Whacking Day has finally come to a finish, so it isn’t really worth waiting any longer for results of last week’s poll, so, here they are:

WD poll results

As of this time of writing, a total of 17,328 people have cast their vote, and here is a breakdown of the percentages.

Answer Percentage Votes
I’m delighted – an extra few days to get that prize I thought I had missed out on! 38% 6557
I didn’t spend any money but I’m tired of dealing with snakes! 37% 6363
To be honest – I’m pretty annoyed – I spent money on donuts for the last prizes, for nothing! 20% 3484
I don’t have an opinon, I had finished it all without donuts anyway. 5% 925

This week’s poll is already up and running : Which Yard Sale premium item do you buy?

To tell the truth, Whacking Day was my least favourite event yet. Although the prizes were cool, it went on far too long and probably put many new players off the game. Here’s hoping events in the future are much better.