As many of us suspected, the lifting of the 3000 item building and decoration limit that appeared without warning at the beginning of Whacking Day may only have been temporary. The limit was imposed with the Whacking Day update and seemed to disappear about a week later when it became apparent that snake egg deliveries weren’t possible to towns at the limit – and that egg deliveries could, in fact, push your friends’ towns over the edge.

But earlier this week, Shawnatshawn sent in these screenshots:

Throughout the week, Shawnatshawn was the only person reporting this, so I held out a little hope that it was an individual game glitch – and the fact that it was occurring for Shawnatshawn during Whacking Day made me doubt that this was a general issue. That was, until this came in a few hours ago from Mike Shuman:

I’m sure someone has already posted on this but the 3000 building limit is back. I got the message for the first time ever just now… Now I have to go through my town and sell some non-essential decorations because I have a ton more things to rearrange. It’s funny how your inventory has no limit on the amount you can store yet they limit you it does on how much you can use. Makes no sense to me. I’m in deep trouble if they keep the limit when the boardwalk event starts if I’m already at my limit without it. Ugh.

So, if you receive this message, you’ll have no choice but to store some items in your Inventory or sell them – and, as Mike points out, your Inventory has no limit as this stage.

Note: The messages may also be a result of a problem with the Yard Sale update which initially rolled some players back to the start of Whacking Day, or some other random glitch, but that’s unclear at this stage. I’m waiting to see what comments come in.