Buying premium decorations contributes to your bonus mutliplier. This is different from the 5% conformity bonus that you maximize by trying to get 5 stars in all your Conform-o-meter categories. But it does the same thing – it helps you earn more money from all the jobs your characters do and all buildings you collect rent from.

As you’ll see in the Yard Sale, many premium decorations help you get additional cash and XP from all rent and jobs. You can see what your bonus multiplier is by following the approach set out in this post: Alternatively, you can manually calculate it by identifying all the premioum decorations you have and how much they add to your bonus multiplier. A few people doing it this way have come up with a discrepancy between the two.

That discrepancy might come from the Picket Fences. For a cost of 1 donut, each fence adds 0.05% to your bonus multiplier (and, honestly, this may have always been the case, but I really can’t say for sure). And like all premium decorations, they stack – so, if you have two, it will be 0.1%, three will give you 0.15% and so on.

So, if you’ve noticed a difference between the Gulp ‘n’ Blow approach to calculating your bonus multiplier and your own calculations, this may be due to the Picket Fences (although you need to consider rounding as an explanation as well).

Thanks to Andrew Osiris for hightlighting this.