I last posted this just before Whacking Day but it deserves a repost, particularly with all the new players joining the game with the Whacking Day update and the comments on the donuts in eggs post a few below…

As long-term players know, free donuts are hard to come by (and that’s why, new players, you should never spend your donuts on speeding up tasks!). You get 70+ throughout the game (depending on how many times you hit the bonus levels at the top end of the game), and a number of those are hidden in the trash – and that makes it a good enough reason to send Homer or Lisa to clean up your trash rather than piling it up in a corner somewhere. But just how many are there?

Nobody really seems to know for sure. I’ve been hunting for a definitive answer on this for a while now and, according to people who have acquired all the land, it seems that for most people the trash piles contain a grand total of 4 free donuts.

But comments posted on this blog say that for some lucky souls, 4 is really on the very low end of what’s possible. Take this comment from Renosis:

I would say I have gotten between 10 and 12 donuts from trash piles. I don’t have all the property bought yet either. I would say I have almost an 11Γ—11 grid right now.

And here’s something just in from Rood:

I have been fortunate enough to receive close to 30 donuts or more while cleaning my Springfield but my wife hasn’t found a single one other than the one you get from the tutorial. Will she ever get them or what do you know about it?

So, exactly how many donuts are there hidden in the trash? Well, apparently, there’s a 2% chance of finding a donut in any given trashpile, which means that it’s just a matter of luck! And that means it’s worth keeping Homer and Lisa on regular cleanup duty.