A few readers noticed that last week’s update was a rather large one, indicating that it might also contain a few more things of interest yet to come. And they’re right!

There’s at least two characters in the files that weren’t there prior to this update. And there are a few interesting new things that look like they’re coming very soon after the end of Whacking Day to celebrate the end of season 24.

As usual, if you’re reading this on the homepage, click or tap the link below the picture if you don’t mind being spoiled. And if you are already on the post page, you have until the bottom of the picture to leave and go and read something else…

I’ve already reported on some of things that have been appearing in the files over the past few weeks, and you can catch up on these by taking a look here, here, and here. The Squidport event appears to be taking shape, with new quests in the files that involve all the new boardwalk buildings – one of which sees Mr. Burns taking a ride on the Ferris Wheel.

In addition to all of that, it appears there are some new buildings on the way:
Community Center
Springfield Mall
Planet Hype
Herman’s Military Antiques

There are also a couple of new decorations:
Excellence Prize Statue
Laramie Vending Machine

There are also some characters in the files that are either new or that now have unlock messages:
Herman (“I’m one well-armed guy”)
Jasper (“Unlock me, eh? That’s a paddling”) – Jasper may be a premium character by the looks of his quest line.
Jackson 5 (“C’mon brothers, let’s not fight. Let’s all dance.”)
Frink’s Robot Dog (“A geek’s best friend.”)
Rainier Wolfcastle

Frink’s Dog is interesting as it’s a new entry, but comes with the message that it’s from the Season 24 episode “Homer Goes to Prep School“. And together with a promotional “Yard Sale” mini-event that appears to celebrate the end of Season 24 (which is next weekend in the US) with the chance to buy useless junk, it indicates that something’s ahead once the snakes finally leave. The Yard Sale could be tied to the long, long list of memorabilia that’s sitting in the files (and that I’ll post on at some stage) or it could be a chance for players late to the game to buy to buy things they missed out on or it could be something completely different – at this stage, I’m really not sure.

Just a note that information in the files may change at the last moment (as happened with the Kang and Kodos episode promotion). However, most of what’s in the files has made it into the game at some point – and everything that hasn’t appeared yet, may do so at some point in the future.