Do you ever feel like you’re on a losing streak at Springfield Downs? Do you sometimes think that the only good thing to come from the track was Santa’s Little Helper? Then you’re probably not alone – because most players regard Springfield Downs as a bit of a loss-making venture. And the information available in the files supports that, because the odds of winning anything aren’t particularly good.

Some people bet according to the name of the dog – but the game doesn’t work that way. The dogs switch around and are accorded different odds each time they race. Instead, your chance of coming up a winner is tied to odds attached for the current race to the dog you’re betting on.

So, here are your chances of coming out ahead whenever you’re tempted to gamble away your $5000 game dollars at Springfield Downs:

Odds Dollar Winnings XP Winnings Chance
1-2 $6,250 75XP 50%
1-1 $7,500 100XP 20%
2-1 $10,000 150XP 15%
4-1 $15,000 250XP 10%
9-1 $25,000 500XP 5%

And if you lose, you get what the game terms 50 “consolation XP” – which is not that much consolation, really. Just as well it’s game dollars you’re being asked to gamble away and not donuts!