People have been looking at the posts on the Squidport expansion and calculating which donut package they would need to buy to get everything they want. So here’s a repost of something from about 6 weeks ago on which donut package is the best value – but remember that the quest buildings look like they’ll all be available for game dollars…

Before answering the question, I just want to give the usual reminder: you don’t really need to buy donuts if you don’t want to. While premium items are tempting, they’re not essential. You can play Tapped Out perfectly well without buying a single premium item – that’s one of the great things about the game.

Now, if you do decide to buy the donuts, how many donuts should you buy? To a certain extent, that depends on where you are in the game (are you at the bonus levels?) and how lucky you think you are (are you on a winning streak with the Golden Scratch-Rs?). But to buy one of all the premium items, you’ll need around 3,000 donuts, which is quite a lot.

Assuming you have some real world cash burning a hole in your pocket, then what’s the best package to buy? The table below shows what you need to spend on each donut package, the number of donuts you get, and the price per donut in each package (with a little rounding). The prices are in US$, but the price per donut holds in other currencies:

Package Price Donuts Price per Donut
A Dozen Donuts $1.99 12 $0.17
A Stack of Donuts $4.99 60 $0.08
A Tray of Donuts $9.99 132 $0.08
A Truckload of Donuts $19.99 300 $0.07
A Store Full of Donuts $49.99 900 $0.06
A Boatload of Donuts $99.99 2400 $0.04

To buy or not to buy? Always remember that the choice is yours. The game doesn’t make you do it!