You’re playing the…

20130515-101946 PM.jpg

This means you are part of a community with millions of members, completely anonymously, pointlessly building a virtual town because our lives have nothing else to be filled with. I’ve been playing since the start of last September – and I’ve barely missed a day on it. We compulsively spend donuts to achieve perfection among the streets of your device, but nobody is making us even play, never mind buy premium. It’s true, the game is addictive, and everybody wants to make theirs the best. No wonder they all come here for ideas and to discuss issues with their game.

Thank you for 6 million hits. As a regular contributor to the most popular amateur TSTO related website it only remains to say that your continued support is invaluable. Continue giving eggs to those who aren’t there yet while there is still a few hours remaining. I also wanted to mention about all those screenshots people have sent in to me.. I haven’t forgotten them, some kind of showcase to come soon. I leave you with the words of a particularly evil redhead forever in Krusty’s shadow:

I’d have choked you like a chicken as soon as I walked in that door….then what kind of guest would I have been?
-Sideshow Bob