With Whacking Day over, the Yard Sale petering out, and the Squidport expansion on the way, many people are considering a New Springfield extreme makeover. Over the weekend, Jennifer sent in this question:

Any good tips for re-designing your town? I am level 29 and am NOT happy about the way it looks. I have been moving some things about and using pavement vs. roads (because I want to keep the characters very accessible). But it seems like, to me, the best way to do things are to put the buildings/pieces into storage. Does anyone have any tips or hints or tricks?

So, here’s the place to contribute your design tips – both on what to do and how to do it. Help Jennifer and countless others looking at how they can make their town exemplars of urban design.

And does anyone else think that “The Squidport Expansion” sounds like a Doctor Who episode? (And with that tenuous link, if you know who created this TARDIS gif in Simpsons style, please let me know as well.)