My apologies to those who saw this post a moment ago and then found it mysteriously deleted. It wasn’t EA – it was me. I realized that it wasn’t protected by the usual spoiler tags when I reblogged it from the original source. And thanks to neoclassic70 for finding it.

So here it is, after the image. It is very, very, spoilery, so continue at your own risk…

This comes from

Excellent work by a guy called ‘dwicahya’ on the EA Tapped Out Forums. A mock-up using the pics that came online the other day (see the link in an earlier post) to show what your Squidport may eventually look like. I know, there are more important things to be excited about, but Handsome Pete! I’ll be giving him a nickel so he will be at it for hours…

There’s no guarantee that this is what it will look like – but it’s certainly something to keep us on the edge of our seats waiting for the next update.

Note: If you’d like to see how much this may all cost, take a look here: