I really wanted to write a “How many snakes” post today but, honestly, after last week’s extension “incident”, I can’t really bring myself to do another one. All I can suggest as an alternative is to look at the distance between where you are now and your target, divide it by 3, and try to collect that number of snakes every day. Who knows exactly when the event will actually end? – it may be some time on Thursday, it may be on Friday, or it may be sometime around the next Olympics. But it’s best to be prepared.

Instead, here’s something from Keithemill on a problem that I’ve been hearing about a bit – the Scratch-R at the Kwik-E-Mart apparently crashing the app. My apologies to Keith for hanging on to this so long (in my defence, it’s been a busy 7 days). Here’s what he has to say (and note that he’s talking about the Scratch-R here, not the Golden Scratch-R):

Is anyone else having a problem when tapping on the Kwik-E-Mart? When I tap on the Scratch-R, it gives me a box titled “The Store” and it says “Retrieving item…” for several seconds (maybe even nearly a minute). Then it says (also in a box called “The Store”), “D’oh! A connection problem occurred. The requested action failed.” If I tap on “OK”, I get the usual “Kwik-E-Mart” box. But when I tap on the “250″ to purchase a regular “Scratch-R”, the app crashes. Sometimes I’ve gotten the Scratch-R to appear, but mostly it just crashes out to the home screen.

[But, I’ve] found a way to get my Scratch-R and not have it crash on me. When… [you] see the usual “Kwik-E-Mart” dialog box (with the option to buy the Golden Scratch-R, the regular Scratch-R and the timer for “Marking up Prices”). I don’t tap to buy the Scratch-R yet. Instead, I tap on the left (back) arrow at the top left of the dialog box to exit back to my Springfield. Then tap again on the Kwik-E-Mart and get the “Retrieving items…” message, followed by the “…The requested action failed.”

This time when I tap on “OK”, the Kwik-E-Mart dialog box comes up but without the option of purchasing the Golden Scratch-R. Then, I can click on the “250″ to purchase the regular Scratch-R and it doesn’t crash. Again… if you have this glitch, only click to buy the regular Scratch-R if you don’t see the option of buying a Golden Scratch-R.

I hope this helps people with this problem and thanks Keithemill.