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Just a reminder of one of this week’s polls – even more relevant thanks those 12 free donuts from EA. The poll asks what building/character combination would make the best first donut buy (and, yes, it probably should have included Squeaky Voice Teen and the Aztec Theater as, even though they’re separate items, they work well together)?

As you’ll see, Duffman is in the lead, at least in part due to his new Duff Stadium task (which I’m pretty sure he’ll get to keep after Whacking Day). But, there’s also a groundswell of support for Otto and Frink.

If you haven’t voted yet, choose your favorite and help those first-time buyers of premium characters decide what they should do. And if you want to see how the voting turned out on the cheaper premium characters, take a look here.



A couple of people have asked for some ideas for what to do with the Legitimate Businessman’s Club, which makes it a perfect candidate for a “What have you done with…?” post.

Mine is sitting between Springfield Downs and the Duff Stadium, making it a convenient location for Fat Tony and his gang to monitor two of their major income sources – fixing races and fixing baseball games (although there’s only a task for the first!). It’s next to Lugash’s Gym, to allow for convenient workouts without undue interuption the the business day, and it’s just up the road from Krustylu Studios just in case they want to get involved in the movie business. Both Asia de Cuba and Luigi’s are a short walk away:

What have you done with yours? Send a screenshot through Twitter to @TSTOTips where I’m back to checking in once a day now that the pace of game change has slowed, or upload your screenshot to an image site and post a link in the comments below. And if you can’t do either of those, just tell us all what you’ve done!

A number of people through the comments and on Twitter have reported some lucky wins through the Golden Scratch-R – with the result that they would like to know what to spend their donuts for their first ever premium purchase. It’s a very good question (although I am a little envious!).

A while back, I ran a poll on which of the cheaper premium characters was the best buy (and you can see the results here). So this time, I thought a poll on which is the best building/character combination would be a good idea.

So, premium buyers, place your votes. And non-premium buyers don’t need to feel excluded from all the polling action – there’s also a poll running this weekend on whether or not you’re on track to win the whacking day prizes (and you can find that one here).


Like Barney and his Bowlarama, Krustylu Studios with Sideshow Mel was released as part of he Christmas update. Unlike Barney, Mel has always been a premium character and available for a not insignificant 140 donuts. While, he’s a purchase you should think about, he’s worth buying – and here’s why:

1. The studio is a great addition to the town and earns a fairly decent $150 and 17XP every 5 hours. And of course, Mel earns the regular 50% more than standard characters for each of his jobs.
2. Sideshow Mel has a quest, although a short one, that runs something like this:
a. Krusty’s Sidekick As soon as you have built his studio (24 hours), Sideshow Mel goes for rehearsals (1 hour)
b. Death of a Salesman After rehearsals, Sideshow Mel stoops to juggling (8 hours)
c. Taking the Bone Wanting to be taken seriously, he de-bones his hair (12 hours – and if you haven’t also bought a Cannon for 20 donuts, that’s where it ends; if you have bought one…)
d. The Human Cannon Ball Sideshow Mel fires himself from a Cannon (30 minutes and pretty funny)
3. Mel is a Mensa member, raising the IQ level of your town and letting you organize group meetings in the Gazebo (if you have one) involving him, Comic Book Guy, Principal Skinner, Martin, and Lisa.
4. Krusty would be lost without a sidekick (okay, he has the monkey, but it’s not the same, really).

And here are a couple of reasons you may decide not to buy him:

1. The studio is quite large, making it awkward to place if you’re short of land. Here’s a screenshot:

2. Unlike some of the other premium buildings, Krustylu Studios doesn’t add any extra tasks for any other characters.
3. For him to do his funniest task, you really need to spend another 20 donuts and buy a Cannon.

On a personal note, I like the studios and I’m glad I added Mel to the game. At 140 donuts, he’s a fun and not overly-expensive addition. And the Cannon was worth it, too!


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