A little bit. This is the dialog from the beginning of the Yard Sale for those who tapped through it too quickly:

Homer: Except for Apu and Manjula’s octuplets, who age for some reason. Didn’t they used to be younger than Maggie?
Lisa: So, this is our season finale – a fourth wall joke?! Aren’t there any characters or quests? (Note: see here for the Wikipedia article on the fourth wall)
Homer: Well, I guess you could make Lovejoy ride his train for the finale – that kind of fits. And for the episode before it, you could have Carl honor his Icelandic heritage… if you had Carl.
Lisa: I know! What if we sold a bunch of cool premium items from this season’s episodes?
Homer: Pfft. What kind of idiot would want to buy that junk?

The Yard Sale is likely to run through until Monday at least, although it could be longer. I’ll be going into the files soonish to see if I can find out exactly when. Remember, too, that the period after a big event is usually time to take a breath for a week or two before the next big thing happens. So, now that Whacking Day is finally over, go and reintroduce yourself to your families.