Whacking Day has been quite an amazing time for this blog – as today it reached 6,000,000 hits. That’s quite an amazing number – roughly 1,000,000 hits a week since the start of Whacking Day. In fact, it’s all been so fast that I even missed marking last week’s 5,000,000 hit milestone!

As regular readers know, I write this blog between lots of other things – among them, a busy job that involves a bit of travel and being a single dad to two fantastic boys, one of whom is currently quite ill. That’s why it may sometimes take a day or two for me to answer your question. But, rest assured, if you’ve asked a question, it’s never forgotten – and it may even become the subject of a post!

This is something I’ve been doing at each milestone: if you like what you’ve been reading, please consider making a small contribution to the upkeep and maintenance of this blog. The buttons say “Subscribe” but everything here is free and will always be. And if you’ve made a contribution before, please don’t feel you need to do so again.

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