Yesterday, I posted the first part of a guide the game buildings and the Conform-o-meter category they contribute to (and you can read it here), and the day before I posted on the points needed in each category at each level (you can see that post here).

Each building you construct contributes a certain number of point to a different part of your Conform-o-meter and helps you to maximize your conformity bonus. While a 5% bonus doesn’t sound like much, this extra amount every time you collect cash and XP from rent and jobs is part of what helps you build up the game dollars you need to progress easily in the game.

This post is a little different from yesterday’s post in that, for level 24 onwards, I’m showing the base price in the file – the price the building will eventually drop to. Buildings up to level 23 are already selling at their base price and shouldn’t drop any lower. But for buildings from level 24 and up, a multiplier is at work, to keep them up until the next level increase. the multipliers seems to be as follows:
Level 24: 1.3x
Level 25: 1.3x
Level 26: 1.4x
Level 27: 1.6x
Level 28: 2x
Level 29: 3x
The multipliers don’t create different prices for different people. Rather, they’re the reason prices of the buildings at higher levels drop each time a new level is released.

So, here’s part 2 covering the buildings from Jake’s up to the Skinner House and the base price of the building, the XP you get on construction, the rating the building boosts, and the points it contributes to that rating. The information here supersedes information in earlier posts (which will all be updated as the week goes on):

Building Base Price ($) XP Rating Points
Jake’s Unisex Hair Palace 29000 3000 Obedience 10
Springfield Downs 34500 3500 Obedience 10
Gilded Truffle 31000 3000 Gluttony 10
King Toot’s 37000 3500 Consumerism 10
Police Station 40500 4000 Obedience / Righteousness 1 / 10
Skip’s Diner 35500 3500 Gluttony 10
Luigi’s 39000 4000 Gluttony 10
Springfield Penitentiary 46000 5000 Obedience / Righteousness 1 / 10
Springfield Retirement Castle 37500 4000 Indolence 10
Town Hall 48500 5000 Obedience 10
Muntz House 46500 5000 Indolence 10
Krabappel Apartment 54000 5000 Indolence 10
Channel 6 46000 5000 Obedience 10
Springfield Post Office 69000 7000 Obedience 10
Hibbert’s Family Practice 53500 5000 Obedience 10
Springfield General Hospital 65500 7000 Obedience 10
Burns Manor 75500 7000 Indolence 10
Pimento Grove 56000 6000 Gluttony 10
Wiggum House 58500 6000 Indolence 10
El Chemistri 71500 7000 Gluttony 10
Springfield Buddhist Temple 74000 7500 Obedience 10
Adult Education Annex 60500 6000 Obedience 10
Businessman’s Club 63000 7500 Gluttony 10
Fat Tony’s Compound 85000 7500 Indolence 10
Skinner House 86400 7000 Indolence 10

There are posts on the premium and the limited-time buildings on their way. And if you want to see what your ratings currently are, tap on the stars at the bottom left of your screen.