As expected, Whacking Day ended without a countdown or fanfare – just an App Store/Google Play update that hit at about 4pm Central. By 5pm Central, the whacking was at an end. Here’s a summary of what happened to the Whacking Day characters, tasks and decorations at the end of Whacking Day:

  • The Snake Rocks, Snake Logs and Hollow Snake Trunks still have the snake appearing out of them, but no longer produce snakes. Instead, the bonus that has always been there is now clearly identified (when you store them) as 2%, 2.5% and 2.75% respectively, all adding to your bonus multiplier. (By the way, if there is still a handshake icon over any of these and the game crashes when you tap on them, just store them and replace them, then everything should be fine),
  • Characters doing Whacking Day tasks just stopped doing them and the tasks disappeared.
  • All the snakes and eggs simply disappeared, too.
  • Lumpy the School Snake is no longer available.
  • The Duff Stadium, Tatum and the Coliseum, and Miss Springfield and the Sleep-Eazy Motel are now available in the premium store for 90 donuts, 190 donuts, and 225 donuts respectively. They are permanent items, not limited time. However, the tasks for Tatum and Miss Springfield pay the regular rate rather than the premium rate.
  • Ninja Homer can still do all his tasks, but they now pay out in game dollars at the premium rate, rather than in snakes.
  • Bare-chested Willie can still wrestle snakes, but now earns cash for it!

And if you’re having trouble updating the game because your device is telling you that the App is “not available in your country”, don’t believe a word it says. Try deleting and reinstalling – but remember to go and check that that your “Confirm Donut Spend” option is turned on if you’ve had to do this.

Now to go and relax my Whacking finger.