Even though Whacking Day was extended and the end date changed on the Whacking Guide, the Guide still says that some eggs contain donuts. Not “some Whack Boxes” but “some eggs“. Yet nobody has seen them – or at least produced any evidence that they’ve seen them. I’ve personally whacked about 30,000 snakes and every one has been a snake or an egg. Not one single, solitary donut. And if the poll results are anything to go by, I’m not alone.

Only 2.2% of voters in the poll conducted on this site claim to have found donuts. And, tellingly, only a couple of the donut finders actually left comments – and their comments were to the effect that they’d said “yes” but weren’t really sure.

With the number of readers this blog has, I’m positive that if there were really donuts in the eggs we would have heard about it from someone! So, the bottom line is that they just don’t seem to be there – and that’s almost certainly why EA gave away 12 free donuts for Whacking Day a couple of weeks back.

Unless you’ve found one…