It shouldn’t be long before our towns are snake-free. It’s already the 16th, the last day of Whacking Day, in many parts of the world – but the event is scheduled to end when it’s Thursday 16th in the US.

So, what time exactly will it end? I’ve scanned the files, and there’s no time given – the information still includes false end dates (that are clearly identified as false). But 8am and midnight appear to have been the most popular end times for past events and promotions, with the major events (Valentines, Christmas and Haloween) all showing a midnight finish time, and everything since the beginning of March, including St. Patrick’s Day, showing an 8am finish time.

Looking back over the posts on this blog following updates to the game, I have a suspicion that this means that the game is running on Central time US – and if that’s the case, Whacking Day could finish at any time between 8am Central on the 16th and 8am Central on the 17th. I’ll be watching carefully to try and get a fix on the timing.

And finally, Happyhoney27 sent this comment through today:
Well, it’s 16th May tomorrow T, do you get a feeling of déjà vu coming on?

There’s a definite sense of déjà vu.