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Just a reminder of one of this week’s polls – even more relevant thanks those 12 free donuts from EA. The poll asks what building/character combination would make the best first donut buy (and, yes, it probably should have included Squeaky Voice Teen and the Aztec Theater as, even though they’re separate items, they work well together)?

As you’ll see, Duffman is in the lead, at least in part due to his new Duff Stadium task (which I’m pretty sure he’ll get to keep after Whacking Day). But, there’s also a groundswell of support for Otto and Frink.

If you haven’t voted yet, choose your favorite and help those first-time buyers of premium characters decide what they should do. And if you want to see how the voting turned out on the cheaper premium characters, take a look here.



A number of people through the comments and on Twitter have reported some lucky wins through the Golden Scratch-R – with the result that they would like to know what to spend their donuts for their first ever premium purchase. It’s a very good question (although I am a little envious!).

A while back, I ran a poll on which of the cheaper premium characters was the best buy (and you can see the results here). So this time, I thought a poll on which is the best building/character combination would be a good idea.

So, premium buyers, place your votes. And non-premium buyers don’t need to feel excluded from all the polling action – there’s also a poll running this weekend on whether or not you’re on track to win the whacking day prizes (and you can find that one here).


As I mentioned here, the Gymnastic Lisa quest comes in two varieties – a short version and a longer version involving Lugash. Now, you don’t need to have Lugash to complete the quest – if you haven’t bought him yet, the quest finishes with Lisa’s dream of getting an “A” in gym class coming true. In the Lugash version, however, something a little different happens after her dream and there are a few extra steps she needs to go through before she gets that top grade.

Lugash: To be great takes total dedication. All time invested in training. Until when mind think of losing, it also think “I AM DYING! THIS IS DEATH!”
Homer: If you’re promising to take up all of my daughter’s time with grueling psychological torments, then I think we have a deal.

Here, then, is a walkthrough of the additional parts that Lugash brings to Lisa’s quest:

1. Little Girl in the Big Ten Part 5 Lisa wants to talk to Lugash, but he cuts her off mid-sentence:

Lisa: I just wanted you to sign my petition against Whacking Day.
Lugash: Petition cannot stop Whacking Day – only gymnastics can stop it. By celebrating it! By doing gymnastics!
Taking his advice, Lisa goes to spend the next four hours training at Lugash’s Gym while Lugash trains children.

2. Little Girl in the Big Ten Part 6 Lisa doesn’t find training with Lugash a totally positive learning environment:

Homer: Sorry, we already paid for the lessons.
Lisa: But I saw a girl set her own broken leg in the middle of a somersault.
Homer: Wow. Next time that happens, film it and put it on YouTube. I’m tired of watching videos of cats.
So Lisa goes back again to spend another four hours in training and Lugash spends another four hours training children.

3. Little Girl in the Big Ten Part 7 Surprisingly, Lugash is impressed:

Lisa: Thanks Lugash. I still hate this, but thanks. So you think I can get an A in gym class?
Lugash: If gym class is balance beam, yes. God gave you greatest gift. Big head. Like beach ball made of bone. Give you perfect balance. Go home now. Rest your giant head. You will now pass gym examinations. I am certain of this. I am Lugash!
Lisa is so happy, she spends an hour doing cartwheels.

And it seems to have all worked:

Homer: Woohoo! Wait, I mean D’oh! Now what will distract you from getting all moral and judgement-y about Whacking Day? There must be more quests to keep you busy.It’s not like we constantly have nothing to do as we wait for another set of tasks to fill up our time.

So, Lugash adds an other layer to the Little Girl in the Big Ten storyline, which may make it worth you spending your donuts on him. It’s worth remembering, though, that if you want to keep Lisa in snake-earning tasks, you should be able to save this quest until later on in the Whacking Day event, although whether or not it will be available after Whacking Day is another question altogether.

I have a soft spot for limited-time premium premium characters that come with buildings, even when they happen to be quite expensive, as Lugash and his Gym is at 175 donuts. Is he worth the price, though? Read on and see if you come to the same conclusion that I do…

Here are some reasons why he’s worth the 175 donuts:
1. Lugash and his building come together, and a premium character with a premium building is always a tempting combination.
2. His tasks all earn the premium rate of at least 50% more than regular characters for tasks of the same length.
3. He has a quest (and there’ll be a separate post on that) – and it certainly raises a smile at least.
4. If you have Lugash, you’ll also get a couple of extra stages to the Gymnastic Lisa quest at the third prize level (the quest still completes, but it’s shorter without Lugash – more on that soon, as well).
5. He’s a limited time character, which means that there’s a very good chance that if you don’t buy him during Whacking Day, you won’t ever be able to buy him again.
6. He has a task to attend anger management classes at the Adult Education Annex, which means that Lenny is no longer alone in using that particular building.
7. He’s a voiced character.
8. He is Lugash!

And a couple of reasons on the other side:
1. The price is probably the main reason to give you pause. He’s one of the more exepensive offerings in the premium store.
2. You can play your game and the Whacking Day event perfectly well without him – like all items in the premium stores, he adds to the game and not having him doesn’t affect your progress in any way.

As you can see, I’d certainly recommend buying Lugash – if only to be able to have a character that you can make intimidate children and confiscate their pets!


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