This comment came in today from Mixy89 about an issue that arose near the beginning of Whacking Day but still appears to be going on:

“Could give some attention to the poor Android users that can’t log in. This has been going on for weeks, and there is still no response from EA. The issue seems to be with Android-Origin logins, as we can play anonymously, but cant log in with our accounts. Logging in to the same account from iOS works fine. See all the people who share this issue here: . EA’s only response is on p17 from almost three weeks ago “they are looking into this”

They answered my email about this with “but we have wide-spread reports that the issue was resolved =)” [but] no one in their forum ever reported this problem being fixed by the post-whacking update. Also it’s not a client issue.”

If this issue is still affecting you, please let us know. And if you’ve experienced this but have since found a way around it, let us know as well.