This comment from Super Falcon has prompted this post:

I’ve got all the way to Sleazy Miss Springfield a while ago. Anyone who visits my town can see that. However, people are STILL leaving eggs in my town. Could you do a shout out asking people to be sensible and either leave eggs in the towns of known egg buddies or those who look like they have some of the Whacking Day prizes but still need help? Dropping eggs on my town just wastes them quite frankly. And it happens far too often. Thanks.

So, just a reminder – if you have excess eggs, give them to people who need them, rather than people who already have all the prizes. You can use Lisa’s task to see which of your friends need eggs (this post tells you how), or you can randomly select someone from the latest Egg Buddies post here as a target for random and anonymous generosity.

And a reminder to those still playing Whacking day – could you keep your egg and egg buddy requests to the Egg Buddy post or to the Add friends page. It makes clearing comments faster and means that your request won’t simply be deleted.

One final thing – following my trip last week, there are still some questions in moderation that need answers. I haven’t forgotten you and I’ll be getting to you soon. There were hundreds to clear, but I’m almost caught up!