I’m getting this question a lot, so here’s a repost of the answer to the burning question of the day…

With the end of Whacking Day so close, a lot of people want to know what will happen to the snakes and eggs at the end of the event. Before I answer that, here’s a recap on what’s happened in the three previous events:

1. Halloween: you collected Candy to buy treats (the prizes) and you vandalized your friends’ towns with eggs and toilet paper. At the end of the event, the candy and the eggs simply disappeared.

2. Christmas: you collected Santa Coins and used them to buy prizes. For the last few days of the event, you could trade your excess Santa Coins for Mystery Stockings that contained reindeer or donuts.

3. Valentine’s Day: you collected hearts primarily through Valentines from friends and used them to buy Valentines buildings and decorations. These were priced so low that most players had hundreds and hundreds of hearts left over – so for the last few days of the event, a Heart Grinder was introduced to turn all those excess hearts into cash (but not donuts).

My guess is that this event will end a little like the Halloween one, and that the snakes and snake eggs will simply be there one day and gone the next. The Whack Boxes already work as a kind of snakes for cash or donuts trade and, after all, the eggs are supposed to be given away rather than and hung onto. And those hidden eggs that you just can’t find should disappear, too.

And, really, a Snake Grinder is just too gruesome to event think about.