to all his tasks, but I just thought it was strange…

And, for both of these, there’s no particular reason for it. It’s most likely to be a coding error that’s never been fixed. It certainly sets Brockman apart from his fellow Springfielders – which is probably how he likes it.



At 90 donuts and with “something bigger” on the way, Swanky Fish has given many players pause. So, is it worth sending your precious donuts on? Here are a few reasons why it might be:

1. It’s a restaurant, and those are surprisingly few and far between.
2. It helps your Gluttony rating.
3. The animation looks really good.
4. It’s an easy size and shape to fit anywhere into your town.
5. It has its own quest (although we won’t know if Principal Skinner, Comic Book Guy or Kent Brockman will still be able to dine there until it’s no longer available).
6. It’s a limited-time item, and that means that you will probably never be able to buy it again.

And some reasons why you may decide to pass:

1. It doesn’t come with any characters.
2. For a stand-alone building, it’s quite expensive.
3. There’s no guarantee that it will be used by your characters at the end of the promotion.
4. You want to save your donuts for whatever the “something bigger” on Thursday might be.

I bought it, of course, and I’m not dissatisfied with it. After a quiet period in the game, it was great to add a quest. But unless you’re a completist, it’s probably not an essential purchase.


The Swanky Fish quest begin as soon as you hand over your 90 donuts and build the limited-time Swanky Fish sushi restaurant and, as it only takes 6 seconds to build, that happens very quickly. Lisa needs to free to kick things off.

1. Swanky Fish Part 1 Lisa is impressed by your new restaurant:

Lisa: Wow, the ornate interior and new age looking exterior of the Swanky Fish is so impressive.
Homer: But I thought this was a seafood place. What’s with all this rice, avocado and…yuck! Is this seaweed?
Lisa: It’s called Nori wrap. Sushi really is an art form.
Homer: But I don’t want my food to be an art form. I want it to be food.
Lisa: Can’t we at least try it once?
Homer: Okay, but I get to choose the restaurant the next 10 times.
So Homer and Lisa got to dine at the Swanky Fish (5 hours – keep Principal Skinner free as they finish).

2. Swanky Fish Part 2 It’s Skinner’s turn and he’s looking forward to it. He hasn’t tasted sushi since his days in Nam – when he fled to Japan to avoid the fighting. And he just loves the smell of wasabi in the morning. (5 hours – keep Comic Book Guy free as he finishes).

3. Swanky Fish Part 3 Comic Book Guy is as excited as everyone else (although he’ll later question why all of his jobs involve eating):

Comic Book Guy goes to dine at the Swanky Fish (5 hours – keep Kent Brockman free as he finishes).

4. Swanky Fish Part 4 Kent Brockman does a live news report on the opening of the Swanky Fish, telling everyone to check it out, then:

Brockman goes to eat his free meal at the Swanky Fish (5 hours).

And that’s where the Swanky Fish quest ends.

Update: Great to see that Swanky Swish didn’t go the way of Howard’s Flowers and the other Valentine’s buildings – except for Homer and Lisa, the characters all kept their tasks!

Unlike the Aztec Theater, Lard Lad’s and the Springfield Observatory, the three other stand-alone premium buildings, Swanky Fish may not permanently give any of your characters any additional tasks. In fact, even Homer and Lisa lose their Swanky Fish tasks as soon as they’ve eaten there as part of the premium quest – and that’s likely to happen at the end of the promotion for Principal Skinner, Comic Book Guy and Kent Brockman as well. That really says a lot about the quality of its food. While it’s too soon to know for sure, don’t be surprised if it goes the way of O’Flanagan’s Pub.

So Swanky Fish may well be doomed to join El Chemistri and Pimento Grove on Springfield’s list of expensive but unpopular restaurants. At least the other two stand a chance of featuring in future questlines, as we saw with Carl and his one-time only visit to El Chemistri with Kent Brockman. But as it’s a premium restaurant, and a limited time one at that, I seriously doubt whether another diner will ever again pass through Swanky Fish’s doors.

And if you’re thinking about whether to part with 90 donuts and buy Swanky Fish, maybe that decides it for you. So, if you haven’t taken the poll yet, why not do so and find out what others have decided to do about this exclusive restaurant that’s apparently so unloved by the citizens of Springfield (note that the poll won’t register a second vote from the same IP address).


Carl’s Rise up the Ladder is the third of the four level 27 quests. It takes place immediately after Lenny’s Downfall. Mr. Burns and Carl need to be free when Lenny gets out of jail to begin this next stage of the story.

Here’s the walkthrough (it’s a much shorter quest than Lenny’s Downfall):

1. Carl’s Rise up the Ladder Part 1 Burns has a problem that he needs Smithers to solve:

Smithers: But sir, we only have two other employees. And one of them is Homer Simpson.
Burns: Then we’ll have to promote the other one.
Carl: Thank you, Mr Burns, but I’ve reached the phase of Buddhist enlightenment where I feel no attachment to material wealth.
Burns: I’m willing to give you a sixty-percent raise and a four month signing bonus.
Carl: Thanks again. I’ve never really tried being rich before. Executive washroom, here I come!
Burns: Excellent. Let’s, shall we say, seal the deal. I hope dinner at 5:30pm is not too late.
And Carl goes to dinner at Burns Manor (2 hours – keep Smithers free as he finishes).
2. Carl’s Rise up the Ladder Part 2 To celebrate his first day in his new position, Smithers and Carl go to Moe’s for Apple-tinis (4 hours – keep Kent Brockman free as they finish).

3. Carl’s Rise up the Ladder Part 3 Carl is now moving in a different social circle. As the minorities need to stick together (and Carl is a little surprised that Brockman qualifies as a member of any minority), Brockman suggests that they go and eat at Springfield’s pricey restaurants – El Chemistri and the Gilded Truffle (2 hours together at each restaurant for a total of 4 hours – keep Homer and Lenny free as they finish).

The story continues in True Bromance

Level 24 seems to have caused problems for quite a few people. That’s because it involves lots of characters, any one of whom can get caught up in random tasks that don’t progress the main quest. To help you get all your characters and tasks synchronized, here’s what’s supposed to happen. As you read through, remember my regular advice that all the tasks need to be done in order and that all the buildings before Hibbert’s Family Practice and the Hospital need to have been unlocked before any of this can take place in your game:

1. Hahahahaha Sucker Principal Skinner kicks off this quest as Bart finishes skipping school. Deciding that Bart needs to visit the doctor, he prompts you to build the Hibbert Family Practice ($75,000 and 24 hours, unlocking Dr. Hibbert – keep Bart free as the building finishes)
2. Bart’s Checkup Bart goes for a checkup (10 minutes)
3. General Practice Dr. Hibbert practices medicine (12 hours – keep Grampa Simpson free as he finishes)
4. My Pills! Grampa goes for a checkup (10 minutes – keep Cletus free as he finishes)
5. The Cletus Condition Cletus goes for a checkup (10 minutes – keep Luigi free as he finishes)
6. Luigi’s Growing Problem Luigi goes for a checkup (10 minutes – keep Mayor Quimby free as he finishes)
7. Mayorital Difficulties Mayor Quimby goes for a checkup (10 minutes – keep Burns free as he finishes)
8. Medical Industry Corruption Hearing suggestions that all these problems may arise from nuclear contamination, Burns hides nuclear waste (8 hours – keep Hibbert free as he finishes)
9. Grey Matter Losing business because Burns cancels health insurance for plant employees, Hibbert deals organs on the black market (finally, a use for the Orange House – 4 hours and keep Kent Brockman free when he finishes)
10. Kent Afford It Because only rich guys can afford doctors now, Kent Brockman goes for a checkup (10 minutes – keep Hibbert free as he finishes)
11. Corporate Sponsor Searching for new sources of income, Dr. Hibbert sacrifices his principles in a drug company uniform (6 hours – keep Kent Brockman and Krusty free as he finishes)
12. Show Biz Life The rich guys, Kent Brockman, Dr. Hibbert, and Krusty dine together at the Gilded Truffle (2 hours)
13. Kramp Krusty Krusty promotes a new product (not a random task but part of the storyline – 8 hours and keep Homer, Comic Book Guy and Chief Wiggum free as he finishes)
14. The Flavormax Homer, Chief Wiggum,and Comic Book Guy all go to try the new burger at Krusty Burger (30 minutes each)
15. Business Is Picking Up The new burger causes Dr. Hibbert’s business to pick up – Homer, Chief Wiggum, and Comic Book Guy all need to go for a checkup (10 minutes each – Dr. Hibbert needs to be free as they finish)
16. General Hospital Dr. Hibbert prompts you to build Springfield General Hospital ($91,500 and 24 hours – keep Hibbert free as the building finishes)
17. Operation! Dr. Hibbert performs surgery (24 hours)
18. Such a Beautiful Day Dr. Hibbert does surgery outdoors (1 hour – keep Homer and Burns free as he finishes ready for the next level)


At the end of the Executive Lackey quest, you need to have Skinner free (and Chief Wiggum, too, to be safe) so he can kick things off for level 26.

So, here goes:

1. This Little Wiggy Part 1 Once Skinner and Chief Wiggum have finished their conversation, the Wiggum house unlocks and you’re prompted to build it by a Ralph face in your task book ($116,000 and 24 hours, unlocking Ralph – keep Mayor Quimby free as the building finishes)

2. This Little Wiggy Part 2 Ralph eats crayon sandwiches in a task initiated by Mayor Quimby (60 minutes – keep Comic Book Guy free as Ralph finishes)
3. This Little Wiggy Part 3 Comic Book Guy prompts you to build El Chemistri ($142,500 and 36 hours – keep Lisa, Chief Wiggum, and Ralph free as building finishes)
4. This Little Wiggy Part 4 – Lisa prompts Chief Wiggum and Ralph to eat at El Chemistri (4 hours – keep Lisa free)
5. This Little Wiggy Part 5 Ralph prompts Lisa to work on her blog (24 hours – keep Kent Brockman free as she finishes)
6. This Little Wiggy Part 6 Brockman does an undercover report (24 hours – keep Chief Wiggum free as he finishes)
7. This Little Wiggy Part 7 Ralph plays Wiggle Puppy (24 hours – keep Nelson free as he finishes)
8. This Little Wiggy Part 8 Nelson and Ralph go to school (6 hours each – keep Reverend Lovejoy free as they finish as he begins the level 27 quests)

And there, it seems, the This Little Wiggy quest ends. If there’s anything else, I’ll post an update. Remember, though – keep your donuts and avoid doing what my friend did and speeding through the quest!


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