This week, I’ve been posting a guide to the buildings and the Conform-o-meter category they contribute to:

  • Part 1 from the beginning of the game up to Moe’s Tavern is here
  • Part 2, from Jakes Unisex Hair Palace up to the Skinner House is here
  • A post on the points needed in each category at each level is here

Each building you construct contributes a certain number of point to a different part of your Conform-o-meter and helps you get your conformity bonus to its 5% maximum. While a 5% bonus doesn’t sound like much, this extra amount every time you collect cash and XP from rent and jobs is part of what helps you build up the game dollars you need to progress easily in the game. But in digging into the files, I was surprised to find that a couple of buildings appear to contribute nothing to the Conform-o-meter, something you’ll see repeated in tomorrow’s post on the limited time buildings.

So, here’s part 3 of the series covering all the premium buildings that are not limited-time. The table below sets out the donut price of the building, the XP you get on construction, the rating the building boosts (if any), and the points it contributes to that rating. The information here supersedes information in earlier posts (which will all be updated soon):

Building Donut Price XP Rating Points
Frink’s Lab 150 150 Indolence 10
Lard Lad’s 110 110 Gluttony 10
Aztec Theater 80 80 Obedience 10
Duff Brewery 190 190 Obedience 10
Volcano Lair 200 200
Springfield Observatory 75 75 Obedience 10
School Bus 120 120 Indolence 10
Barney’s Bowlarama 250 250
Krustylu Studios 140 140 Obedience 10
Try ‘n’ Save 70 70 Consumerism 10
Lugash’s Gym 175 175 Obedience 10
Asia de Cuba 100 100 Gluttony 10
Open Air Stage 160 160 Obedience 10
Sprawl Mart 90 90 Consumerism 10

A post (or two) on the limited-time buildings is on its way. And if you want to see what your ratings currently are, tap on the stars at the bottom left of your screen.