Whether you play on an iOs device or on Android, everyone sees the same Other Springfield. It was designed by the developers to demonstrate the social aspects of the game and the building possibilities.

But it seems that the developers stopped playing the game! After level 8, then level 12, then level 20, it just stops. Level 20 was where the game finished until September last year, when the game entered a phase of introducing a new level every month. And with 9 levels since then it looks unlikely that there will be another Other Springfield.

I suppose that’s because, by level 20, most players have a good handle on most aspects of the game – and should have a good number of friends. And all players, Android and iOs, now have the opportunity to see town designs that are far more inventive than Other Springfield would probably ever be, so there’s even less of a reason to create a higher level Other Springfield than there was at the beginning of April.

So level 20 is likely to be the highest level Other Springfield we’ll see and there’s nothing in the files to indicate that another one is on the way. Now I’ve said that, though, just watch the developers open up a new one with the next update!